sock One Thousand Cuts 8e03d6c9202136c89d99707ab97a1020 10396 15.08.14 Func Map Jam 2: a medium-sized, IKblue-themed, partially ruined temple with two individual routes for replayablility. It comes with a set of medieval-style item boxes.]]> 1000cuts/ -game 1000cuts start Aardappel, Blitz, czg, FredTheFishSlayer, Hanz, Necros, Rcktrob, Scragbait 100 Brush Competition #2 160cd1708855587b3aedda75c7915fbc 4300 20.05.01
  • Biotoxin by CZG
  • The Secret Castle by Aardappel
  • CZG's Moonshot by CZG
  • Cenotaph Of Seqqarra by Rcktrob
  • Tower of 100 pieces by FredTheFishSlayer
  • oH gOd by Necros
  • Spring Cleaning by Scragbait
  • Raj Maul by -=Blitz=-
  • School Assassin by Hanz
  • Titanic by Hanz
  • ]]>
    100b2/ -game 100b2 aard100 bz100b czgtoxic czg_moon ftfs100b n3_100b r100br school spring start titanic
    distrans, necros, RPG, Stargazer 100 Brush Competition #3 060583ff49164b4d3acef3672ef3f0fe 2404 09.06.02
    • Dismembered Crate by distrans
    • S4wk by RPG
    • Fired Ice by Stargazer
    • 100b3 by necros

    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]>
    id1/maps/ dis_cr8z firedice ne_100b3 rpg100b1
    Artistical, DelusionalBear, Digs, dumptruck_ds, ionous, JCR, Newhouse, Redfield, Roman, Shamblernaut, Shotro, Spipper, Spud, ww 100 Brush Competition #4 a90a75a2903fd846edc3dc8a7a3e0418 46606 10.06.18
    Final results:

    1. Deflan'Ka by ww
    2. Ioian Shorelines by ionous
    3. Immortal Reach by Spipper
    4. The Di[g]stortion by Digs
    5. Frostbitten by ionous
    6. With Apologies to Insomniac by Spud
    7. The Vale of Dream by Redfield
    8. (tie) The Teleportation Complex by Newhouse
    8. (tie) Beyond and Within by Artistical
    8. (tie) Between Dimensions by JCR
    11. (tie) Locus Genus by Artistical
    11. (tie) Pyro's Barbecue by Newhouse
    11. (tie) The Forgotten Station by Artistical
    14. (tie) Cerebral Edema by Shotro
    14. (tie) The Engineering Department by JCR
    16. The Tutorial by dumptruck_ds
    17. N-Titties by Shamblernaut
    18. Unwarranted Phlebotomy by DelusionalBear
    19. Ela-V8 by Roman

    Note: These maps require Quoth 2.2 and in parts a source port with increased limits.]]>
    100b4/ -quoth -game 100b4 start 100b4_artistical01 100b4_artistical_02 100b4_artistical_03 100b4_delusionalbear 100b4_digs 100b4_dumptruck 100b4_ionfrost 100b4_ionio 100b4_jcr 100b4_jcr2 100b4_newhouse 100b4_newhouse2 100b4_redfield 100b4_shamblernaut 100b4_shotro 100b4_spipper 100b4_spud 100b4_ww
    DaMaul, Edgecrusher, Fat Controller, Fern, Gilt, Grahf, Iikka "Fingers" Keränen, JAJ, Killazontherun, Palldjon, Scragbait, XeNoN, Zibbie 100 Brush Competition #1 1147cb0e7ad657d9e546737e33be7c13 4160 16.01.01
    • 1. Ouverture (Gilt)
    • 2. Valley of Kings (Iikka "Fingers" Keränen)
    • 3. Stamppot (Zibbie)
    • 4.-14. by JAJ, DaMaul, XeNoN, Scragbait, Palldjon, Fat Controller, Edgecrusher, Fern, Grahf, Killazontherun
    100brush/ -game 100brush start abab dam100 dropin edge1a fat100 fern100a grahf100 ik100b jaj100br klz100b klz100b2 ouver xnq1001 zippie
    mukor, Naitelveni, NewHouse 24h Jam - Base theme fb034f051e9f9f3a7c82362c6c2c3bcc 5115 11.01.17
    Note: Due to improper packaging these maps cannot be run from the Quake Injector.]]>
    24hrs_mukor 24h_naitelveni 24h_newhouse
    Chris Sanders 2 Factions 682a0dae13a22bff50525e079e523c9d 987 24.10.97 id1/maps/ Mazu 37th Relic Retrieval 4fa27946178e8807fa25c5b71ac7177f 16467 24.01.19
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad
    Zied Rieke Three of Clubs 1b7333e73ef1c0eca06fe5f9112a4590 810 27.06.97 3oc/ -game 3oc 3oc Trace Stuart Three's Arena 9fd6bc42ff435fe08d9a8c40ac959714 704 23.12.97 Bleh.]]> id1/maps/ arena Trace Stuart Three's Canyon ca40b090ceba494b5812b9581a96a7e2 585 19.12.97 Bleh.]]> id1/maps/ canyon Trace Stuart Sector 3 - The Sewage Plant fb8ae72cf12ac2b94b2eca4d5b9c16b3 595 21.12.97 id1/maps/ sewage George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Demise! ae885af982b9697ed6b4b5b3c7527579 471 26.12.96 id1/maps/ fiffy George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Fortress! caea3171e15d3229ea1c36e127fd265d 445 24.02.97 id1/maps/ fiffy2 George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Damnation! 5ffe2a5f93f7f05c5a81c5b53348dafa 525 21.04.97 id1/maps/ fiffy3 George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Antichrist! c8138fe66be7f2ac17b712fb17dae2c8 582 17.06.97 id1/maps/ fiffy4 George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Base! 10106706cf360a3250629f75bca197e1 609 09.09.97 id1/maps/ fiffy5 George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: O-Negative! 5c97f9b81e13524f90fc72a8fd1450fc 525 21.11.97 id1/maps/ fiffy6 JPL The Five Rivers Land 945f1df492331aa10e60b9404edcf611 10680 30.07.07 quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth 5rivers_e1 FifthElephant Squad 768 976e7ecf256c4fc9e051d73c1f6c295d 632 01.06.14 768/vertical contest and Metal Monstrosity. The map source is included.

    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -game quoth -quoth
    negke Skinny Norris 533c760075b0e20786f3fdbb48211df0 2872 01.08.08 Vertical Competition (=768*768 base with unlimited vertical height, no player teleportation).

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    Lurker, rudl, Spirit, Trinca Vertical Map Pack 315509719358aeb98e2cdef1c530bcc7 3281 15.07.07
    The pack includes four around medium sized maps of varying themes by lurker, rudl, Spirit and Trinca.]]>
    quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth 768_lurker 768_rudl 768_spirit 768_trinca
    Russell McKenzie Welcome to The Terrors b7da75e6b76f4b15cfb095d3919bd99b 581 07.01.97 id1/maps/ 9go F14m3z Bilious Outpost 0edf0d31eab62149fd184451545796c8 479 29.04.17 id1/maps/ BiliousOutpost mafon2 Intrusion bd3f98ec9d048ca0ca80e91bb81d2d7b 2513 28.06.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Pingu A2D2 - Ambush Keen Pilgrims cc8910d4400d4972ed5b8bd738438072 593 01.07.00 id1/maps/ Pingu The Journey Home 1c28196b962f6b7506b66720218de06d 807 01.04.00 id1/maps/ Aardappel The Secret Castle 907998979e046a295f7a2d5de71a0050 1043 26.04.01 aard100/maps/ -game aard100 MadFox Abandon 6354dad49756727f3a1091e65e1d8d94 26354 11.01.07 "If you want straight Quake1 levels, don't try this. Levels are quite irrational, with no common sense way out, arised more by intuition than logical interpretation,and never intended to publish as an official pack." Barely average.]]> abandon/ -game abandon start Jim Hughes All Black Within e93de57eab4adbef42b585ee83ddba4d 901 01.12.97 id1/maps/ Vondur Adamantine Cruelty 767a8b19ce5338d8ceea1c8e4fe274a6 1762 04.03.04 id1/maps/ acstart Jonathan G. aka SalaCious Crumb/H8 bReEDEr Acerbus 66fffa5238181a1b593e771cd420f7f2 687 13.10.97 id1/maps/ Tyrann Escape from Actaltraz 26ea0f6ff856f4aeb14ec9e7cc96c339 1153 24.01.98 id1/maps/ Shambler Acidophilus d45422e17a592b5f0b154538629215c0 9132 16.10.18
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad
    Doug Wheeler aka Bullseye8841 Office Offense 306b02eaf585e8bca37520cb7eabb999 14018 19.03.18
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits (Quakespasm-Spike fork recommended).]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad
    mfx The Faults Within e6f637798209639f4abab759f8150662 2308 20.05.16
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions, updated with v1.4patch2 or later.]]>
    ad/ -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad
    Henrik Oresten (Giftmacher) Tomb of Fenrir 2f423280b325fcf51f805f6373fd3c6f 2582 08.01.17
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/maps/ -heapsize 128000 -zone 4096 -game ad
    Cthulhu Fireplace 760705b4694f718cbc5ca8636f4a157b 385 17.04.19
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits.
    An updated version of this map is available here.]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad
    sock Grendel's Blade 5678237da46df932c40041a92154691c 6685 28.05.18
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions 1.71 and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/ -game ad ad_grendel
    muk0r Trench Foot 789628faefc883a7b1828f9b040499be 1457 08.09.18
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad
    Redfield Paradise Sickness d488fd704467ad58b2bdf5884c0b60b6 11230 23.09.17
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions 1.60 and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/ -game ad
    sock Nyarlathotep's Sand Castle ddf484bfe989cb93885caefd1f9b47bf 2553 11.01.17
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/ -heapsize 128000 -game ad ad_scastle
    Giftmacher, Sock The Forgotten Sepulcher 285a9752d80bda8da7dda9fc05460cdb 30238 17.06.17
    The map source and the texture wad are included.

    Note: The download includes an update to Arcane Dimensions 1.5, which is required.

    Note: This release requires an engine with dramatically raised limits, such as Quakespasm 0.93.0 or higher.]]>
    ad/ -game ad
    Shadesmaster The Refinery bb84b0f605eda2fa5bbd7061aff28e04 1389 13.02.19
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad
    Shambler Annihilith Of Abhorration e4d055497b80de804d3ba46c05f8787c 3396 01.01.19
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/ -game ad
    sock, mfx, necros, Lunaran, Scampie, FifthElephant, ionous, EricW, Preach Arcane Dimensions 6df800287a28324fce340e609700a8c4 139698 25.12.15 This is version 1.42 - the newer, more feature-rich version 1.5 is available here.

    Large-scale single player campaign with many new levels, some of them labeled as "test" maps, featuring a whole line-up of new monsters and items as well as several tweaks and changes to the gameplay. It is also meant to serve as a tool box for level designers. Map and QC sources are included.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits, support for BSP2 and transparent textures. They are designed to be played with QuakeSpasm 0.91.0 or later.

    A patch is available here.]]>
    ad/ -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad start ad_crucial ad_dm1 ad_lavatomb ad_mountain ad_necrokeep ad_obd ad_swampy ad_end ad_dm5 ad_e2m7 start_test ad_test1 ad_test2 ad_test3 ad_test4 ad_test5 ad_test6 ad_test7 ad_test8 ad_test9 ad_test10 ad_test11
    sock, mfx, necros, Lunaran, Scampie, FifthElephant, ionous, EricW, Preach, PulSaR, necros, others Arcane Dimensions 7136f21ff40122ca962d24982053a371 211157 03.12.16
    This is version 1.5 which features even more new levels, enemies, items, and level functions. A patch for 1.5 is available here.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits as well as support for BSP2 and transparent textures. They are mainly designed to be played with QuakeSpasm 0.92.0 or later.]]>
    ad/ -heapsize 128000 -game ad start ad_chapters start_test ad_crucial ad_dm1 ad_dm5 ad_e2m7 ad_end ad_lavatomb ad_mountain ad_necrokeep ad_obd ad_swampy ad_test1 ad_test10 ad_test11 ad_test2 ad_test3 ad_test4 ad_test5 ad_test6 ad_test7 ad_test8 ad_test9 ad_azad az_zendar ad_tfuma ad_e1m1 ad_e2m2 ad_magna ad_metmon
    sock, mfx, necros, Lunaran, Scampie, FifthElephant, ionous, EricW, Preach, PulSaR, necros, Giftmacher, others Arcane Dimensions 3bd3ff8cedef3bad9196b2b86e80b83c 225429 31.12.17
    This is version 1.7 which includes various bug-fixes, additional features, and two new maps in addtition to ad_sepulcher.

    Note: These maps (and likely all subsequent maps based on AD) require a source port with increased limits as well as support for BSP2 and transparent textures. Quakespasm 0.93+ is strongly recommended.

    An additional bug-fix patch is available: here]]>
    ad/ -heapsuze 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad ad_azad ad_chapters ad_crucial ad_dm1 ad_dm5 ad_e1m1 ad_e2m2 ad_e2m7 ad_end ad_lavatomb ad_magna ad_metmon ad_mountain ad_necrokeep ad_obd ad_swampy ad_test1 ad_test10 ad_test11 ad_test2 ad_test3 ad_test4 ad_test5 ad_test6 ad_test7 ad_test8 ad_test9 ad_tfuma az_zendar start start_test ad_sepulcher ad_s1m1
    Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert A Desert Dusk 21ac7245139b693138336d2fa5f3c4ce 3329 07.05.03 Design and gameplay are top-notch, the style is very original. Uses some SOA entities.]]> add/ -game add Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert ADD2: Scorpion Garrison 65312547bde18ec519c637dae40539f5 4137 07.05.03 add2/ -game add2 DeSoto The Ascent from Hell 932f10a504f503b61408ca36e73e250b 1247 28.01.97 id1/maps/ Kevin Haley Abode of Agony f77d73a79da1e57f3981609f3f7d8441 312 28.03.97 id1/maps/ Dr. Gomez Inigo Bombay House of Bombay c1d473079197b707b7469aa9ecf97b01 773 21.04.97 id1/maps/ Cocerello Pleasant murder 13a5b2fb83b445a270e26a7e9e94f35e 1084 08.04.14 id1/maps/ alb1v1a alb1 Neil Manke, Einar Saukas (QC) Road to Inverurie 87ea06aef6efbb50fab916836502ad57 1161 25.06.97 alba01/ -game alba01 Neil Manke, Einar Saukas (QC) Inverurie ba56dbaf65db201ba5c2d6ce9507b5be 1064 11.07.97 alba02/ -game alba02 Shaun [Kona] Ross The Savage Sanguine 54af11e4fdf0fab4d9be6ec0af4c4e80 1378 10.02.00 -game alk05 Shaun [Kona] Ross Egyptian Myth 34378eda70f39efdcd561def58d328fc 1039 17.06.00 -game alk07 Shaun [Kona] Ross Charmhood b59eb1f73d0e5f269b76d031d3c61031 566 06.08.05 id1/maps/ alk08sp Shaun [Kona] Ross Permutations of the Rotten af3af3607c3c02642395d5a8071b4edc 3287 10.08.01 "A new Nehahra episode by a non-Nehahra member, with a new story and setting. I believe the original idea of Quake was to be a dark world of rotting metal, wood and brick medieval, full of horrible monsters. The addition of base maps didn't help this theme at all. This is the way I imagined Nehahra to be, medieval fortresses combined with wastelands and industrial regions. So, inspired by Zerstorer, I set out to create a mini-episode that is dark and scary. Industrial mixed with medieval and metal, using ID's textures."

    Four about medium sized tough maps in a strange and unique Metal-ish theme. Nice.]]>
    -nehahra -game alk10 alk10a
    Shaun [Kona] Ross Grisly Manifest e8c9878c8d4f4acecea61d1bbd11ca82 2659 26.05.01 -game alk11 Shaun [Kona] Ross Fearcraft ad2cc84929f8f58a8d299c455ac03d09 4235 25.08.02 -game alk12 Shaun [Kona] Ross The Looming Madness 9ada0180bb31c320fb5f2fac3aae4caa 3503 23.08.01 -game alk13 alk13 Shaun [Kona] Ross Brumal Quest 2b8174bd903bd14f973891e6af851dc0 2666 27.09.01 -game alk15 Alkado The Alkado Adventure 1e95a7093b38d8edcdb18311ad2d1396 6309 05.09.98 -game Alkado spider Jeff Popplewell The Alpha Project 16fd8658453c33c2413251f506053eb6 669 21.10.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Darin McNeil ALSC Deathtrap 211268e022ebcdc314ecefe870ab89f1 351 11.10.96 id1/maps/ Travis Pease Altus Mors 33ace3af1753a810369fbc7db811131e 195 04.12.96 id1/maps/ Esrael Amphitheater Of Abaddon 2dc05ab301a4631e294b1d6e8f487781 3462 27.07.18 The Subterrestrial Hangar and as such again features three distinct route choices. The map source is included.

    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Magicman Anaconda 165d33b1dcb9d77c9c8d8d92c8b145dd 762 02.04.97 anaconda/ -game anaconda start Ankh Ananke 17 78a3fa6e87e6af435ed36bb81487bf7d 1005 26.04.06 id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert & Murderous Martin An Old, Old Evil 0e66ad2f8945f008dfe22b4dd2cd6859 9036 10.10.06
    Barely an alpha version, slightly fixed up by aguirRe in 2006 - only listed here for archival purposes. The maps are unfinished and barely playable, either because they are bugged, lack monsters/gameplay, or are excessively hard. Furthermore, the cheat codes are disabled.

    A few of the maps/areas eventually appeared in other projects by Tronyn, namely Soul of Evil and The Masque of Red Death. See anevil_readme.txt for more information.]]>
    -game anevil prison lagtown1 station2 ep2m2 coven1 cavern1
    Rob Marton Anonca base: The shamblin c7e4a9844f1c95461405c44c5874b73a 492 06.02.97 id1/maps/ Rob Marton Anonca base 3 5e2da1e819ffdf71abe54b1ad0c32e42 647 20.08.97 id1/maps/ Paul Cook ANOXIA 4ac74c8882bbaae943bb75949de6098e 174 31.08.96 id1/maps/ John "metlslime" Fitzgibbons Antediluvian e4658729fe957a19509b2ef79f4ceb22 1608 02.09.05 id1/maps/ Impel Development Team Abyss Of Pandemonium - The Final Mission v2.0 e50a94a4b62cf05e20d171fad1da2d2a 16909 16.08.08 -game aopfm_v2 start Impel Productions Abyss of Pandemonium 3839d7d18a9a74239a696a3a1fbcc23a 13538 10.05.98 Very nice, despite a few mostly minor bugs.

