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Monday 20th December 1999:

JJspq2: "Unseen Assailant"
(Size: 410 k. Alternative downloads: Jjspq2)

This level follows from JJspq1: "Vigil of the Night" (reviewed) - it has the same industrial/metal/medieval theme and the same interesting architecture. However it is a more compact level, squeezing most of the map into a small layout, and is more consistent in style. It is also a lot gloomier, which seems to fit the level better, but it is a bit too dark, I think. As before, the style is checkerboard floors, brown brick walls, wooden ceilings, and a lot of metal trim and hi-tech lights - this is consistent throughout the map thought the designs vary. The map is suspended in space in some parts, with the sky below as well as above, a rather cool and unique feel though it's only prominent in a couple of sections. This also makes the spacey ending feel more natural this time. Solid structures, angles and details are well used throughout the map, and the style of the designs is consistent, as is the high build quality. All areas have some visual interest, while the ending is rather spectacular. The map would have been better with more areas like the start and finish, as the other areas are good but the start and finish show how much more potential this style has. Also, while the consistency is good, the map lacks the interesting outdoor sections of it's predecessor. Still, it's a pretty great looking map for it's style.

Exploration is good, as the non-linear layout is reminiscent of a deathmatch map: A central area with various offshoot areas, each of which must be visited to complete the map - but in any order you choose, with each area being well balanced in difficulty. There are a couple of secrets to find, one easy and one rather cunning, both useful. Gameplay packs quite a bit of action into a small map, using mostly base enemy until the harder ending. There's enough enemy already in each area to keep you busy, and as you complete tasks, plenty of reinforcements appear to keep the combat constant. Ammo is in good supply, but health is fairly sparse, so the map is no walkover - certainly not at the tricky end which requires a bit of thought and some fast, up close shooting. Unfortunately skill settings are not used, and while the main map can be completed by caution, some ambushes and the ending could prove fustrating for some players. Also, the transition between base enemy and monsters should have been smoother, and a few areas of the map (like the start) could have been better used. Nevertheless, a fine map that packs a good punch for it's size.

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