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I interviewed American McGee about Quake

because I had so many questions about Quake and he seemed like a good victim for my over-zealous enthusiasm. Oh and also this year is Quake’s 15th anniversary, today in 1996 the shareware was released. I did not play Quake until ~2000/2001, lame isn’t it? Anyways, here you go: American McGee on Quake. Enjoy!

9 Responses to “I interviewed American McGee about Quake”

  1. Tribal Says:
    22.06.2011 22:29

    Awesome interview, my friend! Thank you for that! Now, all i want is an interview with Carmack himself about the Quake reboot thing. Quake forever! \o/

  2. Scythe Says:
    23.06.2011 01:09

    Great interview. American, if you’re reading this. Thanks for Quake. It may not have been planned, but the results of the alchemy was one of the best things ever. Quake changed my life.

  3. Ron Says:
    23.06.2011 07:59

    Fantastic !
    Thanks a lot, Spirit !

  4. goddogx Says:
    26.06.2011 13:35

    agreed, an excellent look back at a seminal moment in gaming history! now, i just wish that some enterprising journalist (hint hint :)) would write the definitive account of id’s stumble and fall in the 21st century.

  5. Spirit Says:
    26.06.2011 15:28

    That would be David Kushner’s Masters of Doom book.

  6. JohnNy_cz Says:
    26.06.2011 20:37

    Great interview. What really got me thinking is where he talks about the “fun” part of the game. It is something I often forget when I think about the game and maybe take it too seriously. There are surely lots of funny things in Quake. The “dark dimension” is prevalent, but the fun is there too and definitely should be there.

  7. goddogx Says:
    29.06.2011 00:04

    @SPIRIT – masters of doom is a fun read, but it’s too anecdotal and fanboyish :) i was thinking of something with a lot more gravitas and in depth research.

  8. onetruepurple Says:
    01.07.2011 16:24

    Might be a good idea to put this into the interview list ;)

  9. QuakePhil Says:
    07.10.2011 18:31

    Amazing interview. Yes we still play quake and yes guys 15 years younger than you will kick your ass… hell, guys younger than the game itself!

    The humor/style with the violence is so important. It sets quake 1 apart.

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