    Note: aop2m2 on hard skill can only be played in a high-limit engine.]]>
    -game impel start
    Rutger Baks Around the World! e86adf9a324aec9bdc6aae68bb0c66a7 415 23.09.06 id1/maps/ Andrew 'than' Palmer Dead Best Friend 2f4da9aa97d3ea6649aa52eda998a42a 463 09.05.07 id1/maps/ MERLIN Make-shift Apocalypse Shelter 4cb9b11a1ba76646006e30c9888bd10d 274 07.01.00 id1/maps/ Andrew 'than' Palmer The Final Threat e793045375313d075ef31beee884a77a 1527 30.08.00
    Note: Some engine ports render the elevator at the beginning in the wrong position (not a critical bug). A hotfix is available for ports that support .ent files.]]>
    apsp1/ -game apsp1
    Andrew 'than' Palmer Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (But They Do Carry Shotguns) 6ee2a4503eb25bd9d32749ddae2e5cf1 3107 14.01.09
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    Andrew 'than' Palmer Subterranean Library 12bb52e65a951dfda84d970ec8bca391 4606 30.10.12
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    -quoth -game apsp3
    Roger Staines The Ancient Aqueduct be3f01681077d23f9027b8e19d0d5ab8 1041 22.07.97 id1/maps/ Jago Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage 1bebc9596ff66a18c34c2eb88e6f0fc3 2574 05.01.05 -game araivo Matt Sefton Arcane a4b9e977fb3627fdb9baa4965ace8a7c 781 14.09.97 id1/maps/ Tronyn, PulSaR, PM Arcanum 5751e9bb2cb07b3560c344ea026f3dfe 18975 06.05.11
    Note: These maps require Drake and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    drake/ -heapsize 64000 -game something_wicked arcstart arcanum1 arcanum2 arcanum3 arcanum4 arcanum5
    Tronyn & PM Arcanum Demo f88ca95cdecfdb643789378e61b099bb 18795 31.10.09 arcdemo/ -game arcdemo arcanum1 Tronyn Arcanum Bonus Maps af84988330bf84a3cd32712b5eb375a1 24925 06.11.12 Arcanum. The first one is a small mediaval/fantasy cathedral - a remake of Heretic's E1M6, complete with original textures and music. The second one is a medium-sized arcane industrial complex with a similar vibe as Towers of Wrath from Dissolution of Eternity.]]> arcextra/ -game arcextra arcextra1 arcextra2 Isaac Barry (aka Clorox) Arcol 219494f69113781e89babbc53d1eea29 965 08.10.97 id1/maps/ Murat Deligonul Area 51 ea0d969981dd036911c6f6fbf49ec833 747 02.12.96 id1/maps/ Anders Gustavsson Area 51 33edb26fa234b0014f2da1cfe9129012 1624 06.12.97 id1/maps/ level_1 Bad Ash Arenaq 2bc88d07f3a95a7f2b00ad65e2ab2ea9 293 09.01.97 id1/maps/ arena3 HeadThump Ariadat e9a6e7d9ad3258b8c267035ef3b9f755 1266 26.05.04 id1/maps/ Matthias Worch Armageddon 2 95033e00b5de2f1d0d07e36682677abd 457 20.10.96 id1/maps/ Scott McNutt Armour of God dacc52c8e2cb24e19aa9f2ef7a8e2ab0 835 20.07.97 id1/maps/ PM & Tronyn A Roman Wilderness Of Pain 706b341a49549cc4311f90fc1eff7cee 32159 25.12.09 arwop/ -game arwop start Stuart Maine Assassin 93315892b56c41fab3229c2ce496465f 1043 14.08.97 id1/maps/ The Harb!ngeR of Fish Assault b26528b49e99c6ba0e0753f0614ef545 4696 06.07.03 -game assault start Dennis Katsonis Astrus Base a8133ee84fb3bbe89bdfbcf983152e30 723 28.11.97 id1/maps/ Phil Daniels Trinity Asylum 73c9371a045c2d77ed6bbe8d34604a99 3257 25.10.97 asylum/ -game asylum Charles Daniel The Asylum ea3b74fa8bfad7f9ceec253c9e6de5e3 951 01.07.98 trash]]> id1/maps/ asylum ATF Team After The Fall c20f52eeb5b819c023c542ff954b0962 17695 10.12.97 The new textures, enemies and sounds are very strange. This is only for hardcore people or those who want to try something radically different.]]> atf/ -game atf start Bruce W. Krueger Atlantis 7b1cfcc65341979b16d71ddffca7e0ae 810 24.04.98 atlantis/ -game atlantis Jeff Aranyi Atrocity 3e5871ff700f27d977ac76afc58281ea 794 15.08.97 id1/maps/ Auhsan Firestarter f85dd4b9b0b8b11e465740c7cb1d1e73 467 01.05.98 Badpak mod.]]> bad/maps/ David Kelvin More Furious Madness from the Massed Gadgets of Auximenies 395fa41fc5fcb6eaa7f0f0997bc50a57 1311 03.05.97 -game gadgets Ben Watson Avatar 3fbc40fbb551765b67e09e7fdd11e168 562 18.12.97 id1/maps/ Andrew "Starfire21" White Caelestis Tumultus a3303ca96fce924ec6e8455d9f3de1ef 1854 22.07.04 id1/maps/ Eric Stevens (Axeme) axeme7 18d5a993adbc1b3a2a915c70cdf8cf4a 292 13.10.96 id1/maps/ Greg Watters Inferno, The Plains of Purgatory ab5cf40ee106432323ed96aae83d6373 1107 14.01.02 id1/maps/ Noel Weer Azurette 73a27ac9ca0cf33604c7174b68460c94 537 02.08.97 id1/maps/ Marc Fontaine Tower of Babel c6f7dbc8fd0432ece4949671ca3bc9ba 505 27.10.96 babel/ -game babel LTH Forwards Compatible ab48d5e85f3a0581bebb7a29f301788d 3374 19.01.08 back2forwards/ -game back2forwards sock Backsteingotik 80cc9a8f21947423ca14e39884c0af01 5523 06.07.13
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    backstein/ -game backstein backstein
    Derrick Dela Cruz My BADASS Level 1fbce41574b04ade032c5350369caa66 1030 07.06.97 badass/ -game badass start Chris Spain BadLand1 : Break-In 2ba405b8afa98ffe7df45d70f1fa9664 673 09.06.97 id1/maps/ Chris Spain BadLand2 : Countdown c7cc119f8844e9220aa325e6d9244671 627 10.06.97 id1/maps/ Chris Spain BadLands : Mission HQ 24316039209aba2f35e7e0a8d8df491c 150 09.06.97 id1/maps/ Ironhammer Badpak 9ee332614735ee20e65133e3daba7620 3643 09.07.00 -game bad ih1m1 ih1m2 ih1m3 ih1m4 Bario Pigro c9f43c6b62c2ccc56c58eedf034764f4 600 07.02.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Bario Bario3 (e287a5bf9d193b8bc178e5ce02a7d3b6 4140 30.12.97 bario3/ -game bario3 bario1 Daniel Mikkelsen Base-ic Instinct a676f12e47dedb93d55171071a46d8f6 574 16.02.97 id1/maps/ Andrzej Mackiewicz BASE-N a65f8a7b4c9d554f563a4b6ca38a3209 515 14.09.97 id1/maps/ Peter Bisseker (tiddles) Base-X2 72b191d5be7f27cead6429be249c6cba 318 26.02.00 id1/maps/ Biff Debris Fort Ratsack fc2cdda76587aff53eed1e701f15ddb9 1717 17.03.08 Quoth. Sweet looks and nice gameplay.]]> quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth Doug Magee Basetunnels Vertigo e8e52b930a5ce801fa1934bbc2e1adc2 515 12.05.97 id1/maps basetunnel Ace Missle Bunker Bravo 7 & The Bastardry e03876d0d478a612ed345d9702bdc934 905 24.01.97 id1/maps/ bast mbb7 Jason Ng Battle at Home 9f489998584a2cd38a7d899aa7668e1c 127 25.11.96 id1/maps/ Matthias Worch Beyond Belief 1bbd79309a4004c23d4018171a6099ec 7148 15.05.97
    Note: There is a glitch in the sixth map that prevents the player from escaping a spike trap in modern engine ports. Here is a hotfix.]]>
    bbelief/ -game bbelief bbstart
    Matthias Worch A Past and Future Secret 9d552f71329179362aa8b2fb88bf0682 2113 04.08.13 Beyond Belief. The map source is included.]]> id1/maps -game bbelief Matthias Worch & negke Beyond Belief (in one map) 9b137f306afaed543e364f00cb1e9b21 5888 14.01.15 Beyond Belief merged into a single level (excluding the start map).

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits and BSP2 support.]]>
    Darren Stabler Basic Castle 43b3c33bdd4a9d66c6378b6ae4892d12 505 20.07.96 id1/maps/ The Partisan B.C. Dwellings 11b139e33362551ad0b0484e09f459ae 453 09.05.97 id1/maps/ bc Kid The Beaches Of Hell 3150a74864ea63283beab445d97e5e6a 220 28.07.97 id1/maps/ beach Cristian Martinez The Bellesh Base c2ddf6ce04d4ff2bead5692721f7d5bd 502 16.02.07 id1/maps/ bellesh ebellesh F14m3z Bilious Outpost 0edf0d31eab62149fd184451545796c8 479 29.04.17 id1/maps/ BiliousOutpost Albert van Zyl Binding Tower 8eda55daefc92a31e39872a7ed1cf314 8894 10.06.19
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.]]>
    id1/ bindingtower
    Cullen Wheeler The Biogenetic Forge 403e9483c3068f588ea201128ee7456f 727 22.01.98
    Note: This map has to be played with Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic
    Moz, Speedy, Tron, voodoochopstiks Impromptu Speedmaps 79563b2c9ddad306602d52dcb07c8b2f 1606 07.06.05 Four impromptu Speedmaps put together using the common theme of a texture wad thrown together by Speedy.
    Nothing exciting but entertaining for some minutes if you like Speedmaps.]]>
    id1/maps/ BLAH1_tron blah1_moz blah1_speed blah1_voodoochopstiks
    Drakkon (C.D. Roberts) Bloodstone d105278382f55c24b7e8ae9b17dba00c 457 06.02.97 Decon.]]> id1/maps/ bldston Tony Boyer Blister 7fd50ccff62034b2d2fad300cf90e12c 366 24.05.97 id1/maps/ Tony Boyer Blister2 5ba898003d32f13ca7b49cfbad1d3c29 717 24.05.97 id1/maps/ Jim Hendrickson Bridges & Towers 654bed362088329a2cecb56d06ce536d 811 26.08.97 id1/maps/ Jim Hendrickson The Hallowed Halls d04b594c69df46337d328659901c38a5 492 11.09.97 bnt. OK.]]> id1/maps/ spy Tower Of Dal Gurak f029d5a2f8436a328237267d95d329fd 10033 02.05.08 bod/ -game bod Dennis Katsonis The Borax Factor 1d1485af9d0fce7848cd109710ad3f36 771 07.02.98 id1/maps/ Dennis Katsonis Borax 3 eadc847743b2f353be8ad84883823eca 1061 31.12.98 id1/maps/ GreenHornet aka., Steven Anderson The Borg 599278334002431205d1a664fa6cdd29 1757 29.05.97 Listen to the author: "Resistence is NOT futile!"]]> borg/ -game borg Tekno Tom The Boss 45a16465a437097338c55bfa9e459ea6 288 29.01.97
    Note: this map is designed to be used with Dave Weiden's mod (included), which modifies Chthon's behaviour and, among other things, makes him killable with regular weapons.

    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]>
    -game chthon boss
    Zakalwe (Judson Eiloart) Breakout db8bc5a4a603ee2d5d156cb4568ffe0b 645 26.11.97 id1/maps/ breakout Jason Booth Bridges to the Highlands 775ea6463301922aab3e87ca9fc77b33 1042 05.11.96 id1/maps/ brstart George Grotans Bridges 032b9c11132df58a5a887e2bdd4e6312 318 05.12.99 Note: This file was originally called
    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]>
    id1/maps/ bridges
    QBrt brt01q1 f5e6d6e46605a3d616ae5d11030f5a34 106 22.01.02 id1/maps/ QBrt brt04q1 3119b0c2cd92f53fddeb0809141ef830 180 22.01.02 id1/maps/ QBrt brt06q1 ce41870995bf56314bfb60abcf9b51c3 399 22.01.02 id1/maps/ QBrt brt07q1 64c77730a93a7b8a2e9f582550303d3a 360 22.01.02 id1/maps/ QBrt brt08hip d2c1ab5b39d5acb83040ffb39535edd7 591 22.01.02 brt08q1 but with -hipnotic monsters.]]> hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic QBrt brt08q1 924fe56d6c6731e51ced0d28c8617122 591 22.01.02 id1/maps/ Rob Albin Bridge to Fire 5b34f6f9d5d0ed29c9a2c06e2c40f2a8 604 03.02.97 id1/maps/ Bubbah Bubbah's Slate 67dce4fee9b6e6c19874741ada841dff 267 15.10.96 id1/maps/ The Bubbah Bubbah's Lair 56d7300c42cf214ff809380a4c7bb158 315 03.10.96 id1/maps/ bub1 Repus Building 366fe33258ff56c9635d4204431e05fe 2053 13.05.02 id1/maps/ MadFox Burgt 6a058d223531d1f48ebf2ea812ef4a89 1066 11.11.05 id1/maps/ Sid My Own Prison 91ef122b4a7693398be3e265c7a45284 909 27.01.02 id1/maps/ Jean-Pierre Raumer Burrow a8db37bb6d77242e47b3886cad7d00e3 396 01.09.97 id1/maps/ Chris Williams Butcher Base 01e4e6606b64a2b02ebd66298cb638be 647 10.01.97 id1/maps/ Perro Seco City 2000 f5a04f7d938eef9be22dc322d7169e37 1503 25.11.10 id1/maps/ c2000a c2000b c2000c Psycho The Castle Amber 649c12d2599fd8a25511680fdb13e757 747 24.02.97 id1/maps/ Ozzy Farinas Canyon's Abode 5bcf6c0bc5de67a4d4054baca9c5d8b0 879 13.12.97 id1/maps/ Mick Brown The Canal dbfbe64058acc6ce7a066cc9693682d5 626 02.11.97 id1/maps/ Michael Cullum The FloodGate 4593648d6479d15212cb0838d633344f 618 05.11.97 id1/maps/ Hrimfaxi Cappuccino: The refill 542d45a20bc440ea994b59bdf1b574a6 1325 13.12.04 (second version). Very nice.]]> id1/maps/ Benjamin "The Harb!ngeR of Fish" Martyn Skinner The Cargo Hulk for STORM d8dfcd5441cf4c363a5e5043d72631dd 436 07.08.99 id1/maps/ Andrew Smith Carnage 96d6e795bd373787eca6bbf86b1ced0a 564 09.10.97 id1/maps/ Michael Casaday Hell in a Can 835619f34239b3435da14123670c6cd1 1992 23.06.98
    Note: Make sure the autoexec.cfg is loaded as it contains necessary key aliases (press F1 in game for a description of their functions).]]>
    casspq1/ -game casspq1 start
    Steve Rescoe Castled! 16c1c664c479de9ff7feaac9c8b44751 590 06.03.97 id1/maps/ castled! JCorvinus Castle of Depravity c882ac58bd1af23a42a3c9bcea1bb003 678 17.07.14 id1/maps/ unknown no title 471e52094a02a9b94b2e7245c2b34951 604 10.05.04 id1/maps/ Mike Melzer The Catacombs 6d37a3ba75704910d5f66fcd40fd2e5d 550 17.10.96 id1/maps/ RickyT23 Catatonic Fits of Despair 61d17df77337ec7ac6f713f74a50996b 2629 17.08.12
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits (fog support recommended).]]>
    MadFox In the Cave a033b04b200f92b96d3ef71fedf94b70 1273 28.08.04 id1/maps/ cave351 JerkOff (Mike Daugherty) Cavern of Sin 64055853e9198419ce796c9b818667ab 363 20.01.97 original was crashing.]]> id1/maps/ cavosin JPL Castle of The Dark Ages 55d4c0c0215d2202c4bcc2ea2ae032b6 3341 22.10.05 Be sure to play it on a reasonably fast computer and in an engine supporting fog.]]> cda/ -game cda Sonya Roberts Court Despair 3a8823fe70b39cb357f4a64172219b57 698 11.09.97 id1/maps/ Sonya Roberts Destroy Base 4c0c76b0a3643621f7ec7edc7e518615 712 19.09.97 id1/maps/ The Void (tim) Cell Escape 73eb1508e51e7704f64f147a1fba184b 235 01.01.02 id1/maps/ Chris "Apollo" Houston Higher-Synth 703cb02a608e53d7770d064c628f24f4 763 06.08.01 id1/maps/ Tyler McNamee Cha Gheill f6d32e59ba82d4c68647d815544d8c89 882 04.05.97 id1/maps/ cgstart ChAiNeR Dead Cell 22aa75c443fd46475b33234857f31250 260 29.05.03 id1/maps/ ChAiNeR Twisted Fate 69c5f3bf8d6037bab7423deb262def0d 411 10.06.03 id1/maps/ John "metlslime" Fitzgibbons The Crawling Chaos a2c1b2ee4baf06a54261d6bdd3cbc621 622 19.02.98 Metal map with lots of slime.]]> id1/maps/ necros Are you yet Living? dd4397112e89264e3c6ae2c387a9c071 1768 24.09.08 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth Kell, necros, Eric, Ionous, Vondur, Zwiffle Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters 0775cb60686fb1a10ced5ede494731d1 15473 29.05.05 -hipnotic -game chapters chapter_vondur chapter_zwei start chapter_esw chapter_ionous chapter_kell chapter_finale chapter_secret David Ottvall Chess 44761883eae4f4328a2f0e7cc834e7d2 129 11.06.97 id1/maps/ cheshire Shrine of Skank 6f4385b301697fb089b37b51d419d16e 455 21.01.99 id1/maps/ Quake Map Designer Hospital Center Quake Map Designer 5c91fa4a1c5337d10194f47d06147557 595 19.12.99 id1/maps/ Anders Gustafsson Church 3ebeb5c16fde825f719e02671596ffd6 423 22.11.96
    Note: This map does not have an exit.]]>
    Russell "Krusty" Hayward Citadel 77cb304f3a81fd72a8c2e7ac39ab55f1 781 01.12.97 id1/maps/ Michael Reed Citadel Of Doom aef7085420c1a7e8ce533e8b8808db33 729 10.04.98 id1/maps/ George Grotans City 847291e85c46b10e751ad5b225a44591 185 05.12.99 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Pete Jones Secret Civilization ae7b8f29b8e9f5aa94bd96499d4d8d77 688 25.09.97 id1/maps/ Chris Houston, 'Simulacrum' The Katagean Redoubt 544b423003c73bfc7e4f20256bf1fceb 1464 04.03.08 id1/maps/ Glenn Ancheta The Climb dadd557e913d6c87755d0b80e701ee62 155 16.10.96 id1/maps/ John Watson (Shoggoth) The Cloning Facility 8bbcd2a12f65401e6c48757731e16e09 1310 10.10.97 hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic Seth Williams Close Quarters 4c164cef90c625cd05b96d2f16dba58a 88 24.07.96 id1/maps/ JPL Cheyenne Mountain Complex cf22718ddd7027f4a1924ca293de72f7 1970 20.11.04 id1/maps/ negke Lower Forecourt 6db4bfb4dd167dd6408a4fb9a0ad13f9 2872 06.11.09
    The progs.dat is for Darkplaces users only. Consult the readme in any case, you will regret it otherwise.

    This map features two different game modes.

    Skill 0/1: exploration mode (finding keys, pushing buttons, solving puzzles)
    Skill 2: DMSP-like mode (deathmatch against monsters with respawning items)]]>
    Tim Elek Coagula 1f5334e0d19b2d097ee4077107f68f6f 309 28.05.00 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Tim Elek Coagula2: Flesh c4e4686cc29e176cb4ca17c139794509 321 17.02.01 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ coagula2 Tim Elek Coagula3: Bone 0b94ff8f2e5fbed17a9e84f006464227 584 23.07.01 id1/maps/ coagula3 ericw, Golden boy, RickyT23, spy, Trinca, Willem, nonentity Coagula Mappack #3 7934c200b13214b7b1d7a419859604e9 7806 03.04.09 Six small space maps by ericw, Golden boy, RickyT23, spy, Trinca, Willem, and a start map by nonentity. Some of them come with the map source and optional skyboxes.]]> id1/ coag3_start coag3_ericw coag3_gb coag3_rickyt23 coag3_spy coag3_trinca coag3_willem Dilvish, Fat Controller, necros, Tronyn, Tim Elek The Coagula Contest cbcdcb4e6d806d6682f9a2c36ae4c10f 4487 22.01.02 Coagula' series of maps - a series of structures floating in the void. The contest was run by Tronyn and the judges were Fern, Grindspire, and Xenon. The contest also includes a bit of custom QuakeC code, which was done by Necros.

