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QExpo 2008: Interview batch #2 – biff, ijed, metlslime

biff, ijed, metlslime.

And now I will work on the submission queue of new descriptions…

QExpo 2008: Interview batch #1 – DaMaul, gibbie, Jago

QExpo 2008 has started and I released the 3 of about 20 interviews with old and new Quake mappers: DaMaul, gibbie, Jago.

If YOU are/were a Quake mapper too but did not receive a notice from me about this, then a) a spam filter ate it (gmail surely did), b) I did not have your (proper) email address or c) I inexcusably forgot about you. Don’t be shy, contact me. :)

Interview with Kell

I interviewed mapper extraordinaire Kell: Interview with Kell.
No new descriptions this time, sorry (you can always submit some ;) ).

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