RemakeQuake SP Demo2 by Remake Quake Team

The second Remake Quake SP demo contains the latest version of the Remake Quake mod (now with its own engine), and the map e1m6rq, "The Doors of Delusion." I'll start with some thoughts on the mod. The Vomitus monster is great, and surprising when it's used. The cut-scenes throughout are very helpful. The grappling hook takes a bit of getting used to, but it is really great once you get used to it. It, and some other elements, add a cool puzzle-solving element (thankfully NEVER overdone or frustrating; this is QUAKE) which meshes well with the surprisingly functional take on e1m6 that is the map, including the traps. Still not sure about the Ogre sounds, seems a bit cheesy, but the sounds for the Fiend and especially the Scrag, are first rate. The feel of the combat is very good; both the player and monsters die easier, which adds a sense of danger to a game in which the skilled player has been feeling invincible in maps without hundreds of monsters of late. This lets the mod get more mileage out of fewer monsters, a good choice. The dying easier aspect could have been overdone but thankfully wasn't; this is QUAKE not a realistic shooter. So overall, there are a ton of little improvements that modify the game but all, in my view, move in the right direction of making it more challenging and interesting.

Now for the map: e1m6rq is a very impressive map. The basic layout of e1m6 remains, but with quite a few extra areas. What surprised me the most, was that whereas the original id Runic/Metal maps were quite abstract, this map seems very functional and yet retains its sense of mystery. Parts of it even slightly reminded me of Quake 2, yet it is absolutely in the weird realm of Quake 1 in terms of atmosphere. There are pipes, moveable objects, traps, boilers, movement units, so that the whole thing seems like a netherworld tech complex of some (still strange) sort. Visually, the map is beautiful: coloured lighting, broken tiles and gargoyles, fallen pipes, tons of little details to add to the atmosphere. The grappling hook is fun to use, the map progression is fun and interesting, the combat is good, and the ending is spectacular. My one reservation is that I found the "your way has been lit" section really frustrating, and I'd recommend changing it. Other than that though, this is a fascinating, beautiful, powerful map surrounded by a mod that serves it very well.

Score: 18/20