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-===== Secrets on Antediluvin or how on earth you spell that by metlslime (ant.bsp) =====+===== Secrets on Antediluvian (ant.bsp) by metlslime ===== 
-This is a first example of secrets pageWork in progressGoal is to have screenshots, text and even a playthrough video that shows all secrets.+This is a list of the secrets on the map [[/reviews/ant.html|Antediluvian by metlslime]] (ant.bsp from ant.zip)
-Naming scheme for screenshots is zipname_bspname_X where zipname is for example kinn_marcher (of kinn_marcher.zip), bspname is marcher (marcher.bsp) and X is the number of the secret (in normal progression if possible, choose your own number if irrelevant).+==== Secret 1 ==== 
 +{{:secrets:ant_ant_1.jpg?direct&300 |}} 
 +Look behind the teleporter right at the starting point of the map.
-The screenshots below to not currently follow that scheme.+**Reward: 50 Nails**
-The naming scheme for the wiki URL is /secrets/zipname_bspname+==== Secret 2 ==== 
 +{{:secrets:ant_ant_2.jpg?direct&300 |}} 
 +Before entering the first wind tunnel, check the ceiling behind it. There is a shootable button. It removes bars in the previous room letting you access a secret.
-{{:secrets:ant.bsp_1.jpg?direct&300|}} +**Reward: Quad Damage** 
-{{:secrets:ant.bsp_2.jpg?direct&300|}} + 
-{{:secrets:ant.bsp_3.jpg?direct&300|}} +==== Secret 3 ==== 
-{{:secrets:ant.bsp_4.jpg?direct&300|}} +{{:secrets:ant_ant_3.jpg?direct&300 |}} 
-{{:secrets:ant.bsp_5.jpg?direct&300|}}+Right after that wind tunnel (the one that lets you bounce) there is a grating on the wall of the corridor to the rightJump against it and a part of the floor will open. 
 +**Reward: Red Armor** 
 +==== Secret 4 ==== 
 +{{:secrets:ant_ant_4.jpg?direct&300 |}} 
 +In the pool of water where you landed after taking the silver key (and jumping into the wind tunnel) shoot the grating at the end of the left tunnel-like stub. Then turn around and swim into the right one, part of the floor will retract. 
 +**Reward: Rocket Launcher** 
 +==== Secret 5 ==== 
 +{{:secrets:ant_ant_5.jpg?direct&300 |}} 
 +After the big outside area you pressed a button to extend a bridge belowJump onto it and you see a Death Knight on a platformKill it but stay inside the opening of the wall. Turn around and you will see a shootable button just below the bridge you previously extended. Shoot it and the platform on which the Death Knight stood will lower. Jump on it. 
 +**Reward: Megahealth**