Quake Injector

The Quake Injector is a tool to make downloading, installing and playing custom Quake maps (and singleplayer Quake-style mods) easy and convenient. Initially designed by Spirit and written by megaman. Enhanced by many awesome contributors.

  • Simply pick a map, click install and play. There even is a "random map" button!
  • All the 1500+ Quake singleplayer maps from the Quaddicted archive.
  • Filter, sort, browse to find your favourite map with regular expressions.
  • Automatically installs dependencies (e.g. Quoth).
  • Cross-Platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, anywhere Java runs). Works perfectly with OpenJDK.
  • Free Open-Source Software, released under the GPL.
  • Scan your Quake directory for already installed maps.

💾 Download the Quake Injector (Version 6, JAVA version for Linux and MacOS)

💾 Download the Quake Injector (Version 6, EXE version for Windows)


The filter function is case-insensitive. Some examples of what you can filter for:

  • vondur would show you all the maps by Vondur. Or rather, all maps that have the string "vondur" or "Vondur" or even "VoNDuR" anywhere in their title or author fields.
  • (vondur|czg) would show you all maps by Vondur and/or czg. | is a logical OR. The parenthesis are for grouping.
  • (vondur|czg) 2001 would show you all the maps by Vondur and/or czg that were released in 2001
  • (vondur|czg) (200[1-3]) would show you all the maps by Vondur and/or czg that were released in 2001-2003

Known Problems

  • On Linux/MacOS and other case-sensitive operating systems there is no engine that can ignore the case of filenames yet. For now you're pretty much on your own, as a lot of maps were packed with mixed case filenames by the original authors.
  • Most engines cannot run some of the latest and greatest maps, because those maps break the original Quake engine's limits. Using one of the Recommended Quake Engines should be safe.

How to report errors or problems

First please try to determine if it is a problem of the Quake Injector, of the map database or of your engine.

  • The Quake Injector crashes → Report at https://github.com/hrehfeld/QuakeInjector/issues
  • A map fails installing or nothing happens when you hit the Play button → Database problem, post in the forums.
  • Quake crashes, you get stuck in a map, you are dumped to the console → Most probably an engine problem. But it might be a database problem too. Try one of the Recommended Quake Engines and if the problem persists, post in the forums.

Please feel welcome to report any kind of problem and ask any kind of question in the Forum. Be verbose: What operating system do you use, what engine, what map etc.


If you don't need an interface to all packages or require them to run out of the box, there are some alternatives to the Quake Injector:

  • Simple Quake Launcher 2 is a nifty Windows only tool that automatically scans your Quake installation and lets you launch whatever you have installed. It will not be able to know per-package requirements so things might be broken. Give it a try!
  • Joel B's Quakestarter is a Windows only package for setting up Quake and easily launching a curated set of addons. Highly recommended if you want an easy start with well polished releases!
  • The FTE engine has a plugin that uses the same database as the Quake Injector so you can install and launch addons right from within the engine.
  • The Mark V engine let's you download files from Quaddicted, unpacks and installs them. Like the SQL2 it does not know about requirements or special settings require for launching though.