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Migrating to a new host

Since I am currently working on migrating to a new server comments on news and user registration are disabled for the time being. You can still use all the map archive functions.

update: actually it will take a bit longer than expected so commenting is possible again.

04.08.2011 in quaddicted.com | 5 Comments »

5 Responses to “Migrating to a new host”

  1. Spirit Says:
    14.09.2011 16:12

    “a bit longer” :)

  2. NEGKE Says:
    26.09.2011 08:55


  3. Trinca Says:
    26.09.2011 09:18

    I’m sweet negke!

  4. Spirit Says:
    26.09.2011 14:29

    The lights are on but there is nobody home.

  5. goddogx Says:
    29.09.2011 11:01

    well, when it happens, it will be a nice xmas present – BUT WHAT YEAR?

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