Deck 16 (Q-Deck) by FifthElephant

Continuing with the recent theme of remakes, this is a remake of an Unreal map, rather than a Quake one. Deck 16 is perhaps THE classic Unreal base map, so a remake is a good idea (the original Quake version was for deathmatch, and came out a while before this single player version). The size and scale of the architecture has been toned down - I'd say this is about 3/4 or even 2/3 of the original size. Since Quake doesn't have any sniper weapons (unlike Unreal) this sort of makes sense, and it certainly results in a "busier" looking map with a ton of detail relative to the size (almost too much even), but it can make navigation tricky (I'd imagine in DM people will be falling in the slime a lot - flatter wider, more even floors may have helped both DM and SP gameplay). None of this is a huge concern, though, as the novelty of running through an Unreal map in Q1SP - and one gorgeously designed in terms of texturing, lighting, and architectural detail - is an undeniably cool experience.

Gameplay is in that Goldilocks zone - not too easy nor too difficult - and generally relies on ambush closets and teleports. There are a few tricks and traps, and while I only found half the secrets, all the ones I did find were quite cool. There have been a few areas not in the original Deck16 added, it looks like added just for this SP version of the remake, and you can kind of tell since these areas have less detail (and are more functional, being largely bunkhouses for the monsters to sleep in!). The use of non-base monsters such as zombies and Shamblers was fun, and by getting careless at the end I finished with only 3 health. Overall, visuals are definitely the strength of this map, plus the novelty of an Unreal remake. Great stuff, maybe Dm-Ariza next?

Score: 16.5/20