An Interview with Trinca


Could you briefly introduce yourself (age, location…) and tell us since when you are active in the Q1 community?

My name is Rui Neto, I live near the beach in Carcavelos near Lisbon. I've have been active from when Quake was born in 1997 until 2002. I played QWDM like a maniac. When my first kid born in 2003 I almost completely quit and started playing Quake singleplayer instead.

How did you get involved in the community?

I first played Quake in February 1997 at a friend's place and fell in love at first glance… and a few months later I started playing everyday on portugese servers. Later I played on European servers and in various tournaments.

What Q1 contributions are you best-known for? Which of your works is your personal favorite?

Maybe I am more known as a QWDM player - everybody knows Trinca ;) Nowadays I am rusty but I used to play quite good. I think the work that gave me more fun was creating tcoa.bsp - The City of Angels. The map's construction and texturing are rather basic but the layout came out very good and I think I polished the gameplay well.

What was your very own motivation to work for Quake?

It was kind of a retribution to the all other people who make maps and like to play. And of course the fact that I love Quake. I'm not looking for a job in the game design community, I have a nice job in my native country. Also I wouldn't want to work for any other game.

Do you have a website/links where we could check out your stuff?

Sure I have, thanks to Spirit:

What are your best memories about this community?

The great help that people like JPL, negke, Spirit and many others gave me in the beginning, I was worse than bad when I started. You can see that if you play my sm109_trinca.bsp

Are you regularly playing Quake? Are you trying out mods, maps and engines?

I still play Quake and I think I will do so for many more years to come… I don't like to play mods too much but I play all new maps. My favourite engine is Joequake.

Have there been other games you have been playing a lot?

The only two games I played since I started on Quake were MOHAA and Painkiller, both during a vacation. They were fun but not as much as Quake.

How would you describe the Q1 community right now? Is there any contribution that really impressed you in the last couple of years?

I think the community still strong, I just think people should support each other more, make less negative comments and give more support (ex: make comments on other people maps, talk the negative stuff but in a positive way, I remembered Vondur complain about a map he released somewhen in 2002 because he had few comments… etc). I think comments are one of the major reason that we map. It makes us happy to see people's comments our maps. I hope someday people will understand that and make more comments (and more first demos! It is pure fun see them dying in our traps :=) ).

How do you picture the future of the community? Do you (objectively) think that people will still be modding/mapping for it in, say, 10 years from now?

I think we must support eachother better or this community will die for sure… I hope this won't happen as I still love this game and I want to keep playing it in the future. Hopefully guys like Spirit(quaddicted), metlslime(func), Baker(quakeone), vegetous(quakebrasil), sassa(quakeworld) and all the others who maintain great Quake sites alive will stick around.

Your #1 secret special ingredient to a good map (imagine a newbie asking for your advice)?

I love fast and furious maps, so a Quad & lots of monsters to kill = pure fun, even if map is huge like the Warpspasm ones. I like fast combat and don't like to snipe too much.

What is the question you would have like to be asked (but weren't), how would you have answered it and how pissed are you for me not thinking about it?

Don't have any.