Wanted Files

Mentioned by metlslime:

Industrial Combat by Jim Lowell, circa Fall 1997. May or may not have been released, but this was the first map to use rubicon textures (before rubicon!) and was a submission to a contest run by the company that owned qED. I actually made the textures for this map, then used them myself after.

Also super rare: a one-room map I made called trachea.bsp which was passed about on a mailing list in mid-97.

Originally from “Chris Fairall’s Download Page” at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/3847/

crtyrd.zip - “The Courtyard” (224 KB)
sanctry.zip – “The Sanctuary” (334 KB)
maxcarn.zip – “Maximum Carnage” (147 KB)
base13.zip – “Base 13″ (246 KB)

Also 2 mods (and one tool but pakker10.zip is in idgames2), I did not check their availability in other archives.

I mailed the author to ask for copies (of the mods too) on 20091115. No success, the mail address is dead (‘ (expanded from ): unknown user: “chrisf@velocitynet.com.au”‘.

Todo: 1. Re-try getting the files from archive.org. 2. Keep an eye on geociti.es and reocities.com for their Geocities backups, I am fairly sure the files won’t be there though as archive.org only has two very old copies of the homepage.

Mentioned by erc, files not found:

marsalis.zip – Marsalis by Noel Weer
p2hell.zip – Pathway to Hell by Sam Allen
series1.zip – Series 1 (author unknown)


http://kod.org.uk/old/files.htm -> gateway.zip

http://www-vlsi.stanford.edu/~jsolomon/clan9/frames/invasion/exp_pits_old.html -> anihous2.zip “Animal House (version 2) by David Graves”

http://www.nwnet.co.uk/syko/quake.html -> odiwan.zip

http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://yi.com/home/BuemmerstedeRalph/quake.htm -> dabug2.zip (the other files on that page seem archived already)