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#1 2019-04-28 19:22:09


Arcane Dimensions Secrets Guide

Just wondering if there's any interest or need for a classic secrets guide for Arcane Dimensions? I'm a little late to this party, having just discovered Arcane Dimensions a few months ago, totally fell in love with it and now I'm about to start my 2nd play-through but this time i want to get 100% on all the levels. I know I can just watch youtube videos, but I was thinking since I'm going to play through the entire mod 100% maybe I could just compile a guide to all the secrets as I go? I'm talking about the style where you have a single screenshot of the location of each secret with a couple lines of text describing it. Personally I don't want to watch entire play-throughs of the maps just to get all the secrets but at least if I create this guide no one else will have to. Unless it already exists? I looked around and couldn't find anything.

#2 2019-04-29 16:44:41


Re: Arcane Dimensions Secrets Guide

That sounds awesome and I am not aware of anything like that. My attempts in gathering interest in doing such things were mostly fruitless (apart from nonickname's sweet contributions). Check out these for inspiration:

Ideally Quaddicted had some kind of integrated pages for this but I don't see that happening without outside help. So I'd recommend adding them on QuakeWiki. No idea how to nicely name the pages in a structured way considering that zipfile names can not be considered unique.

#3 2019-04-29 20:02:35


Re: Arcane Dimensions Secrets Guide

This is terrific info thanks so much! These are great examples. I'll look into putting this onto quake wiki in a similar format. Thanks again!

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