    There were 5 entries: Tronyn(2), Fat Controller, Dilvish, and Necros. In addition, a start map created by Tronyn is included, as well as the original Coagula series by Tim Elek."]]>
    coagulacontest -game coagulacontest cogstart dilcoa fc_coag ne_empty scream terror
    Chainer, Pushplay, Tyrann, [anon], distrans, necros The Coagula Contest 2 e4ac1fe38e3427a35908f506a8564e2f 5220 13.08.03 Coagula contest (judged by Underworldfan):

    1st: tyrcoag: Outside In - Tyrann
    2nd: pushcoag: The Vertical Mile - Pushplay
    3rd: nesp10: Embers of Cruelty - necros
    4th: jesus: Jesus Wants You - [anon]
    4th: discoag2: Usher Recompiled - distrans
    6th: chain3: Indigo - Chainer]]>
    coagulacontest2/ -game coagulacontest2 start chain3 discoag02 jesus nesp10 pushcoag tyrcoag
    Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Coven of Ebony 7bb7a3cde74deffbb8735e733f8a276e 3780 16.12.00
    Note: A patch is available here: coe_p.]]>
    coe/ -game coe coestart
    Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank Coven of Ebony PATCH a45cef2ad1de8d5e56b041a3aa64a372 404 08.01.01 Coven of Ebony Patch - includes some tweaks to the COE code and a better-looking Necromancer model.]]> coe/ -game coe Speedy Cogs Of Conflict 7a4fcd48e6a0353791032b3125764609 635 25.04.08 id1/maps/ Mark Turner Colony d9a1628e1823132b3926130ec03b496e 501 29.09.98 id1/maps/ Mark Turner The Culling Station 100b6b8cc5400f12d8558d33cca07414 632 10.10.97 id1/maps/ epiplon The Colosseum 4150beae152ece4760bec6b9b188ba9f 4174 19.11.18 coloseum/ -game coloseum Ankh Coma 40fa542c0f301a84ea27aa272cee90d7 1210 30.12.04 id1/maps/ Ace Quake Combat School 57e77794d985fddf7ea11833467af597 817 01.03.97 id1/maps/ qcs Rick Troppman The Comm Center 1e0c6092a8f015cabbd88f4bdf35dcd9 1023 17.09.97 id1/maps/ Fred Hite,Jr (DEVIANT) COMPUGIB 49295889f11843bdb9b75a0ca6347e32 516 21.07.97 id1/maps/ Conrad Johnson Con1 ccea9da4ac2c8e25388bdb43698b9d7f 221 03.05.97 id1/maps/ Kell Contract Revoked bec2484604d56d005c476e3460d981a7 7073 15.06.02 contract/ -game contract start Serge Jaeken The Contract d688e8dafe5440c8b421ed3bd3606852 5064 08.07.17
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    / -game contract intro contract
    Anthony Hillman Level by Tony Hillman 112ac69672fcf01aa5593af79bdf5e6d 406 26.03.97 Can only be played in a limit-removing engine.]]> id1/maps/ Tom Cleghorn aka Murgatroyd Trouble Down T'Pit 8227151268c09a51cf6835ce2872262b 829 16.08.97 id1/maps/ Ed Cope Cope's first a83080db95bbabeacaddffd5f0cc2a0f 281 02.10.96 id1/maps/ Lunaran Copper Quake 794d2697c95acd98b9aeec1b103e1775 3064 21.06.19
    • Weapons fire is not blocked by monsters in death animations
    • Ring of Shadows makes enemies less accurate in combat
    • Vore missiles have a less-than-perfect turn rate
    • Ogres are 'partially' Z-aware
    • Zombie edge cases are fixed
    • Armor protection is proportional to current quantity
    • Nightmare skill is 50 max HP instead of turret-monsters
    The mod is accompanied by a seperate custom episode: Underdark Overbright]]>
    / -game copper
    Miko The Core 201d149adb5ebee0fb72f13016ae04d6 255 12.01.98 id1/maps/ Gyro Gearloose Corporal Punishment II 790ce5a7e321762cc80c6654b31277f7 613 29.08.97 trash]]> -game corp2 Gyro Gearloose Corporal Punishment 6d46b5e5c7a45a440e60835421802887 1095 06.04.97 corporal/ -game corporal gstart Dogstar AKA Dan Thibadeau Habeas Corpus 93cbca087d93db77c41ae592c80e239f 1301 24.11.97 id1/maps/ James Garrett City Of The Undead 101c1fcee01a6ee9226bc01ac90eb79e 451 09.03.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ R.P.G. And All That Could Have Been eb907b888bf0a1a508e19213572b7a71 964 02.09.03 id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Coven 141519304a0bf885cdca91235f0dcf65 2386 13.10.06
    Note: This map requires Soul of Evil and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    soe/maps/ -game soe
    Ruin Cradle to the Grave fa7d5abb2a0150c633425e7d5a70e442 6057 30.08.15 -game cradle cradle Jim Lowell Critters 0e12fefd303213097c97d20c668640d0 492 17.11.96 id1/maps/ Glenn Ancheta CrossRoad 7dd1cbd4daa62bcec413a1aba9cdb3f4 179 23.09.96 id1/maps/ Ben Fichter The Cross ccd40a446be24e71d1bfa47520c60b6d 246 28.02.99 id1/maps/ Peter Bisseker (tiddles) Crossfire 3943aaf80b6ecd769f58d7fab1d068f5 121 01.05.98 id1/maps/ cross Gyro Gearloose The Crucible 494907786b29ed568796f575035b5a37 447 02.10.96 id1/maps/ Simon Brown Crusade 5 d35863d6487582731ed603f5e40c5460 361 02.03.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Dan Koppel Daredevil's Descent & Cryogenic Crypt da70fefcf54d738b03ac6c1d9517674a 1498 15.05.97
    Note: These maps require Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic cryo1
    Richard Carlson The Black Crypt a726ef8023686ec689994f5577b1d1c6 316 27.01.97 id1/maps/ Dan Edwards Crypt ff9eac572acdcc4bef149bb7a1526cc2 226 11.03.97 id1/maps/ crypt Viper The Cult 8f4a530d42fc31f28bea1009132fe3b8 239 24.09.96 id1/maps/ Tim Elek The Occursed b223ee1ed50a4728bb912c8d39ec304c 2021 18.10.99 id1/maps/ curse_st Naitelveni Curse of the Golden Skull Key f25a2f43b5af133b890957a3d74abf87 3672 19.03.17
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.
    [repacked for Quaddicted]]]>
    id1/maps/ goldenskull
    Cyberelic (Ben Johns) Cyberelic 3912eec5a308e51f05efb03aecb60ccf 1470 14.02.99 id1/maps/ cr1 crdm1 czg Tower of obscurity aa89159b001107c35e4f8a4112646785 110 22.12.99 id1/maps/ czg Research facility 9bbf22774d2717676099518b4d1290ac 1039 21.06.99 id1/maps/ czg Memento Mori b9d9aef167dfc236cdf26ba6971b758b 1201 17.12.99 id1/maps/ czg Sky Palace 01 9099fc373b415954fdab25dbf5c3a358 755 11.09.99 id1/maps/ czg Ceremonial Circles 8a6cdfae69db5c845ede6ae0cc24f390 811 05.08.01 id1/maps/ czg Numb Nimbus c2dd40dc0ce766ed3cc44f3283d86571 780 18.10.99 id1/maps/ czg Insomnia e51292d7797183d983e9eb35e1a9dedd 6629 25.05.00 czg07/ -game czg07 czg Rabbit in my deadlights aff89202b2d4e7f5e3c8c219102480ff 259 19.03.01 id1/maps/ czg CZG's moonshot 20d9a91bfa2be7201e7dc3ea9459c017 513 30.03.01 id1/maps/ czg Biotoxin 9f3b9f69df51fde67998ca6955cf0ef1 549 03.04.01 id1/maps/ John "DaMaul" McCann Suicide Nation 128aec8b69048dcfceffa180f677ae6c 907 10.02.99 id1/maps/ John "DaMaul" McCann Bestial Devastation 3904a0064381a2d4643d8cd48f55e1df 921 18.06.99 id1/maps/ -game zer Unknown Dark Hell 64aaf5c600fe8a1c9cff10b93d2a8b41 397 14.10.96 OKish, but nothing special.]]> id1/maps/ Ray Dark 0.4 beta deathmatch maps for Quake 352a4865efc57667de55f603361e3cc9 976 02.12.96 id1/maps/ darkbase darkhall Juha Koiste Dark Ages a0e2c17ba783abc93ebe275477feaaa8 268 31.12.98 id1/maps/ Stuart Maine Dark City 33068c660c7cabdd69718a22921138a7 437 25.08.02 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Reichert Dark Forest c82003f297eb33203fd56f4cc63eb80c 1152 13.01.97 id1/maps/ Tim Elek The Darkness Within 443ec48d2a6896667875c83e87a9e7dd 636 24.03.99
    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash folder.]]>
    id1/maps/ q1
    Neil Manke darknite 30656b4e4cc5468431d71f0355bac74e 474 18.01.97 id1/maps/ Daz Death's Cold Touch aa0c10755929e2d237afb73dd104185b 588 11.05.00 id1/maps/ DaZ Arabian Nights 11911db04902444c0ed878bc53415c87 1192 25.06.00 id1/maps/ DaZ Ground Zero b15f78c99fbc0e2143c1de5f9aff3884 1222 25.11.00 id1/maps/ Annihilator Double Back a0f4ba13ed2e605902a347256cd02026 556 26.08.97 id1/maps/ Lethargy Software Death's Dominion 6ffa563502ae0cc43478ed28c3eeb424 8808 14.07.98
    Note: This map pack requires Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    dd/ -game dd start
    mukor Disengage the Simulator b5c4a5ffea85514613b25b1fdbb8eae1 14472 14.03.18
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions 1.70 and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/ -game ad
    Marc Roussel The Wrong Way c1edec0e93b3139e1609dae8ed07a078 740 07.12.96 id1/maps/ Drakkon (C.D. Roberts) Bloodstone d2caab247b762f67a1f88815f8ca369d 442 07.12.96 Bldstone.]]> id1/maps/ Jim Ahara Devil's Decree d8b0456d44440c356e6ddbd602ca3895 555 10.11.96 id1/maps/ Redfield The Deepness Below 78f78ba1485012b69aabfc8436af43e1 10336 01.10.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    / -game deepness start deepness
    Flavio 'GinKo' Quadros Dimension of the Diminished cce0bad4a6461b15c20f0566a0f72aad 818 30.11.06 id1/maps/ RickyT23 Deja - Vu ! 51d5b80bd19ffef15beed5e401a681e0 8206 27.09.07
    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]>
    quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth dvstart
    Peter Bisseker (tiddles) The Demons Lair f63486a5675455a9e1b1191bfded6023 406 02.09.99 id1/maps/ demons Mike Wilberforce (Hellscrag) (The Final) Descent e2b479b944d6dd97f6c459cae4cdaddc 8859 23.03.00 descent/ -game descent start Jim Lowell House of Desolution f6dd095aabef00a57738716d2dd778e6 373 05.08.96 id1/maps/ S. Mennier Desolate Outpost 546c9196661f994c90cda6b1deaefd6a 551 29.11.97 id1/maps/ Steve Rescoe Liquid Despair 490765bb15a24c06cdac6fbc7c0c68cd 457 29.11.96 id1/maps/ Juha Koiste Death Church 613de757740ab5ad2b847cb3210ed66a 535 19.02.97 id1/maps/ setskill Rick Troppman The Death Trap b50fa8c48af8274c7a49b73efdc6b911 1144 28.04.97 id1/maps/ David Nickerson Dave\'s Graves c8d4a7162af19c08c37149b264f132f6 544 21.10.96 id1/maps/ Iain Bruce The Dig a931a53e96386e5826c96bca8885096b 2504 28.07.00 dig/ -game dig dig Digs Digs01 17d3ba3d093bfe8f9a5a4d005bfc8a95 5217 22.05.06 digs01/ -game digs01 start d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 d7 ds Digs Digs02 - Virtual World 8052e778f362a3b16490661a7220833f 202 18.06.06 id1/maps/ Digs Digs03 4013c84040264663c0e0cbbb86c2d2ac 1594 21.03.07 id1/maps/ Digs The Parallel Worlds bb1346447afb30915cff1ec082796b91 3302 18.06.08
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    Digs The Anomaly 9a4d488c750878856b0f1d662419f5bb 1505 04.01.11 id1/maps/ Digs The Anomaly 2: Water 43a1b5fe8b57bac4b13afdd938a7f347 2903 01.07.11 digs05.

    Note: This level requires an engine port with increased limits, and r_wateralpha to be set to 0.3]]>
    id1/maps/ -heapsize 64000 +max_edicts 2048 +r_wateralpha 0.3
    Digs RJ Zone 8d0c89da5799a78634496ec2dc3771cf 3480 18.02.14
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.
    An updated version is available here.]]>
    Digs RJ Zone (Version 2) 97ed941a4589804b8e46babc47e39aa4 3932 27.02.14
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits. This is an updated version with bugfixes/tweaks.]]>
    id1/maps/ digs07
    Digs The Isolation 55d8f38b2deb3923880654a8dfb92d98 3410 24.03.16
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits. Support for colored lighting recommended.]]>
    digs The Zombie's House 3257b1781896c2a3f35cc173534e9fd9 5858 27.10.18
    Note: This map requires Quoth 2.2 and a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -quoth
    digs Untitled a5e58e2030890bd7b6de247d839822d4 373 01.01.00 id1/maps digs digs_4hour 54b60d1688ccbf66c77f60a4e00b5c83 281 15.04.16
    A four hour speedmap made in response to a discussion on the nature of speedmapping in the sm177_pack release thread.
    id1/maps/ digs_4hour.bsp
    J.F.Gustafsson Dirt! 0f48f8258a63c0bcdf5392100e450101 458 01.07.97 J.F Gustafsson's first map. While it is a mixture of good and bad, the classic 1997 vibe makes it fun to play. Quite small.]]> id1/maps distrans Ruined Nation 57169eedd6692060406057ca026b83ae 8910 19.05.08
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth -hipnotic -game quoth
    Creed Discordia 27e70a5e845cc83c0e9cdfd89f006094 454 18.08.97 id1/maps/ Creed Discordia II 5bb3a5e989453dd393bd5063bd12be13 426 20.04.98 id1/maps/ Chris Williams Base of disgrace ecfe2646495f521bb7a313c667a145e9 412 13.03.97 id1/maps/ reslario Disjointed Realms 5bc3b508e01b4edc1f91d61159445663 12735 29.07.18
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits.
    [This map does not work with the Quake Injector]]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad disjointedrealms/disjointedrealms
    Mikko Sandt MSQ1: Distractions 407f4e0d57a00823991d58d6ddfb05ba 1312 22.09.07 id1/maps/ distract marty The Disturbed 879bb8302b8c21eff1e0bddbb1d47eff 423 22.03.97 id1/maps/ Tobias Person aka Tobey Fortress of the Dark Knight 46a41de2da12d1cf37ab4b36e27c2735 609 12.09.97 / -game dknight dknight Blitz, Headthump, Hrimfaxi, Jago, Zwiffle 1000 Brush/Winter map pack 7dfed7d1d76d76959c0b24bfaa305839 4682 19.12.04 As a result there are five about medium-sized maps by Blitz, Jago, Headthump, Hrimfaxi and Zwiffle, as well as a simple start map. Map sources are included.]]> / -game dkt1000 start 1000zwei blitz1000 frostbite ht_Norway zooloo Basil de Vries DMxSP - The Deathmatch Experience 0c6726bf89d5c2bc01dbcfde29132113 1864 13.11.03 id1/maps/ dm1sp TexGamer Warmup 1a0bd53c352f9ee1d747d94f3a005d53 457 10.11.96 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Alex Andreu (Deathmonger) Installation of Disavowed 456e67bf1c8c580cfebb00f2c2de505c 490 26.10.98 Badpak mod. Unfortunately, it is unfinished.]]> bad/maps/ -game bad Alex Andreu (Deathmonger) Stronghold of Battereds 2f3a5f011bcc3fc8182193d76fc17d04 563 12.01.99 id1/maps/ Andrew 'than' Palmer The Occupied Base 66b3aa7a450b1b0ed4f10c2295b9b4c4 2386 19.07.06 id1/maps/ negke Bad Dark Cistern e62d70021de8cd6f160471a19d409912 2228 05.02.12 id1/maps/ Artistical, Bloodshot, Breezeep, Danzadan, digs, DraQu & Promeus, Giftmacher, ionous, Mariteaux, mukor, Naitelveni, NewHouse, onetruepurple, prengle, QueenJazz, rj, scar3crow, Shadesmaster, skacky, TheMusic, wedge_one, ww DM4 Jam c5f55aef396c6f02720825e0c8abdb00 65885 22.03.18
    The pack features 22 maps (including a start hub) recreating or reinterpreting the theme and style of the original DM4- The Bad Place. Three short demos and the map sources are included.

    Note: Several of these maps require a source port with increased limits and/or BSP2 support.

    There is an addon to this pack featuring updated versions of some of the maps and three new ones.]]>
    dm4jam/ -game dm4jam start dm4jam_artistical dm4jam_artistical2 dm4jam_bloodshot dm4jam_breezeep dm4jam_danzadan dm4jam_digs dm4jam_draqu_promeus dm4jam_giftmacher dm4jam_ionous dm4jam_mariteaux dm4jam_mukor dm4jam_nait dm4jam_otp dm4jam_prengle dm4jam_queenjazz dm4jam_rj dm4jam_scar3crow dm4jam_shades dm4jam_skacky dm4jam_themusic dm4jam_wedge_one dm4jam_ww
    adib, Breezeep, Giftmacher, JCR, mariteaux, negke, prengle, scar3crow DM4 Jam DLC Update 6441fabab2bbe5f67fbc1b2a73839b9f 27225 17.10.18 DM4 Jam with improved versions of several maps and three previously unreleased levels. The start map has been updated with additional exits. Some custom skyboxes and the map sources are included.

