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Screenshot of arcane
Author:Matt Sefton
Title:Arcane (a4b9e977fb3627fdb9baa4965ace8a7c)
Filesize:781 Kilobytes
Release date:14.09.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
arcane.txt7 KB14.09.1997
arcane.bsp1806 KB14.09.1997


Medium sized Metal/runic level.

Tags: metal, runic, qtwid, medium, oldschool, classic, planetquake-map-of-the-week

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating: 4.5/5 with 39 ratings
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hmm 2 April 2010, 13:52
i played this level way back in the day
name 2 April 2010, 13:52
i played this level way back in the day
Spirit, rated this a 5 7 April 2010, 13:26
Could have been an original map in the game.
Gib, rated this a 4 10 April 2010, 0:37
Just like the originals, good, fun, solid gameplay. Definately worth a go.
stef 30 May 2010, 18:54
even if there isn't any real highlights in this map everything run perfectly so that it's a real enjoyment to play through
Drew, rated this a 4 15 August 2012, 0:39
A very very nice map. Better than ID quality in many instances - particularly visually (the last sections being a great example). Deserving of its classic status.
pet Guest 28 September 2012, 0:22
quake as it should be
Scampie Registered, rated this a 5 22 January 2014, 20:19

In it's time, likely one of the best Q1SP maps, and it still holds up as awesome. If it were released today, likely would be a 4/5, there are some weak monster placements and I dislike that many touch buttons are textured with the red button texture that is meant to be shot (and is used that way in one point), but those are pretty minor complaints.

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 4 12 November 2014, 18:09

Sadly, this was Matt Sefton's final map (at least, the last one on Quaddicted). It's also the best, so that his maps show a pretty steady improvement through time. Lots to explore here, even though the map is a bit smaller than jawbreak. Love the ending, in particular.

bfg666 Registered, rated this a 5 25 September 2016, 15:57

Found this one completely by accident while looking for AD custom maps. Gave it a 5! What can I say? I'm a sucker for metal theme... Ziggurat Vertigo and episode 3 have always been my favorite parts in the original game and this map didn't disappoint. Nice architecture with some pretty cool ideas, like the hanging walkway over lava supported by rings and the exit teleporter rising from a lava pool. Neat! It's very easy though, even on Hard skill, and I wish it was larger. Now I have to check out Matt Sefton's other maps.

Esrael Registered, rated this a 5 6 November 2016, 22:39

You can clearly tell Matt Sefton's done his homework regarding American Mcgee's Runic levels all the way down to the nitty-gritty details of how buttons are designed, for example. A definite 5/5 for me!

There's not much anything to complain here, except the fact that some push buttons are red (which implies they need to be shot), as stated above.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 25 March 2017, 21:30

Nice vanilla-compatible level

Greenwood Registered, rated this a 5 9 March 2020, 12:19

Excellent map. It's pretty obvious when the only thing people can gripe about is a few button textures :)

nxanthos Registered, rated this a 5 8 May 2020, 1:47

Excellent level. Good stuff. Short, 65 enemies, so expect a little thrill :)

huanlopan Registered, rated this a 4 22 October 2020, 8:52

Skill 3. Really fun medium sized map. Would've been right at home in id1. Couldn't find the second secret for the life of me. 4/5.

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