Cogs of Conflict by spd

This is another map that came out some time ago, but hasn't been reviewed yet. It's almost a bit of a lost gem. While I didn't much care for Speedy's Explore or Die, this is another experimental map that actually turned out very well. The concept is basically a map with no ammo, and traps. You have to lure monsters into traps to kill them; occasionally you can resort to using some of your shells or your axe (you seldom encounter monsters more than one at a time), but most of the time you have to use the traps. The traps become less and less easy to use over time; ramming a shambler into the ceiling when he can run out of the trap and into your face quite easily is one of the more interesting ones. There are also points where you can lower hapless monsters into lava - haha! Good thing Quake monsters are so dumb.

Visually the map is really good: it often uses Runic textures (with some modified ones) in unique ways, and the architectural patterns and lighting create a very distinct and very cool aesthetic. One of the better uses of the Runic set in recent times I'd say. Overall, the focus on traps, platforms, moving walkways and so forth makes this a really original map, one of the best experimental maps for sure.

Score: 16/20