They Hunger for Half-Life by Neil Manke
"Neil Manke meets "Night of the Living Dead""
Bargin-Bin Savior for Quake II by Brendon Chung
"Ambitious original level production highlighted by beautiful lighting and movie like narration."
Moonlight Assault for Quake I by Kevin Shanahan
"Medieval Castle map with all the right stuff. Looks good, plays great."
From Hell
For Quake I By Pete Burrows
"Visit Victorian London but watch out for Jack the Ripper!"
Neil Manke Leaves the Door Open And Lets in the Zombies!! Monday February 21, 2000
Hello and welcome back to the Hotel. Yep our little hiatus is now over. And to help us get things back up and running our good pal Neil Manke has stopped in to demonstrate his latest level pak for Half-Life entitled They Hunger. I see he has taken a seat by the fireplace and has begun to read, lets listen in "Braced against the rock wall and out of breath I lifted the sniper rifle and centered the crosshairs on the police officers unsuspecting forehead. Holding my breath I squeezed off two rounds and watched the startled officer drop to the ground. I had little time to recover, the sound of the shots aroused four of 'those things' who now shambled across the field toward me; three males and one female. The female moaned 'Come To Mommy' while several of the male things muttered 'fresh meat' and other terrible ramblings I would rather forget. Switching to my handgun I waited until I could not miss and then began to shoot. The 3 males collapsed and with only the female left I aimed for a headshot. 'Click', Damn, no time to reload as her claws slashed across my face and knocked me backwards....". Sounds pretty intense Neil. If you want to live the adventure, get They Hunger now!
Pete Burrows is spotlighted in our level selection with From Hell . Pete continues the horror theme, this time for Quake I. This 1997 level takes place in victorian London and your nemesis here is none other than Jack-The-Ripper. Be sure and check this one out if you missed it first time around back in 1997.
Also during our little break I did some graphic work for Dave Waters over at 3D Construction. The logo, separator bars, buttons, and email thing were designed downstairs in the Quake Map Hotel Graphics Laboratory. Dave is a talented mapper himself and he has promised to bring around a few of his recent maps soon.
Bargin Days At The Hotel! Saturday, December 4, 1999
Welcome once again. December is here and the Holidays are just around the corner. We have already begun to decorate here at the Hotel so please watch your step and don't trip over the elves that will be darting through the halls. Today a new guest to the Hotel makes his debut. Brendon Chung has checked in and has a great deal for you. Be sure and check out his very economical Bargin-Bin Savior. For those of you who may be offended by the title please rest assured, the management here is quick to explain that 'Savior' is really only used here as defined as 'Hero' in the 'here I come to save the day' sense of the word. We here at the Hotel want to distinguish between action hero fun and insensitive bashing which we do not support.
We also want to help get the word out regarding a new Half-life beta testing service now available. 3DMR - Testing Zone is now up and running to help all you Half-Life mappers get your levels fine tuned for maximum gameplay. Check it out. Also the Hotel supplied the site logo, our second site logo design. The other was for 3D Gamers Edge where our crack design team designed the gear logo's for Tron's level review site. Tron still updates now and again so you may want to check in with him from time to time. Turns out we have been asked to help out on a couple of more site logo's. Will let you know how that comes along in case you might be interested. "Working hard to make a difference." Well thats our holiday line anyway.
Our good friend Marty Howe is featured today in our level selection with Exterior Infiltration . Crash land at a Strogg Pumping Station and see if you can make it out alive.
Wake up! It's Moonlight Assault at the Hotel! Wednesday November 24, 1999
Hello once again. Thanksgiving is tomorrow here in the United States and many of our Hotel visitors in upstate New York are looking forward to working up a big appetite. With that in mind Kevin Shanahan has stopped by for some turkey and also to offer up a hearty workout with his Quake I level entitled Moonlight Assault. It is a splendid castle based adventure which will leave you in a sweat.
On the new site front Mel Soaring map author Shaun Ross has put together quite a nifty level review site, it is called Ethereal Hell. Be sure and stop by and while you are there let him know how much you enjoyed Mel Soaring - Hear Me Roar.
Kevin Hall is in the spotlight today with his level entitled Hexorcism. With over a thousand downloads at the Hotel alone, this is one popular level that you cannot miss. Also the CD and Book Pick sections at the bottom of the page have been updated. Be sure and check them out, they offer some great off-line fun.
Roger 'ACE' Staines (Ghost Town 2, The Rock, Versicolor Vermination) is working on another Quake II level inspired by Ground Zero. Another electronic offering. The double CD by Orbital entitled "In Sides". Another must have for your electronic CD collection. The best fantasy series since Tolkien's "Lord of The Rings". Magician: Apprentice is your gateway into a rich new series expertly written with memorable characters and new lands. A must read!

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