    Note: Some of these maps require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    dm4jam/ -game dm4jam dm4jam_artistical dm4jam_artistical2 dm4jam_bloodshot dm4jam_breezeep dm4jam_danzadan dm4jam_digs dm4jam_draqu_promeus dm4jam_giftmacher dm4jam_ionous dm4jam_mariteaux dm4jam_mukor dm4jam_nait dm4jam_otp dm4jam_prengle dm4jam_queenjazz dm4jam_rj dm4jam_scar3crow dm4jam_shades dm4jam_skacky dm4jam_themusic dm4jam_wedge_one dm4jam_ww start dm4dlc_adib dm4dlc_jcr dm4dlc_negke
    Andrew 'than' Palmer Round The U-Bend e7053b9cbe9717f380553650817fccaa 2225 10.12.12 DMxRMX series. The map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ than The Dark Portal 77daf5c6d2b044fbd7e9c1e2704264fd 3157 08.10.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Andrew 'than' Palmer Geophobia 55abb249bc483f2c131fe7598b39ccf6 1756 07.05.12 id1/maps/ David Minor The Crypt 838b51bf10110166cb3db085dc1a03b1 927 07.12.97 id1/maps/ intro Dennis ;} Coolrip ]Q[ MtS DM Arena1 (The Blood Bath) 9debd41257dee7315460a59214263b9e 209 09.02.97 id1/maps/ Connor Fitzgerald feat. Preacher, American McGee, ZTN, Ghandi, Pingu, Yataze, John Romero Deathmatch Classics Vol. 1 d038c4e4ccccc9d75369a5d85077f75b 2127 18.12.03
    dmc1m1 : basewalk (basewalk) by Preacher
    dmc1m2 : Acrophobia (dm7) by (maybe) American McGee
    dmc1m3 : Bloodrun (ztndm3) by ZTN
    dmc1m4 : DeutschMaschine (cmt3) by Gandhi
    dmc1m5 : Domination (p3a) by Pingu
    dmc1m6 : #endif (endif) by Yataze
    dmc1m7 : Lost Entrance to the Dismal Oubliette (e2m10) by John Romero
    id1/maps/ dmc1m1 dmc1m2 dmc1m3 dmc1m4 dmc1m5 dmc1m6 dmc1m7
    Connor Fitzgerald feat. Biff Debris, inertia, Evan Wagner, Kell Deathmatch Classics Vol. 2 7f412ba7d2958ade8d9f7c679ccd9830 2418 12.05.11
    dmc2m1 : Deadalus Revisited (imp1dm6) by Biff Debris
    dmc2m2 : Slipstream (slip) by Inertia
    dmc2m3 : Black Rain (evdm1) by Evan Wagner
    dmc2m4 : The Killing Jar (kdmj) by Kell
    dmc2m5 : Void Runner (kdmv) by Kell
    id1/maps dmc2m1 dmc2m2 dmc2m3 dmc2m4 dmc2m5
    negke feat. Lunaran, spirit, ShadoW, Vondur, Tyrann, R.P.G. Deathmatch Classics Vol. 3 9a620fdc0f688e3d8898f96b659bbbf9 6124 21.06.11
    dmc3 : Deathmatch Classics Vol.3 by negke
    dmc3m1 : Orange Whip (lundm1) by Lunaran
    dmc3m2 : Zeal & Fury (spirit1dm3) by spirit
    dmc3m3 : Deep Scars (q1shw2) by ShadoW
    dmc3m4 : Aghast (aghast) by Vondur
    dmc3m5 : Devastation (q1shw1) by ShadoW
    dmc3m6 : Dark Ritual (ritual) by Tyrann
    dmc3m7 : /me Votes Vondur For World Domination (rpgdm1) by R.P.G.
    dmc3m8 : Base Of Two Deaths (negdm1) by negke

    Note: Two of the maps are incompatible with QW servers. A hotfix is available here.]]>
    id1/maps/ dmc3 dmc3m1 dmc3m2 dmc3m3 dmc3m4 dmc3m5 dmc3m6 dmc3m7 dmc3m8
    Unknown Dark, Blue, Scary b1939789bdc895b9a310025a104b4ad0 291 19.03.98 id1/maps/ ray (tigger-up-late) dock 5 4d7705aa0018567fe9d02fcfeb414202 630 17.09.97 id1/maps/ Sam Caldwell (ssaammwwe) The Doghouse 709424fae62cb548b7358ad93226bb66 421 20.04.98 id1/maps/ Fern (aka Fr3n) 10,000 Feet Below 08b03d1828d116c5d1a8644fd6ad6ec6 3627 23.11.12
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/ -quoth -game quoth
    Doom-pope The Realm of Apocrypha ce73447912f98d2c97294d116cd37a9d 939 20.02.19 / -game tra tra Peter Lomax Doom2 Map01 - Entryway 227ada598a003f2914a22acd1c3ccde0 362 16.11.97 id1/maps/ Swen Klemund The Focus (Doom2 Map04) 934a7ad3e08e447fe50ab4845e8e08d9 232 17.03.97 id1/maps/ 04 Swen Klemund Dead Simple (Doom2-Map07) 9e664d15991138a6ae47f487d5e69ebc 142 20.04.97 id1/maps/ 07 Swen Klemund Tricks and Traps (Doom2-Map08) 4da9f2fbf0b44388c47919d1beac5e3c 564 19.04.97 id1/maps/ 08 unknown Military Base 02cc2d423214edd5c28fb2812f663793 459 15.06.16 id1/maps/ Jacob Fike Doom Castle 3138c0f7f4311adc8ef5e72cc84592a0 603 22.02.97 id1/maps/ Ben Glover Return to Phobos 799db4ba2b119ea11bdc093065ae7044 869 19.12.97
    Note: This map requires Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    Erik Robson I Wore My Doormat Face 7b4f6afbf8563d458fd7d5e50962052a 465 19.11.97 id1/maps/ J.F.Gustafsson Episode 5: Dimension of the Past 5192d715d4dee5b8c1ece57219a0976b 6915 24.06.16 dopa/ -game dopa start e5m1 e5m2 e5m3 e5m4 e5m5 e5m6 e5m7 e5m8 e5end e5dm Thehuge Dawn of the Dead 85ed4e9fe77d8f688b8c86de8b532d61 729 04.12.99 id1/maps/ Death Method Lair Of The Dragon Ogre 112920df8e41a2aa40afcbd3ec7b67ad 1211 21.04.08 id1/maps/ Steve Rescoe Drakopf 7fec28129de52bcbb116a69335845f8e 797 25.10.96 id1/maps/ Chris "Drannerz" Dransfield Death waits cc53100082b7b1b20df17c2f0ec15b8e 560 13.05.00 id1/maps/ Mark Wheeler Drastic Falls fc00f43b2cde2326c3805a37727e992e 1678 17.01.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> -game drastic Mark Wheeler Drastic Lodge ecdeb90547ddeb32ff44400616be8dff 4602 09.03.97 drastic/ -game drastic Mark Wheeler Drastic Lodge 3333ab228057cd67bad5127cda9e3f16 510 09.03.97 id1/maps/ SavageX The Dreaded Dreadbase of Dread c53ae5d3b015c30519c607d2e182f0f7 1969 07.04.18 / -game dreadbase dreadbase_fix1 Albert van Zyl Dreary Disposition 943a4585809a12cf159258697307476d 2067 29.01.19
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/maps/ drearydisposition_albert
    Marc Roussel Enter the bloodfest DRUNK aae6aedecdc9fa7cfc1f934d9cf41ea0 959 16.11.96 id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Dry Sorrow d935dc002de3332bdb1ad3125c3494ed 2876 29.01.11
    Note: This map requires the Drake mod.]]>
    drake/ -game drake
    Stan C. The Downward Spiral 0b908525c1a9ca5ead173ddec390fb02 629 27.12.96 id1/maps/ Nathan "De4thst4bber" Mills Khanros Storage Facilty c260cbfc2bb51a2d9626340043eac5f3 529 02.07.03 id1/maps/ Sid Dimension of the Dim 01b01cda93ff6a337ab1968ad619d134 769 28.11.07 id1/maps/ Doug Wheeler aka Bullseye8841 The Bizarre Bazaar 7fbaae7423559776744c39249829c18c 1114 24.12.17 A marketplace-themed SP map of moderate size.]]> id1/maps/ James T. Hill The Dwelling fa87bb8a8d261ecc5b42f684ef8d88e9 442 12.05.98 id1/maps/ DeeDoubleU Monster Training Facility 8658077d032b31849f949e43eeac290b 666 18.12.15 "Did you ever wondered what's it like to be a monster in quake? No? Well, I did. Small simple map which parodies Portal and The Stanley Parable. Save often!"]]> id1/maps/ DeeDoubleU Root of all Evil: Infernal Science (Part 1) b6ac4670af5444969d5a3efba6bf8699 5437 20.02.16 here.

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    DeeDoubleU Root of all Evil: Infernal Science (Part 2) 93e652c57856f9d8273fd0cff3c8861f 3777 10.03.16 Root of all Evil. A large underground research facility.

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    DeeDoubleU Secret a1190519646eb57af4e8407fdbf086fd 546 14.11.15 id1/maps/ secret Zied Rieke Dextromethorphan d05535cf77b18d295718e3e8f8857ffc 746 20.06.97 id1/maps/ dxm Zied Rieke Dextromethrophan 611baadfa07de47209f4a6e5e31b72bf 938 21.09.97 dxm2. Looks and plays very similarly.]]> id1/maps/ AxeMan & Dust Pak 5 8c90c8386ad610658348da47d90bcd2c 6933 01.08.98 e-5/ -game e-5 start1 Lardarse (czg, Vondur) Bloody Slipgates d986a452c5cf41eddea3e70b365b7818 2036 12.09.08 E1M1rmx with a twist: a certain amount of red keys scattered throughout the map have to be collected in order to proceed, making the gameplay largely non-linear.]]> e1m1red/ -game e1m1red czg & Vondur The Slipgate Duplex 5e1aa6b8c0030b11f250b256cf3d85a3 1922 26.04.04 id1/maps/ Speedy (czg & Vondur) The Slipgate Duplex HARDCORE 3e233af90cd274af7fb4a94b927ae09e 1685 29.04.04 e1m1rmx with additional monsters, route and gameplay changes. The difficulty is intensified by several items dropping out. :P
    Map source is included.]]>
    Ankh Back To Gloom Keep e940685a88502fafec324add5df012cf 982 28.04.09 quoth/maps/ -quoth Kell Gloomier Keep bbbe3a5bff70543328aee24108f3bff7 1987 16.06.12
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    Ubiquitous Of Three Plantagenets 628db7c17018e5a53c9416d2112923dd 18655 08.08.19
    Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.
    An updated version is available here.]]>
    / -game e1ubi start e1m1ubi e1m2ubi e1m3ubi
    John Romero Lost Entrance of the Dismal Oubliette 2b50134d2b57b966de76d9646685c762 284 23.06.01 "This was the original starting point of the Dismal Oubliette, e2m6. It was cut for size reasons since it made the .BSP file go way over our self-imposed 1.4mb limit." - "Winding, dripping cave entrance"
    Map source is included.]]>
    John Romero Lost Entrance of the Dismal Oubliette [transparent water] 9b58a29855c0d9f56df2d191979e2583 286 01.09.01 e2m10, the "original starting point of the Dismal Oubliette, e2m6."
    Map source is included.]]>
    id1/maps/ e2m10
    rj The Lizard's Trance 41436f72a64d492041447ca5ea4d384b 5008 01.07.08 e2m5rmx/ -game e2m5rmx Andy "Liger" Patrizio Earthworld a98fcc1e79b65eb688bf87a9eafd754d 489 17.02.97 id1/maps/ Geoff Barry Earthbound 6fcbc9ad56324fb056c9f2e766527f23 632 07.04.97 id1/maps/ Martel DuVigneaud Ebony 8e2a6de351189063713d039b87efb10c 447 15.02.99 id1/maps/ J.F.Gustafsson Empedokles Domain 3343361947abccc0a661ba13c36da606 721 08.09.97 id1/maps/ Vondur Elements b8f1061b84c306d6356d29960c0ea0f7 2344 04.11.10 id1/maps/ efdat The Place of Dismay d49184ef449fffe50b8d7868764d6be8 962 20.04.03 id1/maps/ Scott "Gemein" Perry Egany 903398a3c977145fc4cd4fa819222d27 1069 07.07.01 id1/maps Qmaster Egyptogula 7af55c8bcb6f3a47d4d1d7090c2206ad 9755 29.01.19 Keep mod and includes a patch for it as well as the qc source.

    Note: This map requires the Keep mod and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    / -game egyptogula/keep egyptogula
    David Jewsbury Electric Sheep cead8bb2b09f91dae7383bb092ec4e7d 1265 07.11.96 id1/maps/ Ludovic Texier EldenCross 1c6cb36cd3b2861eca617767e77769c6 362 03.10.96 id1/maps/ Erik Robson Electric Company 21aaff454f306110f624553ed190b003 1719 19.11.97 electric/ -game electric ELEK Episode 3 The Tides of War 6d8cffc8554b45fa995db9caa675e701 7745 05.02.01 Nehahra. Starts in a base, then goes into a dark moody mountain theme.

    [This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip here]]]>
    -nehahra -game nehahra neh3st neh3m1 neh3m2 neh3m3 neh3m4
    Andrew Smith The Elektra Complex d3ea7040890d45e3322bdccf1bd9a1eb 545 22.07.97 id1/maps/ Al Conrad Elementals 8c44cccbc16ba0f615c857104a62ecc0 774 16.07.97 id1/maps/ Roger Staines Elsinore ab38729311d3b5659452a71045d41303 969 16.10.97 id1/maps/ Rob Marton (nn6) El temple del sol c44cca5ca29d3121b9d63a921a06bbe2 1010 07.11.97 eltemple/ -game eltemple temple Dave Kelvin The Wherehouse 8f0ce38093e56e07adb847601baec7d6 342 22.01.97 id1/maps/ SnAzBaZ Emolt Quanta d8c28343bb1a716e664cfd06dfc536d8 318 24.12.97 id1/maps/ Jim Strider Empire c20268eeff000d02b9909996a92a7fe4 405 20.12.96 id1/maps/ dumptruck_ds The End of Solace 2299d2730ec789b50f6dd97a50e015ec 3285 09.10.17
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/maps/ +r_wateralpha 0.65
    marty End of time d5c888524866ade04a9e4762917b9139 843 22.07.97 id1/maps/ Andrew Smith The Epoch Turning 4af48516c9e9f257f935bf980b507a0f 748 27.02.97 id1/maps/ Matt Joiner Erkle's Domain 38eb2c780fa591736a8279f5b7b59d35 175 21.08.96 id1/maps/ erkle9 marty Horror Erotique bb6be14e15e0ab14ce6420ed4faf72f3 584 11.02.97 id1/maps/ The Harb!ngeR of Fish Escape 5cbf0ddf0dbe32899abfded842a4b0d1 2135 17.10.99 escape/ -game escape harbstar Gonzoj Escape d7f949379510f194f33b8ade82bda7ab 588 24.01.97 id1/maps/ escape ET Et's Level Of HELL c376a487a1a8e45c52d4e51eac004768 155 25.10.96 id1/maps/ Anders Gustavsson The Evil Town c352e3f394880a0974869d971677ad1f 448 01.11.97 id1/maps/ E.T. [Etienne Rheaume] E.T.'s World ac7fa61220a40b83b715c9070d23ac60 580 22.10.96 id1/maps/ hall JPL Event Horizon 96f9c3e163df3389e1168da60bbf67ee 4012 31.03.06 event/ -game event Vidar Ermesjo (aka Saboteur/Nagel) Evil Army 148f8123716fed2dba9551da50163c23 255 26.03.97 id1/maps/ Steve Rescoe EvilDead cabin 76ce9c675aec7e5b4e41e5ed550dc49b 489 20.10.97 id1/maps/ Willem (Warren Marshall) Evil Exhumed 0cced4af4ca3fa4f2976a687f3dc8b65 1555 21.09.08 trash]]> id1/maps/ Glenn Ancheta The EvilPool 09d665735368d5bd8c04735c44024e33 159 01.09.96 id1/maps/ Matt Sefton EvilWorld 1 6015fb4cee4cf9995e7b7a19514b5644 525 17.11.96 id1/maps/ Evan Wagner A Subtle Dagger 73f1bcbe7b8940a64a414259fc379e5e 943 19.12.03 id1/maps/ eXeler0 Area32x ff3063111b172c30405aa2942b02562d 5360 03.03.19
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    PuLSaR, sock Explore Jam 1 c023b6683089a851b1777523cd632d15 5512 01.03.16
    The map sources are included.

    Note: These maps require an engine with skybox support.]]>
    explorejam1/ -heapsize 64000 -game explorejam1 explorejam1_pulsar.bsp explorejam1_sock.bsp
    Bloughsburgh, Naitelveni, NewHouse, PuLSaR, topher Explore Jam 2 74a743b4c5e95febc6dd590fd0030c4f 24481 09.01.17
    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    explorejam2 -game explorejam2 explorejam2_bloughsburgh explorejam2_naitelveni explorejam2_newhouse explorejam2_pulsar explorejam2_topher
    Taskmaster Eye Socket 373b896266229899470f1a4d1c721707 526 17.04.97 id1/maps/ Lukasxd Full of Boxes 34140a7870a9e295209430857a9e1fbc 437 22.11.14 id1/maps/ F_Box james4040 Factory 969 754b55530b76791d51f0b43fcb8246f3 898 17.03.98 id1/maps/ sock Fallen from Grace (the castle) faace038ff5b545a5587c34b574e5731 4488 29.11.14
    An expanded version of Sock's map from Retro Jam 1, featuring bug fixes, a skill selection section, additional areas and gameplay, and more secrets than the original version of the map.]]>
    /fallen1c -game fallen1c fallen
    Richard Dale Carlson Fane of the Diabolist 3a2982d6c4cd45a370508abf24583787 508 19.04.97 id1/maps/ Team Phoenix Fantasy Quake - Rise of the Phoenix 654e9e0e57782dedcd1be81c8ef11bdf 24223 21.12.97
    "A totally total total conversion - pure fantasy style. A lot of maps with a great sense of exploration and discovery. This TC has new everything, and most of it is very good, though occasionally the new stuff can look a bit shoddy. There are some very cool details, and everything has a sense of fitting in well with the TC as a whole. Gameplay and maps are very different from Quake (which can take some getting used to), and usually very good - this is a most worthwhile TC."
    - TEAMShambler

    -game fq fqrotpst
    Tiddles Fatal Error 7fb5217f82fd031865a682723ac73c88 479 19.04.01 id1/maps/ Massimo Ciano The Fatal Place e1219b01e813f88e851c198e21176c7e 716 18.11.97 id1/maps/ super Fatal Steps 51ad186d93ce9b35c0eedacd02d58ebf 224 14.01.18 id1/maps/ Trinca Freaky base f98decff39c00dcce021d767d56c1e56 3426 15.05.08 id1/maps/ Jason Fischer aka ThreeD Fast Break 958c72667cd0d40e0f86a1f40cbf2988 434 18.10.97 id1/maps/ Darren Stabler The Forsaken Citadel 4cc3b709c4609b3f32512106e7cb7cad 654 10.08.96 id1/maps/ Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank Ontranto 9f05e17180c2d23cb1326aa7b610eed3 7270 22.06.04 fc1/ -game fc1 G.Pietz (Laernu) Fearless Dissension, Chapter I 0acb5bc3b0e0e6c6ed289b4b4cef9d0d 1007 30.07.97 id1/maps/ Iceman From Dark to Dune 83d285ae7709c8942c575b9c71d43ca2 369 17.03.97 fdtd/ -game fdtd Jay Vanover Fear No Fall 41af2a12e549fa78e0313452b5abd4e2 405 05.01.98 id1/maps/ czg Februus Depth d2315553e85445db9e356bb373f71b02 1370 25.01.04 id1/maps/ FifthElephant Q-Deck bf5663f349eb992b91330b980525cf78 1680 28.05.13 DMQDeck. The map source is included.

