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Ethereal scrag whisper your name.
Sittin' on the dock of the Swamp.
 Nice setting but you ain't gettin' in.
"...You've been sitting in these ruins waiting for rescue for days on end. Finally, you come to the conclusion that they're not coming. Chambering one of your few remaining rounds into your shotgun, you prepare to move out and seek a way home." ~ from included readme file.
The author of the impressive The Frater Fracas returns to the world of single player Quake I mapping with a dark watery map. Swamp is a fine departure from the normal Quake setting and as a result brings a sense of style, originality, and a fair sprinkling of humor ("I'm in here", "Coal bin, wow") that sets it apart from the crowd.
Be prepared to get a little wet, heck a lot wet, as you wade through this muck and scrag infested swamp. Appropriately dark, you will have to feel your way along as you battle in cramped dark quarters and the watery swamp itself. There are some refreshing twists along the way though which offers a welcome reprieve from the dark and oppressive watery mainstay. The gold key crypt area being the brightest and most impressive.
Gameplay is challenging partly as a function of the dark and watery surroundings you find yourself in. A dip in the water brings rotfish in abundance so it is advisable to dispatch any land dwelling or flying opponents first (or vice versa) so you do not find yourself battling in the air , sea and land simultaneously. Weaponry, ammo and health are in sufficient supply with the only niggle being the finale, or perhaps lack of one. Approaching a large dock area you are set to battle and explore. But one turn into the only available darkened alleyway unceremoniously ends the level despite a brief but fierce battle. I found myself wanting just a bit more.
Swamp is a must see level though and will not fail to delight.
TITLE:             SWAMP
AUTHOR:       Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank
DATE:           January 7, 1999
FILESIZE:            857 KB
DOWNLOAD: Fileplanet
H I G H S:
Claustrophobic, dark, scary, wet your pants fun. You'll want to take a shower after this one.
L O W S:
Abrupt ending leaves you wanting more.
N U T   S H E L L:
Take a walk on the dark, dank, watery side. Chills and spills!