Secrets on Weird comic art Quake (WCA.bsp) by K.S.

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Secret 1

In the underground area with the zombies, at the last corner in the water-filled passageway before you get to the room where the zombies get crushed, there is a hidden underwater alcove with a megahealth. Simply move right into the corner and drop down.

Reward: Megahealth

Secret 2

In the very next room – the one where the zombies get crushed – jump onto the crushing machinery and keep jumping until you can see on top of the two vats, where there is a hidden shootable button. Shoot this button to make some rockets drop from the ceiling.

Reward: Rockets

Secret 3

In the gallery area, shoot the frame of the picture next to the entrance to the toy room. It takes a number of shots (unless you have a powerful weapon and/or Quad Damage), but eventually the frame will recede, the picture will move outwards and the cells on the ledge next to it will drop to the floor.

Reward: Cells

Secret 4

In the toy room (where you get the blue key), shoot the button on the wall opposite the blue key to reveal nails and health.

Reward: Nails, Health

Secret 5

Once you open the controls for the core machine, you can jump onto the metal bar connecting the two main metal structures. You will see a hidden shootable button behind this metal bar. Shoot it to reveal an alcove in the opposite wall, containing red armour.

Reward: Red Armour

Secret 6

This is arguably the trickiest of the six secrets. In the very last room with the spinning blocks and teleporter (where the map bids you farewell), stand on the platform where the teleporter is located, with your back to it. Wait for one of the blocks to reach the floor (as seen in the bottom right-hand corner or the screen shot) and quickly jump onto it. It might take a few tries to the timing right.

You will be raised up to an alcove near the ceiling (as seen in the top left-hand corner of the screen shot) where you will find a rune.

Reward: Rune