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    nadzia (narnar) Finally ffff073b1e1b87f7543a252b6170ef16 1707 18.11.15 id1/maps/ Andy "Liger" Patrizio Fireworld 23c1042ce5923668177f62f306a5ffe0 576 17.02.97 id1/maps/ baby111485 First 76d6c7a1227cfb8f3d6bf5d759521ef7 108 07.12.97 id1/maps/ Jaeon The Fish Factory f5cd551a043aefaab19904421c4de877 1988 24.01.19 id1/maps/ Unknown Untitled 47c053a5eae4d2743f70968f31a2faf5 397 05.07.97 id1/maps/ Justin Fleck Azure Influx c83c6f2ee3f38e25cc576319fde05a10 516 12.03.04 id1/maps/ Flee Jay Vanover a194d3ceb165f730b3a67c05ce88a21c 2889 03.01.98 -game flee flee0 Shaun [Kona] Ross Carved in Flesh f418b4f87f4b6a56ac73d7b22e6e8c82 8081 01.07.03 "Three unique new levels as you make your way across nightlit terrain and enter an epic gothic castle. A very fresh theme created with Fakk2 and Quake3 textures.
    A partial conversion with ten new custom monsters and three powerful new weapons all of high quality. Alongside this beastiary almost all Quake monsters have been modified, either with a new skin, improved AI or a new arsenal."
    Truely awesome brushwork, modifications and gameplay.]]>
    -game flesh
    Florian Gleixner Flo's 1st Map c5fe5c2e95fa1dabe1cc8eb80aa94f3f 350 23.08.97 id1/maps/ Stephen "The Viper" Peterson FLSMAP: Combat Education 5688252d5281a0d69e231e33367fcb44 1733 20.06.98 id1/maps/ flsmap Phil Hammond Flyer faade12c34196d4691313d24df2e4b64 160 18.11.96 id1/maps/ Mike Woodham For My Babies 3af58160f1b9b6f849ce293c0b438e0a 471 05.08.97 id1/maps/ fmb Mike Woodham & Tronyn A Roaming Wildebeest In Spain f714faf2ce1760fe8eb9473e321be6a5 2473 14.10.04 "Based on Tronyn's scrapped Roman Wilderness of Pain maps, this level represents another sort of Metagyptian environment. It abounds with typical Quake monster fights and should give an experienced Quaker about 25 minutes of good quality fraggin'."
    A large open Egyptian temple framed by mountains. Nice.]]>
    -game fmb100
    Mike Woodham For My Babies Two ba38aa024ce981c750706167752de4f6 565 27.11.97
    From the readme: I have taken two existing deathmatch levels, joined them, used prefabs from various sources and 'created' a 'new' level. All I really did was place some monsters, so if it doesn't work, blame me not them.]]>
    Mike Woodham For My Babies 3 b45702ddbb665704568ce693013f21a9 955 15.04.98 id1/maps/ fmb3_st Mike Woodham For My Babies 4 05ab0c5224c92061465aa726037577e3 755 05.10.98 id1/maps/ Sloppy Jaloppy & Mike Woodham For My Babies 5 89fee267926540be73f138699b14ecaa 1132 18.05.99 id1/maps/ Mike Woodham For My Babies 6 1a79ee0a257b34078b3ef8c7d9f27936 1513 22.11.99 id1/maps/ Mike Woodham Fmb7 - Ambush Keen Pilgrims a0c31c2339c60141d6cf19f45376ff8c 592 05.05.02 Pingu's beautiful deathmatch maps A2 and Daydream converted into a singleplayer adventure.]]> id1/maps/ Mike Woodham & Tronyn For My Babies 8 cb502e2bea0a3443ca16412c5ed70ed2 1218 02.12.00 "Based on Tronyn's Runezig map, this level represent a sort of Metagyptian environment."
    Medium to large Egyptian temple.]]>
    Mike Woodham This Onion 29cb9959dcbec7dc3d67fcdd8721a5b6 10056 05.03.07 -game FMB_bdg fmb_bgd1 Mike Woodham For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2 44a5eb59df64454bfabe53010ac006fe 26965 22.03.13 This Onion.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    -game fmb_bdg2 start_____ middle_____ end_________
    Franz Obermeier Obi's Quake World 0457a76f9e47258928b339706174c017 740 28.04.98 id1/maps/ J.F.Gustafsson From out of nowhere ac20e7dac215263a811aed4f131ed74d 471 09.08.97 id1/maps/ JPL Fort Driant e0a4a9ba27480f069ff14f0beddacf1e 16348 06.03.09

    You should use a decent engine like Fitzquake.]]>
    quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    JPL Fort Driant ede8ffa309bcf03595b232b110deef5a 5505 06.03.09 fort_driant. Install this if the original map runs too slow for you.]]> quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth fort_driant-fullvis Madfox FourFeather f587cedcf912901a43bd9c1090ab5115 16367 06.03.16
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits and skybox support.]]>
    fourfeather0/ -game fourfeather0 fourfeather.bsp
    Martin Fuchsr Foxyzoo 870d51d8d808b0cab9a46d12aed1e4a7 738 14.01.97 foxyzoo/ -game foxyzoo Fern (aka Fr3n) Necromanicide 3c28358837a6de939e1183692e397db2 734 27.02.06 id1/maps/ Fern (aka Fr3n) The Grand Guignol c1d31328feccc0650b4c9e0def39185b 848 29.09.07 id1/maps/ Juha Koiste The Forbidden Base 42722c04e747c91a7ae908626cc60478 395 07.02.97 id1/maps/ base Robert Carter Fear Castle v.2 cc959b12a7231050d73e2603d605f57e 363 30.10.96 frcastle - a very small Wizard castle for DM/SP.]]> id1/maps/ Robert Carter Fear Castle 0c9ced3fd2f3b82051bc1809d0a48072 321 24.10.96 id1/maps/ Pete Burrows From Hell 4b940c9faa82be3ad546299fe01336e1 1189 01.10.97 fromhell/ -game fromhell George Grotans Fun! Happy Birthday !! a65f8a4720f141fea0a82ee3719e8857 49 05.12.99 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ ArrrCee, digs, DOOMer, ericw, FifthElephant, ionous/mfx, mechtech, onetruepurple, RickyT23, Scampie, skacky, sock Func Map Jam 1 - Honey Theme 37d6a597cb70a817ca9c0f9efe591499 22609 06.07.14 Honey-themed maps of varying sizes. It comes with a couple of modified models. The map sources are included.

    Note: Some of the maps require an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    func_mapjam1/ -game func_mapjam1 jam1_arrrcee jam1_digs jam1_doomer jam1_ericw jam1_fifth jam1_ionous jam1_mechtech jam1_otp jam1_rickyt23 jam1_scampie jam1_skacky jam1_sock
    Cocerello, ericw / FifthElephant, Lunaran, mfx, Scampie, skacky, sock, Tronyn Func Map Jam 2 - IKblue/IKwhite Theme 25a043947a16a0a42038e070dfa3508f 44204 01.08.14 ikblue / ikwhite-themed maps. It comes with a couple of modified models and custom skyboxes. The map sources are included.

    Note: Some of the maps require an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    func_mapjam2/ -game func_mapjam2 jam2_cocerello jam2_fifth jam2_lunaran jam2_mfx jam2_scampie jam2_skacky jam2_sock jam2_tronyn
    DaZ, ericw, ionous, mfx, Tronyn, scar3crow Func Map Jam 3 - Zerstörer theme e89ba76f95e70b33e6dcad129e7fb058 33733 31.10.14 Zerstörer-themed maps. The complete Zer mod is included in this release, and so are the map sources.

    Note: Some of these maps require an engine port with increased limits and support for fog.
    A hotfix for mfx's map is available here.]]>
    jam3/ -heapsize 64000 -game jam3 +max_edicts 2048 jam3_daz jam3_ericw jam3_ionous jam3_mfx jam3_tronyn jam3_scar3crow
    FifthElephant, Rapowke Func Map Jam 4 - Low Gravity Runic Theme beb0f78936fed87042c6988283af5eaf 4659 02.02.15 func_mapjam4/ -heapsize 65536 -game func_mapjam4 jam4_fifth jam4_rapowke Arrrcee, FifthElephant, Hypnos, ijed, mfx, Scampie, Skacky, WarrenM Func Map Jam 5 - The Qonquer Map Jam 310097940ce10d5c694c35612ab3a5ae 45523 10.04.15
    The pack features a start map and 8 maps of various themes made for WarrenM's Qonquer mod (included), which lets the player fight waves of monsters in arena-style maps, with the occasional assistance of minions. The theme for this jam was originally "Prisons of the underworld".

    The map sources are included.

    This file was repackaged by Spirit, the qcc/.DS_Store file was removed and the source/zerstörer.wad filename updated. You can find the original zip in the trash/ directory.]]>
    func_mapjam5/ -heapsize 65536 -game func_mapjam5 start
    Bloughsburgh, Breezeep, DelusionalBear, dumptruck_ds, G1ftmacher, Haunter, Ionous, Kell, Mukor, Naitelveni, NewHouse, onetruepurple, Pulsar, ShoTro, skacky Func Map Jam 9 - Contract Revoked / Knave theme 9fbd9b30c9b98d3eb53394c19b866f66 138772 01.08.17 Contract Revoked / Knave-themed levels of varying sizes. It comes with a start map and many custom models, sounds and skyboxes. The map sources are included.

    Note: These maps require Quoth 2.2 and a source port with increased limits & BSP2 support as well as the -quoth command line switch.

    This is an updated version of the pack which contains some bug fixes.]]>
    jam9 -quoth -game jam9 start jam9_breezeep jam9_dbear jam9_dumptruck jam9_giftmacher jam9_haunter jam9_ionous jam9_kell jam9_mjb jam9_mukor jam9_naitelveni jam9_newhouse jam9_otp jam9_pulsar jam9_shotro jam9_skacky
    Artistical, Bloodshot, Fairweather, ionous, KalebClark, JCR, Mafon, Mazu, Naitelveni, NewHouse, Pinchy Skree, Strangework, Ukko, Yoder Func Map Jam X - Insomnia Theme aa42f754c04b16bf579f83aecc58fc9a 112883 07.05.19 Insomnia-themed levels plus a start map. It comes with a couple of custom skyboxes, sounds and music tracks. The map sources are included.

    Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.]]>
    / -game func_mapjamx start jamx_artistical jamx_bloodshot jamx_fairweather jamx_ionous jamx_kalebclark jamx_jcr jamx_mafon jamx_hcm jamx_naitelveni jamx_newhouse jamx_pinchy jamx_strangework jamx_ukko jamx_yoder
    Bal, Breezeep, dumptruck_ds, FifthElephant, ionous, ItEndsWithTens, mukor, Naitelveni, negke, Pritchard, Redfield Xmas Jam 2017 - 1024³ theme c935efbc2b027e032439b8d6b0b40e8f 49735 27.12.17
    Note: These maps require Arcane Dimensions 1.60 or later and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/ -heapsize 128000 -game ad xmasjam_bal xmasjam_breezeep xmasjam_dumptruck xmasjam_5th xmasjam_mukor xmasjam_naitelveni xmasjam_negke xmasjam_pritchard xmasjam_icequeen
    MadFox TinRope 3e4f02ccb96c5ad4aae85d2096cfe901 886 12.11.05 id1/maps/ Phil Hammond FunRun 57ed659ea362ff6b47fcaf2089bb7f52 224 09.11.96 id1/maps/ nolcoz Forgotten Valley 1291e9813f0760dc28eea9676851480a 14912 07.02.19
    Note: These map require Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -game quoth -quoth fv lostv
    DEAD MEAT The Gallery Of The Mind 9e2c162af1e1a042e6e8c6c1fd47951c 735 12.05.97 id1/maps/ Unknown The Garrison 302339f2f72040e6f20969cb44cc323b 351 24.02.98 id1/maps/ GatorMan GatorMan's Diversion 76305688746ffcc80587edf2d8280c02 965 11.03.97 id1/maps/ goldenboy Palace Revolution fbbcdd950294ff90ffdab9bab02dd959 494 29.01.09 Func_Msgboard.]]> id1/maps/ Astaroth (Rob Ellis II) Genetix Facility 87c2f1bfe16e2eb4317b8f9949bc4552 951 31.12.97 id1/maps/ Roger Staines Ghost Town e481ee8d2488f0902fc67d9ead048abd 561 18.08.97 id1/maps/ Matt Joiner Tall PolyEd Level eb10c61ca531931e4d77a59224d7e9a6 292 04.01.97 id1/maps/ Dick Nelson Giblet Central 270cfd552056270e471f25df38473be0 460 09.12.97 id1/maps/ Ed Cope The Gib Factory 9fcf379792c2eaba621c3bcb1e682614 1593 01.02.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> -game gibfact Fred Hite,Jr (DEVIANT) The Gibplex e0f541b32ddb4c4cf19bffa02f5ef929 857 23.02.97 id1/maps/ George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Demise! (watervised) f46732a228f4fc896a2cc7c308e6987d 473 30.11.97 Transparent-water-vised version of 4fiffy1]]> id1/maps/ fiffy George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Fortress! (watervised) 09b2efabcf13cc53337046544311795d 449 30.11.97 Only just OKish.
    Transparent-water-vised version of 4fiffy2]]>
    id1/maps/ fiffy2
    George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Damnation! (watervised) 9658cbdce4552cdcadbb98071ca916d0 530 30.11.97 Only just OKish.
    Transparent-water-vised version of 4fiffy3]]>
    id1/maps/ fiffy3
    George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Antichrist! (watervised) 213ce545e9d4dabd0c95edada70d61be 587 30.11.97 Only just OKish.
    Transparent-water-vised version of 4fiffy4]]>
    id1/maps/ fiffy4
    George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: Base! (watervised) 80ad66c4c30a70102fd72ec422b004bf 613 30.11.97 Bleh.
    Transparent-water-vised version of 4fiffy5]]>
    id1/maps/ fiffy5
    George J. Fiffy II REoL TOUGH: O-Negative! (watervised) 2b9f4efbee2a031344a28fd17f4849da 531 30.11.97 Bleh.
    Transparent-water-vised version of 4fiffy6]]>
    id1/maps/ fiffy6
    Unknown Abandon All Hope 915483ef87b17947e9e76b459306e56a 327 23.10.97 id1/maps/ Sean Reed Loupus' Gloom 512a57f6b797a56a6f4a7aa6ecb27960 790 09.10.97 id1/maps/ aDaya A Once Glorious City 46c7fcda6b70923a9c6dfc255a2e73d4 10842 29.10.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Howard "GlassMan" Shaw Colony 1eafa9c7bc073ef770ad16227b0a142b 3075 26.03.01 gmsp1/ -game gmsp1 Howard "GlassMan" Shaw Day of the Lords 825c155e18daa8f878c5fa18cedc9e91 2265 19.10.03
    (A version compiled for supporting transparent water is available here: gmsp3tw)]]>
    id1/maps/ gmsp3v2
    Howard "GlassMan" Shaw Day of the Lords [transparent water] 0ba8c45b1ef762e766bf0d09c3898f80 2279 01.06.04 gmsp3.]]> id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert The Goblin City 1356fd0ea916d4d0cb7e5437755850d5 794 30.12.01
    The map was later re-used in Soul of Evil.]]>
    goblin/ -game goblin gc
    Jussi Tuononen God's House 6cb1a3d959ff78d6a89ac941e2a3e449 893 20.08.97 id1/maps/ Tim Elek Castle Golgotha 366fc5762737e8a83b6a84a8fd806e92 1556 13.08.99 id1/maps/ gol_st Potsy aka (Jim Hughes) Gods of Rapture bf941e88e33a91655534017a3ad02e69 858 08.09.97 id1/maps/ gor1f O. Marlowe Gordian's Brick fd2f0aa1c8e339faf363902bec8fcc91 775 13.07.97 id1/maps/ Unknown The Hockey Arena a7b5a404884382828b8e663adf7faf35 802 08.01.98 id1/maps/ Gotshun The "lost" levels 481f92f4ed1f9bab6a98cd961d82791c 8173 13.11.16
    Note: These levels require Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    hipnotic\maps\ -hipnotic q1map1
    Qmaster Cubes of Brown e4c13dccd60498894ff05abbf576bc68 394 10.05.13 id1/maps Daya GravelPit 9a27b645463231e9dad9efb06a95ecb5 4357 30.08.14
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with support for colored lighting and skyboxes.

    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -quoth gravelpit
    Mike Ruete / 'Gripp' Rust in Peace 449a8bdb4b84729741be08bfd456e0c6 892 07.05.97
    "Impressive architecture with an unusual use of the metal style, exciting stop/start play." - TEAMShambler]]>
    Andrew Smith The Grim Outpost 8a1584233f6c18f7d6fff3c3b23467c5 2328 09.02.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.
    [rezipped for Quaddicted]]]>
    id1/maps/ grim
    MadFox Grunt Grenadin 8e167c4346d21a08eb02335e168e97ea 2571 28.07.06 id1/maps/ grent368 GunSgtHighway Temple of doom 01aff3638a9ff5376ef4430e6cc6adc3 16323 02.12.18 JPL The Gateway to Hell ab528fdd5b4ff327b690ff8bc7c7a739 8902 10.11.10 Castle of the Dark Ages. Uses DKT and Doom3 textures, and comes with a few additional ambient sounds as well as a hell skybox.

