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The multiplayer map dump

I forgot to post here, duh. Recently I had a surge of coding affinity and started organising all the multiplayer maps I collected over the years. Huge parts are from idgames2, mpq and some other site I just can’t remember the name of. In the beginning most maps came from Trinca, but they were all plain bsp files without readmes. I prefer the original files obviously. So, here is the experimental web2.0 crowd source social tagging editing quake multiplayer map archive. It obviously needs some work on the backend (proper browsing options, some search, proper sorting etc.) but that’s for later. Go ahead, tag, rate and have fun. Ratings are calculated from all submitted ratings btw (don’t try cheating, it won’t work as you like).

edit: I kinda want to use the ratings as a threshold for pruning low quality maps later. Bad DM maps are not really something I care much about.

If you would like a much nicer looking (but currently almost contentless) site and fancy texture replacements, is back! And of course there is the MPQ Archive.

EQL (QW 4on4) Grand Finals tonight

If you would like to have a glance at the most impressive form of competitive 4on4 QuakeWorld multiplayer, don’t miss the EQL grand finals tonight (20:00 CET). I am sure they will play on a QTV-capable server and hopefully there will be a good commentator. You’ll need ezQuake to spectate. Keep an eye on the news. Enjoy!