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More wanted maps

I am looking for some deathmatch maps, namely, “Animal House (version 2) by David Graves” and

Also, can somebody tell me why there are so many different versions of the ukcldm maps?

Also, I was brainstorming adding mods but the filename issues, compression non-standards and requirement to specify some categorisation fields turned me off.

Also, Quakeworldlers are (re-) creating a map download site, but they are doing it all wrong: BSP downloading, screenshots using some “retexture” pack. So I got motivation to make a proper deathmatch archive again.

Also, I should really study for my exams.

Abyss of Pandemonium goodies

While we are at AoP (read the interview with mexx if you are confused as to why), I recently found its CD image on some nice gaming nostalgia site. So for a limited time you can download it here and for a long time you can download its soundtrack in Ogg Vorbis Q5 goodness here.

Playing through the Quake Pre-Release

| Tuesday, June 11th, 1996 |
| Copyright (C) 1996 id Software, inc. |
| Operating Instructions |
| by John Romero |

IMPORTANT NOTE: This document is a shabbed-up version of the QTEST1
document that i wrote months ago. It may suck.

This is our first severely limited pre-release, not intended for the
general public. If you received this game from a member of id Software,
then you are supposed to have it, otherwise, you are in possession of
something which is not yours. You Are Bad.

I found this beta version of Quake floating around. This should be a much longer and detailed post but there are other things to do. There are many little and some big differences. There also is a slighty older version around, differences might only be cosmetic (the readme differs a tiny bit).

Anyways, for your enjoyment (ok, mostly mine) I played through this and recorded it.

More Quake sketches by John Romero

John Romero has not only got a new domain and website, he also uploaded some more old sketches from Quake development. Or more specifically his jrbase1 map. You can find them in this gallery, currently on page 2. To get the “real” images you have to click on “original” in that wobbly overlay once you hover the image (they should make that a rotating swirly cube with fire effects…). I wish there will be sketches from the monsters some day.

The Lingering Legacy of id Software’s Quake: A Glimpse Into Thirteen Years Of Darkness

As some of you might know, Tronyn held a talk about Quake recently. Called “The Lingering Legacy of id Software’s Quake: A Glimpse Into Thirteen Years Of Darkness” it takes a look on Quake’s custom mappery. Both slides and text can be found below. Highly recommended read even though as Tronyn admits “that the later stuff is a bit biased toward my work, and I’m sure I forgot all kinds of important stuff“. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks Tronyn!

Instead of the ZIP with proprietary formats there are now two PDF files available:

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