    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth gatetohell
    Andrew Smith The Guardhouse d7df922e98c58e0c11f93534fef02610 479 17.11.96 guard/ -game guard epoch Shaun [Kona] Ross Guncotton e77da6bbfcca5a2e079c1ea137eb2fa6 2838 10.06.03 "Guncotton is an industrial/base styled two map pack (and start map). Architecturally very detailed, the maps are woven in modified Q2 Waste textures (MXoxide) and Than's Industrial set. Both levels are small but pack a punch with modified Grunts and Enforcers among the other Quake monsters. Enforcers have improved firepower, and Grunts now lay out the punishment with a strong arsenal of different weapons and new skins, also used in Nihilore."
    Awesome maps and pretty cool monster modifications!]]>
    -game guncotton start
    Kevin Gwartney (GunnerMan) Undergraves f25b25835ffa0b6b35c6e09df80d3888 1051 03.11.98 id1/maps/ graveset Tom Cleghorn Castell Y Gwynt 30ae01c3e3c4fe010e36b5c1c998a5f3 606 31.01.00 id1/maps/ Brian Ball Halo of Fire (Leap of Faith) 2a862bd15644a9e19bb3b51306375daa 1291 21.11.97 id1/maps/ Brian Morgan (Duley) Harm's Way b030fee6b5456e31b402d8881d6bb1d1 886 20.10.97 id1/maps/ Tiarnan Breffni Haunted Revenge 70731b203e1e52c13b1ba3198a8691bf 504 20.11.97 id1/maps/ GreenHornet aka., Steven Anderson The Haunted Mansion 457bce168291b95245eb7f8559a95f87 775 29.05.97 id1/maps/ Shaun [Kona] Ross Autumn Haunting 204a6312c76c1e84e100bcb03146bffd 6585 28.12.03 Carved In Flesh continues in this sequel. A contrasting dark medieval castle full of unfamiliar foe."
    A medium sized mountain castle/church and a small boss battle arena using DKTe3 textures with around ten new or modified monsters and three new weapons.]]>
    -game haunting
    Malcolm Sailor (aka hayduke) Ephermerality a36f3e5258d69c215159a72ffe78153b 483 31.07.97
    Note: there is no gold key, the intended way over the GK bars is a rocket jump.]]>
    Nicolas "hexcalk" Maeder Peripheral Fundament ea981c5144796489177c32913a38dd15 4499 10.12.16 id1/maps/ Nicolas "hexcalk" Maeder Implo1t Dys3ngage eae513017f4e22507fd346ba58c921ff 772 23.01.17 id1/maps/ Nicolas "hexcalk" Maeder Baneful Politic Comply ac965e213204880e8f4e7bf7b927c174 567 13.01.17 id1/maps/ Nicolas "hexcalk" Maeder SurveylLance ZtateMent 1c7b3e07bd37943790fbc99a4d0da923 1377 25.02.17 id1/maps/ Ankh Hangover Devastation 70275646487c046b04fea0d01590a761 3143 24.03.06 id1/maps/ Roger Staines Hellbase d37465bb467c63dccfea4a8738ecf0c7 558 17.12.96 id1/maps/ PuLSaR The HELLbridge 10349c8e80855f076c38156333e532b2 1023 20.02.03 id1/maps/ hellbrid JPL Hatchepsout: The Hell Temple ff0b82757450874f1acf1bdf0c0510b1 989 13.05.04 id1/maps/ Juha Koiste Hell's Castle 8ad08650deff6c06887ac431ffe90518 711 28.03.97 id1/maps/ castle kukkye Hellhole 04c519780bac13cdf14f5659c0ed6465 1024 10.12.15 id1/maps/ Elvis Hell's Village 4c645881f71c016e072010e567624717 886 10.04.06 id1/maps/ Here hyperevolt 252c28d8431ed7c3a375979e5b9ffad0 608 08.11.03 id1/maps/ Here Bull on Parade 3e2a302a7f83924bf214fc3879d642df 840 10.11.03 clean medieval map. Has some nice visuals and good (but short) gameplay.]]> id1/maps/ Here The Castle of Pain 6576d3a391056f4ec55a58398d87e066 1039 17.07.05 id1/maps/ Here Beyond the Black Sun 7723f92c157820012a86af3f58060bed 1531 27.07.05 id1/maps/ Scragbait Fall Cleaning 0ddaade286f4f8812567f823a20054c8 917 28.10.03 id1/maps/ Levelord Hipside a4882cb587ff579d5aa6130ec600663b 461 20.03.97 id1/maps/ Chris Mayers Hive, part I 668e472fcdf0568528a0855244f15a10 849 18.06.97
    "Unusual base map, varied architecture, quite engrossing, plenty of weaponry." - TEAMShambler]]>
    negke Home sweet home 175ccbbb51b3fbde23892afcbac539ef 546 03.10.97 id1/maps/ czg Honey 5c66609025b7de7d1cbcfac69a92551d 20980 31.03.12 -game honey start saint honey Noel Weer Horripalatia a234efa16f92118d89aa1366de2c2ec9 762 09.09.97
    Note: This map requires Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic
    Richard Neff Halls of Horrors 3f00f76e5bd64767a9d6f608a5c97c81 838 02.07.97 id1/maps/ horrors setskill J.F.Gustafsson F**king hostile 4ae0dd1514b9cc50d3f8019d779fe5c4 521 19.10.97 id1/maps/ Andrew Turner Hotel Kique-Asse 46ce66d769c8c97630d5e4bf41edd339 432 24.08.97 id1/maps/ Scott McNutt House of Traps (Spider) 5e18aac89e9af816254c6ffe49bab420 672 20.11.96 houstrps except this map has Willy the Spider in the last room.]]> housep/ -game housep enterhos Scott McNutt House of Traps 14df0d3ff8c535d87b1838c47532c891 513 22.10.96 id1/maps/ enterhot Scott McNutt Hard Target 2 ad27b4c049050403685dbc8629952ab9 1622 04.12.97 hrdtrgt2/ -game hrdtrgt2 Hrimfaxi Frying obstacles d6272d3e1de8eb6461e910c6e49b5257 3722 11.04.03 hrim_sp1/ -game hrim_sp1 Hrimfaxi The Rest Is Silence 98ea25d12016b69b7d37d927d5491776 3259 18.08.05 Lost Chapters pack.]]> quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth tris Hrimfaxi Breakfast at twilight 718b3991197e8a2771e8d6d3b0c097be 4855 13.09.07 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth breakstart Hrimfaxi For Love of Evil 31673c3d77f047def7a21a1b2ad52e96 5644 01.01.10
  • Voidscape: Very small rocky island floating in space.
  • Brownie: Small medieval fortress with an atrium and tower areas.
  • For The Love Of Evil: Large Metal/runic map with majestic halls and various traps. (On hard difficulty, the map exceeds the max_edicts limit, so it requires a source port with increased limits).
  • ]]>
    -game hrim_sp4 start brownie loveevil void
    Hrimfaxi Hrimspeed 9a5198cc46284f2b920dc7ef67cdfef2 509 16.09.04 id1/maps/ speedbase Hrimfaxi Hrimturt 36a5a32560d3cad4cac6b327e55d820a 3966 07.07.03 hrimturt -game hrimturt let Richard Neff The Hub d155df165365a26f64682eaa0031d394 1044 31.07.97 id1/maps/ hubskill ijed Data Download f22fcd01a8c8d0ab1f4b19800f9b0f67 550 29.06.08
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    Richard Dale Carlson Demon Hunter 9a499b40153edabe90fd390964658eda 432 13.02.97 id1/maps/ Ing-ing, JCR, Newhouse, nyoeieoyn, PinchySkree, Qmaster, xlarve Halloween Jam 2018 85a74d4c2369dd0e188d5bc370f63625 89307 18.11.18
    Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    hwjam/ -game hwjam start hwjam_ing hwjam_jcr hwjam_nyo hwjam_pinchy hwjam_qmaster hwjam_xlarve
    Martin R. Goedtke (Iam) Myworld is Yourworld aa58469b0550b27c3478f289ba979352 771 23.05.97 id1/maps/ Jim Lowell Industrial Combat 1835cc81c099cd00f2b51e60f1207cb4 585 02.04.98 id1/maps/ Timothy R. Jervis The Abandoned Silo 4850d004005ef4ad7f41c3ee7b615dc7 644 25.05.97
    Note: The original zip did not include a txt file. It is available separately in /idgames/levels/g-i/icbm.txt though.]]>
    Alex Moore Ickle b7dabde7258d4ffd56d0e6f19e328a61 251 09.02.98 id1/maps/ Ironhammer Ih1m5 99426288554d3a23dfe51f759e3b7f2e 481 23.07.99 Badpak episode (though not included), hence has to be played with the mod.]]> badpak/maps/ -game badpak Iikka "Fingers" Keränen Before Nightfall 24c194929e199c1979c86478cf614b33 322 27.05.97 id1/maps/ Iikka "Fingers" Keränen Temple of the Thousand-Faced Moon 32a5a25c4bb48405270746349d3e817a 427 19.05.97 id1/maps/ Iikka "Fingers" Keränen Halls of the Shambler God 2b2abb51f95d685011e8fefe8fe87e6f 447 18.05.97 id1/maps/ Iikka "Fingers" Keränen Homecoming f530160e97b7c6238b975e423db1f111 521 24.06.97 id1/maps/ Iikka "Fingers" Keränen The Secret Installation 173771b540a5f3cae77a3e4d9b5cc1a5 857 21.11.97 id1/maps/ Iikka "Fingers" Keränen Welcome to IKSPQ b01051cdcf4cda334a11a3978a93e067 277 24.04.97 id1/maps/ Biff Debris The Corral 587ee64723a17563ba64d18bd07b31f9 572 29.01.01 id1/maps/ Biff Debris House of Spikes 6052f774444372cc4c0bbbc9a99f96b4 812 23.07.01 id1/maps/ Jaromir Bergmann In Ovo 21d692cc85fc8b3dc5968a0ca37d5ad4 2640 16.05.06 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ sg13 Dia Westerteicher Infection 4802334560ad03187a8947e6cef96e6a 1289 18.12.97 infectn/ -game infectn ubiquitous Infernal Ascent 53eb059efee7db59103c8a8ed1d4abf8 1739 20.09.16
    From the readme: Occasionally claustrophobic 90s style map with a mix of themes. The underlying "story" is that you are in some kind of base environment built in such a way that you must climb through three increasingly macabre gauntlets in order to escape.]]>
    id1/maps/ infernal
    David Jewsbury Initial Horror dd390e49cd44af6eba0b62f32c3aacc5 482 13.10.96 id1/maps/ Chris Mayers The Insurrection, part I - The Overlord's Legacy ee16f1e9989d16ece744bad93be4fa5e 930 01.04.97 ins2, ins3 and ins4. Barely average.]]> id1/maps/ gate Chris Mayers The Insurrection, part II - The Grand Opus 57e2f4b1f9bc44808c5f89013fdf2718 737 01.04.97 ins1, ins3 and ins4. Slightly confusing.]]> id1/maps/ opus Chris Mayers The Insurrection, part III - The Sanctuary e4d5fab7b7ac74ca7cccdd2c93f9ab34 868 01.04.97 ins1, ins3 and ins4.]]> id1/maps/ sanct Chris Mayers The Insurrection, part IV - The Resolution d3579794a374a7439dbf107be18a6626 780 25.03.97 ins1, ins2 and ins3. OK.]]> id1/maps/ res Insane Ninja Viper Insaneninjaviper 3dbd26b31d40bc523066383d5ed49816 123 14.10.97 id1/maps/ insane Iain Bruce Invein ce5a6833564448b1ebaff4acdd654675 1789 24.07.01
    This level requires Nehahra.]]>
    nehahra/maps/ -nehahra
    ionous Der Wanderer über dem Säuremeer 296d9ed08257aad03e25f8da60d89ae5 2625 11.02.17
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    ionous Luna in Silver Shards 0f5a2e592488eba35c413d75fbaa82eb 2337 03.05.18
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/ -quoth -game quoth
    sock In The Shadows [Demo v1.0] 55a673210593e05f88bcc93565f275de 13581 10.12.12
    Note: This mod requires Fitzquake 0.85 or Fitzquake Mark V.

    This is version 1.0. The newer version 1.1 is available here.]]>
    shadows/ -game shadows start s1m1 s1m2
    sock In The Shadows [Demo v1.1] 39425cf2b53ea93dd8105b4b88b3df37 16123 30.12.12
    Note: This mod is designed to be played with Fitzquake 0.85 or Fitzquake Mark V.

    This is version 1.1 which has several improvements and additions; version 1.0 can be found here.]]>
    shadows/ -game shadows start s1m1 s1m2
    sock The Ivory Tower 656495fc99aacc660565548ddc452325 5041 28.09.13
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    ivory/ -game ivory ivory
    phlamethrower The Arena 5c6e00009e88bfa9fd4ef0095d76b7d3 119 10.01.99 id1/maps/ phlamethrower The Pain Element 4c829126450449682036810f1f4747e2 369 20.03.99 id1/maps/ tiddles Jackboot Hero 7f97eca1970bf76613b26a5e5423f99a 564 12.09.01 id1/maps/ Psycho Jailbreak 2a9e25e1a8ffefc5ec6668cc48db5d67 650 10.11.96 id1/maps/ Daya Manhattan's Left-Overs f25f448aa5995edb3f9f59913c782b70 7279 07.09.15 Func Map Jam 6, following the theme "Fire and Brimstone": a ruined cityscape with lots of lava and jumping.

    Note: This map requires an engine with support for coloured lighting and fog.]]>
    id1/maps/ jam6_daya
    ionous, NewHouse, Pritchard, Shamblernaut Func Map Jam 8 - Film Noir theme 7c36da32eb2e7c4fef9c4faebc1ca5f9 53691 16.10.16 This pack features four Film Noir / black&white-themed levels as well as a start map and comes bundled with Arcane Dimensions enemies. The map sources are included.

    Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits.
    [rezipped for Quaddicted]]]>
    / -game jam8 jam8_start jam8_ionous jam8_newhouse jam8_pritchard jam8_shamblernaut
    marilyn welcome fuckhead(there is a story.too long) af1325dc8df14f61ed674da47f4b76e0 517 30.09.97 id1/maps/ jamie1 Neil Manke Outpost e4da1dbbd6c0e6b3572405280f71d543 475 16.02.97 id1/maps/ Grey Fox (Jason) Jason's first map pack a448a0066a648e6eb59ce551044be4bc 1235 27.01.02 id1/maps/ jason1 jason2 jason3 Matt Sefton Jawbreak 8027b49013439e8ab7220375972928e3 935 20.07.97 id1/maps/ James Garrett Jim's Dungeon 79bc740c1dbe9aa7c92dc74fea6099f5 188 16.02.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ dungeon John Harley The Chamber of Pain ba7436c6e8e3c1fa3b5696939e9fb8e2 337 02.11.97 id1/maps/ mvroom6 Bario House of jilted boys 5f71c93fccaebc496935788b5e008a9b 1520 16.02.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> bario/ -game bario bario2 Vigil Vigil of the Night 0397c98265f2365f654fa1d0bf4733eb 480 30.08.99 id1/maps/ Vigil Unseen Assailant 8791b0271702e5bb1a91082e1765e3cb 410 19.12.99 id1/maps/ Vigil Strength. Service. Honour. a5aa174c768c2383c3eadce6af94a72b 1104 05.02.01 id1/maps/ Gonzoj Joseph's 1st Attempt ab762f6fa4811b2fac8f870038d8e6fa 148 20.02.97 id1/maps/ Juha Koiste Area 51 8cae887cb1c76f5860d3f7967d9083e9 1092 10.08.97 id1/maps/ area51 Gotshun Jump 42d8ad2109078e58aa69d22fce404917 3459 25.11.16 Honey and Func Map Jam 1. The map source is included.

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.
    A version with colored lighting is available here.]]>
    id1/maps/ petes1
    Rodney Johnstone Junk 80abe490befa2cf44f2cf70971c3eb7e 905 02.11.97 id1/maps/ EraserX The Jurassic Cave 654c1aa78026d24d1dac778a402d0997 785 16.01.98 id1/maps/ Jason Zukowski Wolfenstein/Doom version 1.1 ea31f4165e82cf76cd6f67b438d93181 626 26.12.97 -game jzspq start Jason Zukowski Blue Hell 1a7af50d6f65b11974cc925616c33967 2938 14.05.98 -game jzspq2 start Ludovic Texier Keep it dark! d1372538f19e2b4289aae02fae2a56f1 346 12.08.96 id1/maps/ k_dark1 sock Castle Kaahoo (SM175) b48cc2c574034cabb5abff1f1b69df80 9591 10.06.14 kaahoo/ -game kaahoo +r_wateralpha 0.65 kaahoo Jacek Gordinier Iron Decay cfc67b95f5e61c6e4a4677addd4583db 832 31.12.03 id1/maps/ kabsp2 McRuli (Rodrigo Hernandez) Kaos, el comienzo de una nueva era baebdb4bbcf316f9e0068cceccfbcc32 2753 27.10.97 kaos/ -game kaos start Kell I Pity Thee Not 85d237a20ad4962baaf79223d7ef5918 1197 01.01.08
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    Timothy R. Jervis (Kew) Illhaven Winter & The Bastion of Skull 62c550aee208c88e577eb801b6e760e7 1402 28.10.97 id1/maps/ kewmap1 Yvon Lariviere KeyQuest b0111e768a5164dbaccaf3463b31f2e4 733 19.02.97 id1/maps/ yvon5 Kurt Kesler Kfort1 bf9cb1294bf8832d5d32dbf998f14b77 807 28.10.97 id1/maps/ fort2 Daniel Gómez (Ratón) Kill 'em All (Mátalos a Todos) 0f60361eee2826de56f975c9dec87330 1047 06.05.99 id1/maps/ kill Benjamin S. Clower (The) Killing Complex e56ac85f00d31ad0aebeb18d959ce89e 842 08.11.97 id1/maps/ Matthias Kunze Kill 'em all 5a7bc877c2bd0b34b5c56445dc2cd651 34 13.10.96 id1/maps/ Kinn Bastion of the Underworld ed7776a203e094164b1f20be38f77e5f 6715 20.05.04 Awesome map, definitely a must-have.]]> -game bastion bastion Kinn The Marcher Fortress b4e0ac689d27bf1f9151662ea26eacdc 10144 09.01.05 A most impressive Quake level.]]> -game marcher marcher Killjoy Avanipaala Praasaada (Palace of the Great Warriors) 68a86ec8fe5005661f5b212aa5cf448b 1442 13.10.01 Memorable primarily for its Taj-Mahal-like ambience, but also fun to play.]]> id1/maps/ George Vasiliev Maked GEO special for GAME.EXE 1c22755c954929b03114c27f19c5c106 708 18.11.97 Game.exe.
    Small medieval-style level. A singleplayer demo is included.]]>
    Vondur The Castle of Koohoo d743648c6b245859adde93c0c24af4d9 2226 25.03.01 -game koohoo start KillPixel Cartographer's Nightmare b147c3c48fd0abb6cf63d94da3cf8833 6208 03.07.14
    In the words of the author: "This doesn't play like a Quake map. I never had the intention of making a Quake map, it just happened to be the game that was available. I say that so you don't get your hopes up or go in guns blazing only to find yourself at spawn over and over again. It plays like a less forgiving Doom3. [...] No single section is 100% complete."

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits. DarkPlaces is recommended and texture filtering should be disabled.

    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash.]]>
    -game kpcn2014 kpcn
    Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal Quake: Harvester of Chaos (Demo) 48f361075d371ae66d883fcd4b17a57a 6980 17.01.10
    Contains three medium to large SP maps and a skill selection map, and features some environmental and monster modifications.]]>
    -game kaiser start
    Ace King Solomon's Mines 1f80f62b23188bf1e21f35a89ec860fc 697 10.01.97 id1/maps/ Kell Contract Revoked - Part I (Libris Vertiginis) db1e501fd25c473eb2adfd3796d5e6ad 1298 15.07.01 Contract Revoked series.]]> id1/maps/ The Void (Tim Fairchild) Kathedral 3a62479bdde4f9c92444a1e89ac380fc 483 26.01.02 id1/maps/ J.F.Gustafsson Keys to liberty 9bf1af2f1710e56f264047a30f45d1d0 551 08.07.97 id1/maps/ Chris Kuro 60659235a33ad0941bb98eb5c8d41c74 97 22.12.96 id1/maps/ Randall (blindtypist) Kustok: Newcastle Brick Plant cc90cdb05c4f29b7df5b096983d4fda9 253 25.05.01 id1/maps/ Kayos Entryway III - Quaked 1bde583bf7de5987a860d986d6da3451 495 31.08.96 id1/maps/ Kayos HellSpawn 0b9394a6a6f6f35dd52e2e521a2823f9 739 25.01.97 id1/maps/ Andrew M@N The Labyrinth of Death f7cf8a3839a927d6cf4ac6759cf4a1ae 163 10.05.97 id1/maps/ Lord Asaki Chunky Monkey Stew (April Fools 2002) 1ed8dc58de8c7920dd1f6b1946ca5d98 71 01.04.02 id1/maps/ Lord Asaki April Fools II 36a30d53cf838debcd1e3508d1823475 388 01.04.11 id1/maps/ J.F.Gustafsson The last game f0ec37d3b4c7f0d40c6362b23d66b61c 1282 20.01.98 lastgame/ -game lastgame start Unknown The Lost Base fff206c388df9d40c5bf6c1aa6be5179 382 23.08.96 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Unknown Hello 630f0df3671ef73369686a0ae1da9691 1186 17.03.07 id1/maps/ Unknown Untitled 75902ce735887d026e14106851f9080c 1911 02.07.98 id1/maps/ level0 Kevin Rogers The 5th Level 264ef283fe666a1d94c56e72cda47c3c 1183 19.05.98 level5/ Leafface The Cesspit b19179a35b6291e16a469db737114056 326 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface The nowhere 3ae2840d734989e5e8c5833253b81801 533 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface Sneer of shit c276a9b006793138420876d8386d8db8 714 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface Toxic paradise 665a8681d27978ed57fbc5cf451aed8a 611 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface Warehouse 3864195b0b88ed9052868230b4836049 670 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface Operation Central 3a14cb2026e096109eb59ac6e00333ca 752 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface The Huntdown 717826ea2e4986f9ddc8ee68e5332d09 918 04.01.04 id1/maps/ Leafface Mine entrance 62a9a461272a9b0416f27d7b65c9fc7c 332 02.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface The Purgatory e9792f36a49a006cbeee6768dce72fe0 830 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Leafface LFSP Start 9e0f54058aca1e953844588a8f6ffcfb 195 01.01.00 lfsp1, however the target map filename is wrong.]]> id1/maps/ Erik Robson Lighthouse Assult 3cd37368e3c700a4527be6a1cf44cc37 2608 01.10.97 lighthse/ -game lighthse lighthse _mapfort _maplhse _mapstge Qmaster Return to Limbo - I ac2c18b9067ba25fdc42d9e0e445fd95 1301 16.07.17
    Note: This map requires Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon (hipnotic)]]>
    hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic
    Michele (miccar) Cardinale & Simone (Simon2) Filosto Lost Island: The Island of the death a0477086fce499ae11fca1e45075945e 2049 29.01.98 lisland/ -game lisland start Mark McClure Level Mine 7b4c39d4f8c1b64013589f17b0c7dffd 555 02.07.00 id1/maps/ Derek 'Lombard' Barr The Ancient Fortress dd3fffc697c4015b266768f62655eaab 1045 05.09.96 lmed1/ -game lmed1 start med1 DaveDemon LoCaLH 25abffc45b1453c0f3ea5453b86d3c61 36 06.10.96 id1/maps/ Lombard & Goatlord Lomgoat ba2a243cc8655d402995fc3b769e0e6a 3728 14.02.98 lomgoat/ -game lomgoat start db_tech Richard Neff The Lost Tech Center 718cbd43c63676fbe485f701ec609777 1089 29.11.97 id1/maps/ tecskill ZQ The Lost Tomb 49e4901467d72981c5792cf9d6c8e64f 1115 04.05.19 id1/maps/ Matt Sefton The Lost World 9d91402048847387f54e5b1ac9db6d14 869 28.03.97 id1/maps/ Sean Reed Lair of the Loupe 673ca9cc454c6b6f438f4b2ca386dc05 562 09.10.97 id1/maps/ Lane Powell The Bonehoard aa4e5c1ac5c6be2048a8d61d83d9494b 2820 19.09.16
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -game quoth -quoth lpqsp1
    Lane Powell Threat Assessment 8e6493e23743a658bc762907b61793f5 1456 13.08.17
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions 1.50 and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    ad/maps/ -game ad
    Leith SFAR LS fa11d3af622831af8fe232d9dbe066eb 1519 07.04.99 id1/maps/ The Lieutenant Ad Infinitum 9ea53d0de9ad01a786ae9d1f5a6177e0 788 06.12.00 lthsp1/ -game lthsp1 The Lieutenant Backwards Compatible 31ffe42f13bd659a95c89edb0aefdd22 1892 10.01.01 lthsp1.

