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Rubicon Style Maps

After finishing up Underdark Overbright, and before I start up Contract Revoked the next big map project that I have on my list is the Rubicon map sets. This means playing Rubicon, Rubicon 2 and the Rubicon Rumble Pack. I also want to play anything that is Rubicon themed as well. What other great Rubicon themed maps are available here at Quaddicted? Here is a list of what I have played so far:

MapJam6; Scampie's map was really nice in this pack.

SM82 - Rubicondom; This map was also really nice too.

Project Monsterfree; I haven't played this one yet but I will probably play it too.

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Lane Powell

Re: Rubicon Style Maps

Industrial Combat is the first to use an early version of the texture set. It's very short but worth playing.

And I'll go ahead and self-promote, although my map mixes rubicon with runic and some other textures.

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Re: Rubicon Style Maps

To begin with i suppose that you know you can search for Rubicon on https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/?filtered=rubicon

About recommendations i would go with https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/back2forwards.html

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