Your starting point, a crash landing replete  with resulting explosions. Sheesh, what a mess
View over the Strogg Pumping Station bridge. What are these guys pumpin' anyway...acid?
 Watch your step here, first one in up to their knees gets to watch their shins dissolve.
Marty certainly knows how to get you involved in a level. The resulting crash landing of your ship has you thrown out thankfully clear of the explosions although you still take some damage.
Your next task is a bit more tricky. For in order to get out ya gotta get in. The only exit outta this "steenking" situation happens to be located deep within' the Strogg pumping station. Ok, well I suppose that gives you a pretty good reason to engage in all this senseless violence, it's vital to the plot!
One of the first things you will notice about this level is the dreamlike quality of the lighting. It appears that you have landed at dusk or perhaps the Strogg evenings simply have this erie ghost like quality. Whatever the reason the lighting is superbly strange and nightmarish.
Architecture is also done very well with a maze of pipes and fixtures and outcroppings of earth reminding you that this entire installation is built within and under ground. The ever present pools of acid also add to the hostile yet seemingly working industrial environment. Half the fun here is simply traversing the landscape and exploring the dimly lit nooks and crannies.
Marty has also included an Indiana Jones type puzzle to keep you on (or perhaps off) your feet and there are also a few "sudden" surprises that are sure to catch you off guard.
Exterior Infiltration
Marty Howe
March 22, 1998
1.12 MB

H I G H S:
Dreamy nightmarish lighting, immersive opening sequence.
L O W S:
Nothing really stands out as a "low" per se.
N U T   S H E L L:
A fine example of a cohesive plot, engaging gameplay with a "let's see what's around the next corner" feel.