    Note: This map has a sequel, lthsp3 ("Cruel Intentions"), which is designed to be played directly after lthsp2.]]>
    lthsp2/ -game lthsp2 lthsp1
    The Lieutenant Cruel Intentions 5ee3832d889f469b8747dd8cbed3207e 1010 16.01.01
    Note: This map has been designed to be played directly after lthsp2 ("Backwards Compatible"), with the player carrying over their weapons from lthsp2.]]>
    lthsp3/ -game lthsp3
    The Lieutenant Dark Days 4a57d21a4aa88f119a5abe445ad4c80e 1618 22.02.01 lthsp3: a large spacious medieval castle with Crossbow Knights, modified Ogres and a few other custom things. Comes with a small start map. Nice.]]> lthsp4/ -game lthsp4 lthstart The Lieutenant Exodus 2796f382d7380f3fa95bc6103a2b119d 593 12.04.01 lthsp5/ -game lthsp5 Brian Hess a.k.a. Wendigo Lunar Base 1b2bba8e7ee42739f84b9d4926283171 360 23.02.97
    Note: This map does not have an exit. A hotfix that adds one is available here.]]>
    Brian Hess a.k.a. Wendigo Lunar Base 2 09feab06766698eaaeb7c18787e79199 408 31.03.97
    Note: This level does not have an exit. A hotfix that adds one is available here.]]>
    Matt "Lunaran" Breit Concentric Devastation 549cac565ea87c2147bb03197efd561c 3253 27.06.05 lunsp1/ -game lunsp1 LZM LZM Nuclear Research Labs bbcdcea866dc23ecd5d694c1638e7a3d 483 17.08.02 id1/maps/ Bryan L. aka Mungo The Cobalt Palace 9fd3abd904d9f19017d69680f0627a3c 422 30.11.97 id1/maps/ Shamus Young MadHouse 61c4fa36cf3ea578cb0f87101ee46fa7 557 14.03.97 id1/maps/ Stephen Parker Maelstrom e2cbc769354f575ae6bac6eb20792f1c 2960 19.07.97
    Note: In the third map, some teleporters may be malfunctioning in newer engines, leaving player/monsters stuck in the ceiling. Use noclip/fullbright temporarily to be able to proceed in these situations.]]>
    -game Maelstrm mtstart p1l1 p1l2 p1l3 p1l4
    ijed A Descent into Maelstrom 2e931fa17d8fe729de3cf15db269f911 2036 31.12.05 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> -nehahra mael Andy House Magnet Interactive Studios c1cc5c0973ea978b6481f557a5db67db 252 17.09.96 This is the main office for Magnet Interactive Studios used as either a deathmatch or single player adventure level.

    I ran vis about 30 hours on the bsp and it never returned, so it may be sluggish with the redraws and all. In this version, however, I did run vis -fast and it actually returned and doesn't display too many problems.

    Ok, that was not that bad in 1996. ;)]]>
    Dia Westerteicher Maniac11 69104058ee06104caf971d00873c95be 894 12.11.97 id1/maps/ Matthias Worch DooM II Map01 a658fdaa80261a36e069f64dab08e2d9 253 09.11.96 id1/maps/ Adib Murad, Breezeep, Daz, EricW & Tronyn, Exhelzar, ionous, Matecha, necros, Rick, Scampie, ShoTro, ItEndsWithTens, WarrenM Func Map Jam 6 - Fire and Brimstone 02849317216a5c5765f63423ebc0ee78 78077 19.08.15 Fire and Brimstone-themed levels of varying sizes as well as a start map. It comes with a couple of skyboxes, and the map sources are included.

    Note: Some of the maps require an engine port with increased limits; ericw/Tronyn's map requires 2PSB support. Additionally, support for fog and colored lighting is recommended. You will need to increase the default heapsize for some maps, see the comments for more information.

    Note: A late entry by Daya can be downloaded here.]]>
    mapjam6 -heapsize 64000 -game mapjam6 start jam6_adib jam6_breezeep jam6_daz jam6_ericwtronyn jam6_exhelzar jam6_ionous jam6_matecha jam6_necros jam6_rick jam6_scampie jam6_shotro jam6_tens jam6_warrenm
    Bloughsburgh, ionous, ItEndsWithTens, khreathor, NewHouse Func Map Jam 7 - Back to Base 117b97b2b3f6a33c2f44cec35f2079e1 22981 21.08.16
    The pack follows a Base theme and features five small to medium-sized levels, some of which add unique twists to the gameplay. A skill selection/start hub map is included.

    Note: These maps require Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.
    This file has been repacked for Quaddicted.
    An updated version of NewHouse's map is available here.]]>
    quoth/ -heapsize 64000 -game quoth -quoth jam7_start jam7_ionous jam7_khreathor jam7_mjb jam7_newhouse jam7_tens
    negke Red Slammer b9fd4296beaf687283bad473ec5b1917 1916 13.08.10 id1/maps/ negke Runic Recycling 28a4af7bc48ba527a0de27911f825495 1845 16.12.10 id1/maps/ Shaun [Kona] Ross Ultramarine c4088c5e146bb9f82a0d70ca1a82caee 2622 24.10.02 -game marine Jean-Marc Gruninger Mars 1 dbd08595aafea2b5c5e7935f4ba18fe9 1089 20.07.97 hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic Psycho Marsbase ebd237a1d70b18be458eee0a2cab02c9 656 11.10.96 Single Player: yes (mostly for walking through but i tossed a few monsters in to give you something to shoot at...Muahahaha)]]> id1/maps/ Tim van Hal & Marco van Schriek Lucifer's Path 5434ca835895f315f269c8a3a859c2b4 896 13.04.97 id1/maps/ marty marty's stuff 07c8d91ff6ed73a9b09c19234c0322b2 5941 09.02.98
    Must be played in Missionpack 1: Scourge of Armagon (hipnotic).]]>
    hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic marty1
    Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert The Masque of Red Death f06935126a98b09c21370ac8e305946a 3085 12.10.05
    Note: This map requires Scourge of Armagon and an engine port with increased limits. An updated version is available here.]]>
    masque/ -hipnotic -game masque masquestart masque
    Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert The Masque of Red Death a154a423ff3d2cc76586d7fa9d649c80 3659 13.10.06 previous version, this one does not require Scourge of Armagon.

    Note: This map requires an engine with increased limits.]]>
    masque_final/ -game masque_final masquestart masque
    Mateusz 'MaTi' Piaskiewicz Satarship Bunkier 2f21393d5f2e4f257a02dd6730aa3ed7 558 20.10.02 id1/maps/ Mateusz 'MaTi' Piaskiewicz Best of Vize f832be5e6ba2f1763440eb4706cb149c 1820 21.04.03 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/ MortalMaxx East Ardougne 2d2460e658b000a8eaa427f8366c1d0a 6861 30.01.19 / -game maxx David Jewsbury Sir Mayard and the Mountain 8c2b5b915c6aa1180f0793fb094d6ae3 1950 18.04.97 id1/maps/ mayard Oskar Resler Mayhem 8535293e67cb4958d8b4baaa3fff5d0d 223 29.10.96 id1/maps/ Mark Murray Mayhem 0d1651bb3b3880afd36abd28fc97495e 296 02.03.97 id1/maps/ mayhem George Grotans Maze 1 294afc04c782f8d40b500022cc9d200a 82 14.03.97 id1/maps/ George Grotans Maze 1 2b91069116f5e9c68340a6f70aec2bf2 45 02.12.99 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Andrew Yoder Ruins of Mazotac 40a1b70a5fa8d75a0e95af15d35de07c 1106 04.04.18 id1/maps/ negke Ascending & Descending 602ffb5f2de56111aeda709fe3f21970 2370 22.02.13
    Note: There are a few compatibility issues with certain engine ports. See mce.txt for more information.]]>
    Matthew C. Mary "MCM" Curse of the Pharaoh e7e75e2eee3118db9097614d13faa0a0 282 04.04.99 id1/maps/ Ilkka Kurkela The Mining Complex 274a210f0793afbb4e559760ccfd475e 1043 29.10.99 id1/maps/ JAR MidKnight1 662b8184e25bac79d55f6b34f3440f68 529 08.07.97 id1/maps/ mdkt Dennis Katsonis Med Labs c8c1f90e2afdf535f2f142bcb888c8bd 581 04.10.97 id1/maps/ megaman Wenl Mine 80ff6e2cd9d6371789c8f8ec2e7d3dd8 2449 13.07.17
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Paul Roberts MekBase ccce42d6659c581f92650fc3e5851839 378 09.02.97 id1/maps/ PuLSaR Menkalinan a5433ec36971581f2e474b1999c06129 3536 15.07.04 id1/maps/ menkstart DMagee Mercy 7e2bf5f286510b41f0ae744a887f0c94 1225 12.05.97 id1/maps/ Speedy Mescalito 6b6870dc0bc108af11ffb0b9c56a30d1 658 29.12.03 id1/maps/ sock Metal Monstrosity 66a51398168314ce5ff098c742d7b1e3 12430 27.05.14
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits (as well as support for the -quoth command-line switch).]]>
    metmon -quoth -game metmon metmon
    Chris Mayers Hive, part II 6fb104e57bc354fb5af486cbca9239dd 866 28.07.97 id1/maps/ Marcus Dromowicz The Entrance & The Sanctum 7c45d6d6daa70dae4289c98f81f0d4b5 677 01.12.97 id1/maps/ mexx1 Marcus Dromowicz The Cassandra Calamity 6ec06c60b0fa5216f3de485ae1a316f4 3473 10.12.97
    Note: The built-in unzip tool in Windows seems to struggle with this archive. You can use the free 7-zip to unpack.]]>
    mexx10/ -game mexx10
    Marcus Dromowicz Chthon's Castle b67a79161bfb11bd11fe15fd6b5313b9 525 11.11.96 id1/maps/ Marcus Dromowicz Nurgle's Vault 1af9f72aaab01026e1e5d2757bed61ca 489 15.11.96 id1/maps/ Marcus Dromowicz The Terror of Tzeentch 23522701d9245dc35b92a2e1860c18f6 581 03.02.97 id1/maps/ Marcus Dromowicz Suicide Staccato 087a071b78bad2fb6cd2b971eee965b0 680 20.12.96 id1/maps/ Marcus Dromowicz A Bishop's Bane (Domina Domino) ba4e786bff68345c95886b5fcb21eeea 566 14.02.97 id1/maps/ Marcus Dromowicz Prelude to Apocalypse & Mordrigor's Demise b044bf45cd09972b15ea78685c6fb468 1315 25.04.97 mexx8/ -game mexx8 Marcus Dromowicz Penumbra of Domination c2f7e715473e105d526b5b816e91a685 4893 12.09.97 mexx9/ -game mexx9 mfx Pain in the Arch 0a6ef17914c6df0aab849c958aec5698 2075 23.04.13 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth mfx Mainframe Mayhem ac1f9ca26fedb69de8d1e14c931444a4 6487 22.10.13
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits. This is the third version; the previous versions can be found here.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -hipnotic
    mfx Intermission / Kleins Bottle b30bd34157e34b25a123ee1d7ad7c0fd 2879 21.04.14 A small mixed themed map for Q1, intended as a prelude for mfxsp8.]]> id1/ mfx Termination Mental 475d730dc6d5c9f85d7c010c393dd479 3419 23.05.13
    Note: This map requires Quoth and the following settings: r_novis 1, r_wateralpha 0.3.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -hipnotic +r_novis 1 +r_wateralpha 0.3
    mfx Clean Cut 3f1c795ce59999bfce3d296c9ab84d31 2372 23.03.13
    Note: This map requires r_wateralpha to be set to 0.3 and r_waterwarp set to 0 in order to make the windows look correctly.
    This is the fixed second version of the zip.]]>
    id1/maps/ +r_wateralpha 0.3 +r_waterwarp 0
    Jean-Marc Gruninger The Middle Evil 1333ccba32a227ffa0b05ca5e8b0ea45 1999 03.11.97 middle/ -game middle med Justin, Kaepora Gaepora The Arenas of Might 4a78da0d2a0b49110db91e1c51b0a39e 75 02.07.99 id1/maps/ Ed Cope Mines & Mayhem 95923a935a56d11074938f2297fb937f 746 22.11.96 -game M&M mm Denis Moeller (panza) Mini c0c2e4cd2b0f281c67f64ce42f2ef06f 318 05.09.96 id1/maps/ Jose C. Rodriguez (JCR) Mire Prison 91edb2a1eeb12ec448e5422c977f56fe 1836 01.05.18 id1/maps/ mire_prison Marc Roussel No campers palace, die with honor! 7e89c8bb92d099540ace9715f9599285 648 14.10.96 id1/maps/ Jamis Eichenauer MiSsIoN: ImPosSiBlE 04a33fc9144836c4bf2cae32dfda19ad 589 20.12.96 id1/maps/ Bloughsburgh A Horse Named Quake 97fb58f86af5019f3511906aeb90c4ae 1586 27.03.16
    Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions.]]>
    Neil Manke Monastry 42c7256e8f844f6daf87b8229e25c0b5 637 27.08.97 id1/maps/ PuLSaR Project Monsterfree 8e2efffa75a2d599721180a665a85f8d 606 09.01.05 id1/maps/ Tyrann Moonlight Assault 42ea14cc6fd53746150bf0c6da5798a0 1270 13.08.99 id1/maps/ Daniel Vogt (MoRbId) Morbidity: 1 01c64f5597895b13e3f7e64c06710af4 594 11.08.97 id1/maps/ Daniel Vogt (MoRbId) Morbidity: 2 32e0b0450a3f335718fcf4cbba72bcd5 757 31.10.97 id1/maps/ Marc Roussel The mortal environment a20bfc05d303896a6a164942b0c39762 564 14.03.97 id1/maps/ Tuomo "Morpheus" Tomperi The Castle of Morpheus 705bcf323e1181f929b83f4d2c181373 1524 08.10.99 mospq1/ -game mospq1 Jarkko Heilio Mountain Base e31184ae4b87b12c7c7c373a059679d8 481 11.10.97 id1/maps/ Jarkko Heilio Mountain Base 2 03bdf9dd1769293a199d7783edb3cc0a 535 10.11.97 Mountain Base, ostensibly being quite different in terms of gameplay.]]> id1/maps/ Spipper Shifting Planes Of Existence 0e31425802c05e0ffe562e8ccd4d8387 3583 26.12.17
    Note: This map requires Quoth 2.2 and a source port with increased limits.
    An updated version of the map is available here.]]>
    / -quoth -game quoth
    Spipper Shifting Planes of Existence (version 2) 4b8901363c9ba0d74aaa37fe826f625a 4089 28.01.18
    Note: This map requires Quoth 2.2 and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -game quoth
    Isaac Barry (aka Clorox) Murder Inc. bf7ff9eec40d863ce0033accc2e7b392 1390 10.01.98 id1/maps/ Dmitry 'Manslay' Dementjev Manslay's Acrobatics 0fd071645060214e3f35aad542c79b4e 469 07.02.09 SDA.]]> id1/maps/ sock Midnight Stalker 4df14a3cf6292d0ca68cd989e2ad05e7 2447 11.05.13
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits. A standalone version optimized for vanilla Quake compatibility is available here.]]>
    mstalk/ -game mstalk mstalk
    sock Midnight Stalker (v.2) 0ec1a9a25e09f40c4ae684329be0d0fa 2217 11.05.13
    Note: This is an optimized, stand-alone version of the level which stays within the vanilla Quake limits and does not require any special engine port. It does not include the custom item boxes from the previous version.]]>
    id1/maps mstalk
    Bryan L. aka Mungo Power Plant 28bb90d5b4be2e642d0f6b0264281620 1321 23.08.97
    Note: This map has to be played with Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic
    Neil Haupt Murder1 f9cf17e5a9bddfa7cf4e4c91bb885899 682 16.01.97 id1/maps/ murder1 Steve Rescoe Museum cd83017e60b542850624994e3a43aa71 608 17.11.96 id1/maps/ digs Mutant 0cdc7e938a9dc34e0baf4b07417ee955 503 14.07.00 id1/maps/ mutant Denis Gusakov Lost Underground Base 79fd2a59a6b30c0f1af0c62905d5b5a8 1879 21.05.98 Game.exe.
    Medium to large base map with a warehouse, a mech hangar and a submarine port. A singleplayer demo is included.

    Note: Originally named "my", renamed to "".]]>
    id1/maps/ base
    Mike Drummond Mykd1 10ab0df49240bfd8453107a68fd01fdc 932 22.02.97 id1/maps/ Peter Bisseker (tiddles) Mymap & Garrison 8d2d5794a683a8c5a171f954ce09020c 840 19.04.98 id1/maps/ garrison mymap necros oH gOd! 577422ea05c051a1c482b993afeea01e 208 23.04.01 id1/maps/ n3_100b necros Castle Necrosis 1bf43b1936b0c730beb8003f5add8544 7699 26.07.01 extended files available to enhance the appearance.]]> n3sp02/ -game n3sp02 n3sp02 necros Castle Necrosis (Extended Files) b10f68c8f31cbf558752b49a4cb533f9 4456 24.07.01 n3sp02_13: contains TGA texture replacements, skybox and music.]]> n3sp02/ -game n3sp02 n3sp02_13 necros At the Gates of Midian a23f29121e0a541a2ad5fb6669fa8af3 2218 09.08.01 n3sp03/ -game n3sp03 nane Catacombs of Misfortune f66af52c0e854bb87d9298b816904dda 180 01.07.01 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ nadzia (narnar) Katedra 61a51551297878bc428e594aa0b3fe2c 1459 05.12.15 id1/maps/ nadzia (narnar) In the Foetid Vault ad3f0c9446cd81d2ba7a8234e3e74ca6 1577 25.11.15 id1/maps/ Vondur Nastrond 933ff683551784f053f66fef5de2cd09 1772 02.10.03 id1/maps/ Gary Marshall (Zedek) The Navy Base e132381547a26a9fa52a43d0a76026c4 506 28.02.97 id1/maps/ ET Nazihell a3993e4f8104710ac7ba18b5e6bc62de 486 17.11.96 id1/maps/ Noel Weer Necroseum f31eea30bafad541d62d46ed0ecc72f0 377 05.04.97 id1/maps/ necros The Rats in the Walls f6245537a07b67ffdf5d4e282cd17030 596 05.11.05 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth necros CS INVASION FLEET! 6041a79e17f198d69530d8f8a908ee10 462 08.02.04 id1/maps/ necros The Living End & Elder World Waystation 172889b0f642c63849090a7d011d1c82 10953 18.08.08 quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth ne_lend ne_doom necros Crescendo Of Dreams + Surmounting Terror a4ee4c64f0648a03cb5ac8572bbc6641 1888 05.11.05 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth ne_marb necros The Altar of Storms 3b8327def936f283255c8087a5c77d06 47680 22.06.11 ne_ruins/ -zone 2048 -heapsize 192000 +max_edicts 8192 -game ne_ruins start necros The Emptiness Without b77f66fd2529b1844bd10ad670a028c9 1223 27.01.02 ne_sp04/ -game ne_sp04 necros Once Upon Atrocity e07f743bbb11eb2b3db794f8c76fc68b 6058 16.02.02 ne_sp06/ -game ne_sp06 necros Moldy Tower cea62daf8fe27edc9479385238f03482 5780 01.07.09 Quoth.

