The Death Lair by Trinca

This is a quite hilarious short, fast paced map. It is done in a medieval theme, with very simple, angular blocky architecture (fast build time!). However, each blocky room does have at least one wall decoration to reward the player for moving from room to room. The layout is similarly very simple, the original id maps have more multileveled areas and interconnection than this map. There are a couple decent looking areas later in the map, the only really interesting looking area is a small outdoor courtyard with zombies, which is also one of the more fun fights.

Anyway, the emphasis here is on running basically full speed through these large areas, and blasting enemies (especially groups of hell knights) with the double shotgun and grenade launcher (the latter is especially satisfying, explosives tend to be held back a lot these days).This map, I'd say, brings absolutely nothing new to the table, at all - except one weird wall decoration consisting of gargoyle horns (nice to see that new runic decorations can still be made out of the same textures after so long!) - but, the map is still fun, just don't expect anything on par with id's originals or current standards.

Score: 12/20