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Friday 8th December 2000:

Lthsp1: "Ad Infinitum"
(Size: 790 k. Alternate download: Lthsp1.)

A smallish base level that combines IKbase textures with other custom textures, surprisingly well as IKbase doesn't often work with other textures - the simplicity of the white trim and grey concrete helps. The map is based around a tall, 4 floored, semi-octagonal central hub, with offshoot rooms on each floor. Inside is a typical IKbase, while a couple of outside levels give off vaguely Half-Life-esque vibes with their sandy floors. The architecture is large scaled and heavy looking, with thick ledges and huge beams. The actual structures and designs are simple but good, with plenty of angles giving them a nice style, but the details are fairly sparse (lights and some wall "bits") and repetitive. More complex details such as pipes, slime falls, damaged sections, would have enhanced the designs and the atmosphere. The angled, bright white ledge trim is an unusual touch that works fairly well, though it could be more obvious as a light source. The wall bits have wrong textures on their sides, but otherwise build quality is clean and good throughout.

There are no secrets nor exploration, though there could have been, due to the hub design which can allow non-linearity - this would have given the map more value aside from straight shooting. Gameplay sticks to base enemy and is generally good, fair and well balanced. You face Enforcers "ad infinitum", as well as some Grunts and Rottweilers, but there's plenty enough ammunition and health, especially near the end - a bit too much as it makes the finish easier than perhaps intended. With plenty of backtracking there is also plenty of reinforcements, with enough Enforcer squads teleporting in to provide some excitement. The multiple tiers also encourage a few 3D attacks, though these should have been more challenging. At the end, you face "modified" Enforcers in an arena - actually unmodified Deathknights with an Enforcer skin and "light saber" sword - quite good as the Quake skin obviously fits into Quake =), though the sword is a bit bright and more Enforcer-ish attacks would be good. Straightforward gameplay but certainly fair and fun.

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