    Note: This map requires an engine port with inreased limits.]]>
    ne_tower/ -quoth -game ne_tower
    Shaun [Kona] Ross Necrobrood c1939b1b07d8e2d35b784102e7a4a363 3804 16.02.02 -game necro necro Nehahra Team Nehahra 878693eadf73d5fffcaf6715e1b058bb 53817 17.08.00
    Note: You can turn off the new AI (side-strafing monsters) with nomonsters "1"

    Note: This package was compiled by Spirit in 2008 because of the "mess of files" one needed to install, read the included readme_spirit.txt for changes. Mindcrime said it looked right but please report in if you spot anything faulty in the packaging.]]>
    -nehahra -game nehahra nehstart
    necros Dawn of Eternity 15a72091a06f179ef917462d09cf7851 7016 09.07.03
    Note: These maps have to be played in an engine with support for higher edict count (versions of Tyrquake are included).]]>
    -game nesp09
    necros R_speeds be damned! 62386edf9561a28c2d2361721b87217a 1309 25.01.04 id1/maps/ Dave Kelvin (Kevlar) The NetherWorld de9f0a6d862892bc405bba169452f9aa 623 24.07.97 id1/maps/ Tronyn, Daz, aguirRe The Night Journey 98c16aa7cac4d04b57dd33b2dd974099 6902 30.09.05 "[ It ] was originally created by Dustin 'Tronyn' Geeraert and Darren 'Daz' Weekes and released sometime in 2003. Unfortunately, it was unfinished and had e.g. a lot of entity and progression problems." Therefore aguirRe fixed the maps up and re-released this version. The final map nj4 is still missing.
    Gameplay is pretty hard. This pack has to be played with Q1MP2: Dissolution of Eternity.]]>
    -rogue -game nightjourney njstart
    Shaun [Kona] Ross Nihilore: The Mechanical Empire b3c561537ff2383288119c6b734f8cc6 2560 09.06.02 -game nihilore Brenda Ellen Perdion Nike 573b4d0443aa89e3152a8ce88eb0ebb8 3896 22.01.98 nike/ -game nike ViolentJ (Jeff Farris) Nitemare 1f3f3a61c921d56fd18d44b317933116 599 05.08.97 id1/maps/ Geoffrey Overdorff No Turning Back e60d67e382973db90f51e85aeaec0ef7 358 15.01.98 id1/maps/ Steven Norrie Nozza's Palace 402a124b5d2dae940b0dda34bb400915 107 02.02.97 very bad map.]]> id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert et al Soul of Evil: Indian Summer f5636bbefe04e0478fff982f3137df6d 23797 15.08.08 Soul of Evil. Also features new and modified monsters, weapons and items as well as a story in the vein of SOE unfolding throughout the maps, many custom textures, sounds and skyboxes. Gameplay is somewhat non-linear and very hard.
    Enhanced skins are available: regular and DP version.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits.
    An updated version of the episode is available here.]]>
    nsoe/ -game nsoe start
    Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert et al Soul of Evil: Indian Summer (update) 9818cdc675859e97f2f5e3ce9a369e17 28586 24.12.08 nsoe, comes with a new map.
    Medieval/fantasy episode consisting of five medium to large maps - sequel to Soul of Evil. Also features new and modified monsters, weapons and items as well as a story in the vein of SOE unfolding throughout the maps, many custom textures, sounds and skyboxes. Gameplay is somewhat non-linear and very hard.
    Enhanced skins are available: regular and DP version.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    nsoe2/ -game nsoe2 start
    Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Nyarlathotep 497c09fbe9fd9c0805ae23284b8e2f51 5639 11.12.13
    Note: These maps require Drake and an engine port with BSP2 support.]]>
    wicked/ -game wicked nyar nyar2
    Obi-Wan Prepare for HELL e2fe24ce08d6adfebd5a7e54fe87ed2b 558 14.10.96 id1/maps/ Obi-Wan Office of the dead 9c98f6c30f3b8c0c7c76debc77950481 1111 02.03.97 id1/maps/ Obi-Wan Blood of the Martyrs 2a030e26b870e7c92ac543ad98f2ddfa 722 02.06.97 id1/maps/ Rick Lipsey Castle of Oblivion e1d954bd3647417436b078d3263a2c80 1113 04.07.00 id1/maps/ Rich Carlson O B L I V I O N 0ea4a27f426e35b2d18c0f0bb846dbce 285 30.11.04 id1/maps/ oblivion Ruin Oblivion Newton John d1292844168751f2dbc8965c129576c6 707 03.08.16 id1/maps/ Whitewind Odyssey One d706143d5f1fa38fcaf76d71bcb43aab 1092 01.04.98
    Get the fixed version instead: odyssey1_v2]]>
    Whitewind (+Bengt Jardrup) Odyssey One 9ee67b3e791ca692b374f72d58a794b1 950 04.04.05 id1/maps/ odyssey1 The Omnimancer Corporate Takeover c495a908b07ee4987171e737b3e2185e 187 13.09.97 id1/maps/ Chris Williams Offspring 758bdf51b415f6ff9ec4aede6f651850 561 11.04.97
    Note: This map has to be played with Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    id1/maps/ -hipnotic off
    Ankh & id Software ogitreV taruggiZ 3f80ed3e8a821de03fac2ee339d28b2d 613 20.11.06 SDA contest. The GPL map source is included.]]> ogitrev/ -game ogitrev e1m8 Tony Boyer Ohzarm d6fdaff646ec02790f5d84b9ea158aa7 635 02.10.97 id1/maps/ Michael Cullum The Old City 4014ff4dce51a2873b684ca898bcf63c 527 05.11.97 id1/maps/ Mika Piirainen & Jouko Maksimainen The Old House - the beginning 1647982ca6d346e90ab74209c5b0a811 192 08.09.97 Paralyzed.]]> id1/maps/ necros Old ones 0f8c41381fdc643d177d5143c9e14608 1170 24.04.03 id1/maps/ alana mitsu ORL Laboratory X c20e1e477c91036d62ed75ad5e17964d 2736 18.05.08
    Note: This map requires and engine port with increased limits.]]>
    ORL Orlmap Series 2: The first half e995b03695c5ea7e854988fd8f087283 5909 02.02.07 id1/maps/ oms21 ORL Conflagrant Rodent 0c0f950cc0af12ea058ba94456f43e7e 5876 24.08.10
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/maps/ oms2
    ORL Cataractnacon / Zeangala c8300a2234ff0e160230f877934fa072 27044 21.01.16 "a lengthy journey through a non-linear H.R. Giger-themed flooded scrapyard". The map sources are included.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits and expanded map boundaries. Currently, only RMQ (included) and Quakespasm (version 0.92.0 or later; set "sv_protocol" to "999") are capable of running them.

    The maps can only be played on either Easy or Hard skill setting.]]>
    id1/maps/ +sv_protocol 999 oms3 oms3_2
    ORL Laboratory X & Neighboring Alcazar's 3f4b4b86ba4989558a45c29ee955ccf5 4534 13.10.12 Conflagrant Rodent.]]> id1/maps/ oms24 oms25 MadFox OnePair ee56545cba7ad3fe15ac819c0cea7ac8 1159 16.07.04 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ onex594 Scott McNutt Operation Condor 5c4205cbc23c0b7e5686d36f78db4c5e 582 10.08.97 id1/maps/ MadFox Orb's Betrayal 0aeb2b24a6783b9ec79da91d75e7d134 1772 07.03.07 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ test195 Jason Fink Orion 9df079ef4eff40ffbf1cf2f508c5fe27 805 05.08.97 id1/maps/ ORL Orlmap episode 71b1354ef311c91d70096b4447b67178 11110 14.07.06 id1/maps/ orlmap4 Apollo, FatController, Tronyn, Tyrann Operation: Urth Majik 93c8591e4f53e34aa867ef11eaeaf6ca 10443 26.07.01 oum/ -game oum start J.F.Gustafsson Out of time 36422b827478f0f635fed41b7aab951b 691 21.08.97 id1/maps/ NCMark Mountain Base 5f04128265b9c20c37dc1439d0e1f1a0 524 01.03.11 id1/maps/ Creed Outpost d63703b1a07c7ac405a30ad253bc653c 553 09.08.97 id1/maps/ Peter Bisseker (tiddles) Outpost alpha 06110e8c08f3a3ace71da128f6aa7758 239 13.07.99 id1/maps/ Benson "El-Magoo" Russell The Keldjoran Outpost 8a8437a602f310b62fb136743235fe5c 853 10.09.97 id1/maps/ outpost LZM Packet Overflow c36f0efda4e78c877c38e1dd8ce7b6ba 123 06.09.02 id1/maps/ Travis Almand Over Ridden 8e3aca44fefedbe88518f8cb9b555ef8 1792 21.05.97 ovrridn/ -game ovrridn Unknown The Courtyard 14592107351a0f07d0da0e1d915f060c 402 06.09.98 id1/maps/ Unknown Fortress Filbert aaa85a7154d9db7bac210622199e36ae 568 06.09.98 id1/maps/ Unknown Deathtrap Dungeon d85394f4bdd40046c6e4435cf8e975fa 563 29.11.98 id1/maps/ Unknown Portal Endurance 3b8f57f4802cc59e7a83d50dc06c9cc8 789 14.01.99 id1/maps/ Fredrik Martinsson Pagan 39598119254eeeb7a2dc2bd59472c206 159 07.09.97 id1/maps/ Mike Melzer The Pagan Temple 9971d16cb6b7ff0d97615e4920c26597 299 02.09.96 id1/maps/ pagan R.P.G. Pajitnov b510455d83c77c7009c99dd4e43a6e6f 76 11.05.04 id1/maps/ Richard Dale Carlson Pandemonium 543c38cc0f4174842b17effc7c9c76ed 642 15.04.97 id1/maps/ Wright Bagwell (Paul_Bunyan) Darkness Diabolical 8acf70c25aa07c7081dd5c5afe58e7a7 825 11.02.97 id1/maps/ Wright Bagwell (Paul_Bunyan) The Soul Grinder 55f83e1cd65dfa9fb2169253aebadd5f 1026 12.04.97 id1/maps/ Ray "NotoriousRAY" O'Neill Hexameron: Phase One da2fdc7a5b85354d64cc99b803d5b4e0 2561 28.09.02 pbrsp1/ -game pbrsp1 Michael Reed PC Gamer Warehouse 82c7146c55e645f773538d4c5d410848 597 20.07.99 id1/maps/ Pablo Dictter The Fistfucking Little Box a8d42ecfb939a1740ed1c0a33c64bbd5 683 01.08.03
    This is the same as but with the additional map scraps in the zip archive.]]>
    id1/maps/ pdq1sp1
    XeNoN Perception d2ce49a2f923de1d9e5d1deda7514b0b 475 22.06.01 id1/maps/ Perselicas (Fern (aka Fr3n)) Perssp1 e87cac486cb6e04a5d80ec0fb265a753 388 29.10.00 id1/maps/ Fern (aka Fr3n) Return to Dust 43c11a54cc7d77e8f2efff503c670d8c 780 27.02.01 id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Phantasmal Garrison (v2) 9087f976729b33bd49f329cdfe8a9be4 3100 13.05.00 pg2/ pgstart Marc Reilly Kiss the Sky b0031c05e09fed8a056ad1a56d2a6112 531 06.02.00 id1/maps/ MadFox Phantom Pholly b44ef594c4067cd962dbae9eef94f0d4 3140 18.06.07 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> -game phantom ph7583 Sergey Rupasov The Pillars of the Damned d6f9029b4d136c5e4820d645a99adb8a 2366 08.09.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Martin Hryniewieck The Place Of Belonging 8b7f7a23c1995f0e432570ee768cffa3 672 20.11.96 id1/maps/ George Grotans The Platform Game 3606acab0dfdef3eee8d595793bcc405 147 05.12.99 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Gyro Gearloose Call a Plumber 55290b57e6a93ffd2ad41db8721a591b 778 14.11.96 -game plumber PME The Cage 2cf1b7d1dc4090b6f03b15d570224fc7 641 17.12.96 id1/maps/ Rick Lipsey Polygon Base ff2093d0ac53cc211f9a896dc39c94a6 857 25.04.98 id1/maps/ polygon Rick Lipsey Polygon Base 4c5a2f1dcd3f39aa6619b59a1313493b 771 28.08.97 polybase: a large Base map with some water areas.]]> id1/maps/ polygon8 Darren Stabler Potpourri 1aa277227359928ad6ea51476df319d6 532 28.07.96 id1/maps/ Tim Elek Precipice Continuum c16854321b083ffeebdf6bd2ae433183 991 03.07.01 id1/maps/ precon prengle Prolonged Absurdity 74b5b891d60ad9dde5b57571112f3d44 497 03.05.19 SM195. The map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ marty Prey2 30aa8fd97df183b8d131cd66e9ffc6df 638 05.06.97 id1/maps/ Swen Klemund My Home & Prison 2cafb619b92ed5de2933e3a645df11e6 762 20.11.96 id1/maps/ swen swen1 Anders Gustavsson Prison 2495680a497b55bb29b1e097743b1949 451 21.01.97 id1/maps/ prison Dario Casali Prodigy Special Edition a38fd732d3dcc9ebd9d737a6c019f388 4477 03.05.97 pse/ -game pse start Mechtech Plain ol progs.dat tricks b31d4e4bc3f7977a68e3ade44dfae4c8 1297 09.02.08 progref Darren Stabler Palace of Shadows 5f5c9b6265816f1f5497848aa63bc7f4 626 02.09.96 id1/maps/ Dabbler (Jan Buchholz) Pumping station 43/A 7bcc5fa52ad5a1de0828a3669fcc3056 707 08.01.98 id1/maps/ Dario Casali (Darren Winter) Prodigy Special Edition - VIS PATCH 85a06bd84e088fa2bad53dd40072376c 867 09.11.97 Prodigy SE enabling support for transparent water.]]> +quit Fraggler.Heat The Pump Station 0664cf654e78409826e78709567ef2a8 582 28.01.97 id1/maps/ Bryan Pillow Reconstruction e878ef6520394c4fc7877b7ea111924c 867 09.08.97 id1/maps/ Bryan Pillow Enter Purgatory 1c099cf70cae405ba0690eca8bfec777 730 06.05.97 id1/maps/ skillset Bryan Pillow Life After Death c30c8b4baf39a60c7bf3d5dc1ab6381e 863 24.06.97 id1/maps/ purg2 Omus Pyramid of Pain fbdda8873141ffa37fce022d6e91ec15 232 29.10.06 id1/maps/ Ted Stahl The Great Pyramid of Seth 603da172c26f7fb23eabd4c31ed1a3cf 490 31.12.96 id1/maps/ Dean Scott Pyro1 6a13d758a701561f41eac4d0b17f0d1d 487 16.11.96 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Dean Scott Pyro2 - A Smash of Three 32fa14a57d7a94ab61c2135723a44ea4 739 27.01.97 id1/maps/ Dean Scott Pyro4 - The Awakening 37d98c53b8f721b44ddf394df2305bb4 838 03.04.97 id1/maps/ D. North The Pyromid 7427883f2678582384e656d1f91b2bb2 479 02.01.97 id1/maps/ unknown Q1M2 7cfdf92336d67531b93a9a4fc9eb530b 491 21.06.97 id1/maps/ ShadoW & negke Devastation (single player version) 5be67b0de2cb05c70c0391b724d18f93 825 20.01.11 q1shw1. The GPL map source is included.]]> id1/maps ShadoW & negke Deep Scars (single player version) 1a045acdbd787056ff2b839531408a3b 564 13.05.11 q1shw2. The GPL map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ czg, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Pushplay, Remnent Quake Turtlemap 2 6b95af96c307fd6e711a2b6359780e2e 2088 22.12.02 id1/maps/ q1tm2_czg q1tm2_hrimfaxi q1tm2_lev q1tm2_pushplay q1tm2_remnent czg hrdtrffc (Hard Traffic) e222f5099773f1302c100fefe69ecdca 389 20.12.02 q1tm2 event: a small to medium sized, dark base map using DOOM textures.]]> id1/maps/ Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Zwiffle Quake Turtlemap 3 139524f36a06126f6c617eaa1a2e464c 4630 13.01.04 id1/maps/ q1tm3_hrimfaxi q1tm3_hrimfaxi2 q1tm3_lev q1tm3_zwiffle Zwiffle Lairs of Kellephais ca7421408621ffa97eb909954ed6fc51 690 16.01.04 q1tm3 event: A small to medium Knave map (fixed by aguirRe).]]> id1/maps/ q1tm3_zwiffle Timothy R. Jervis The Ruins of Athelstan 1b61f93134c3ae2eea8c4a727c910d4c 605 05.04.97 id1/maps/ J.F.Gustafsson Black 4dd586edc7a529620ef13e8cdc78b794 2384 18.12.97 black/ -game black start Adam Foster Fracture 0fafe5055fc7d8d4fae469aeededa765 1064 29.05.01 -game fracture start DAV Doom E1M1 0786facf81f9a5ee728eebc2bdf21275 389 27.02.98 id1/maps/ DAV Fortress 03bcc1a9aa173a522655a84dfdf88bbb 572 23.07.98 id1/maps/ DAV House 6f6f85b2ec1de73b3e12829e2869590b 419 07.01.98 id1/maps/ DAV Subway (Metro) 056ff0a8bf2d38cad4b7282e6325323d 674 13.01.00 id1/maps/ DAV Pit 5397c0984f0fbe685c7020351e960584 357 13.01.00 id1/maps/ DAV Space Ship d8bb8edf7758f6aebfe9cf9fbb13050f 389 13.01.00 id1/maps/ DAV StarGate 9059f6886a9ac696a722d53e7133d52f 662 13.01.00 id1/maps/ DAV Store 4e1a921693d18b75049af29d6d0f6cbf 600 13.01.00 id1/maps/ DAV Tower b6fe8a0a659dd20106903f8b6e5c5ea7 569 06.02.98 id1/maps/ DAV Wall Fortress 24667b6c1fd7a6ba9155589d48e5a1ec 458 13.01.00 id1/maps/ DD Qmine e44cb4c436676ed1e361002d3b003cab 894 07.09.97 hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic Jeds The qpi start 5ba6abc39e15a8726d5da1c2dcce2b2c 80 18.04.98 id1/maps/ Anders Elvström "Elvis" Quakeshift b47c867b0bae8edb7b0eada0dcf8983b 1169 23.02.07 id1/maps/ distrans Grendel's Keep a16bca26a7ff4c0fefb8eee2d67de70b 2928 12.04.10 Travail missionpack (which is required to play).]]> travail/ -game travail MadFox Quatrotsky f3d31c2ab203ef29a7e28646a083de8b 851 29.06.05 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ RickyT23 Quarantine 3479c8493be57991255badccb7fb4325 1391 08.04.13
    Note: This map requires Quoth. A bug-fixed version (some monsters are missing) is available as]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    RickyT23 Quarantine fc55b2ca9609a9191d9ae10d6ef21627 1392 09.04.13
    Note: This map requires Quoth. This is the bug-fixed version (some monsters were missing) of]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    skacky Quenching Urges of Constant Killing [DEMO] 1d4028fe0b553ad797145c6053d19428 18201 30.12.17
    Note: These levels require Quoth 2.2 and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/ -quoth -game quoth start map01 map02
    skacky Quenching Urges of Constant Killing [DEMO #2] c3ba7a8b79ed0da68cd9fbc275443f99 28013 01.04.18 Second demo release of a Quoth slaughter episode in the making. It features the first three of "about 10 stupidly hard and completely unfair slaughtermaps" and comes with custom background music as well as a few new textures.

    Note: These levels require Quoth 2.2 and a source port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/ -quoth -game quoth start map01 map02 map03
    brassbite, Danzadan, Daya, HexenMapper, Kres, Naitelveni, NewHouse, Pritchard, Spud, Topher, Vingal Quake Upstart Mapping Project 2017 b505a8983fb9c1bc4d26c821d787fe0e 39419 26.10.17 QUMP is a project designed to get newcomers into mapping for Quake. Most of the mappers involved had never made a Quake map before, or had only made a few. Some of the maps are more seasoned mapper's first attempts from long ago.

    Ten small to large levels in varying themes/styles and a start hub map to access each of them. Comes with three custom skyboxes and an ambient music track. The map sources are included.

    Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    -game qump start qump_brassbite qump_danzadan qump_daya qump_hexenmapper qump_kres qump_naitelveni qump_pritchard qump_spud qump_topher qump_vingal
    Artistical, Breezeep, dumptruck_ds, Elithium, Fairweather, Hardcore_Mazu, ionous, Ing-Ing, JCR, Pinchy, Marandal, NewHouse, onetruepurple, skacky, Spipper, Ukko, ww, Yoder, ZungryWare Coffee Quake 23e06e80d97e8a73e23cbed2dfd1c7d7 56091 17.06.19
    Note: Some of these maps require a source port with increased limits and/or BSP2 support.]]>
    / -game quoffee start
    Kell & necros Quoth 35930fef5eadd8bbbdaefe75898df82b 53512 09.03.08 Quoth is an expansion pack for Quake 1 single player.

    It is not intended as a series of thematically connected maps with additional custom content, as other packs are. The intention is to provide quality custom content for Q1 mappers and players in a single pak file. There are maps included in the pak, but there are also larger maps using the content already released separately by both Kell and necros, and more maps will surely follow.

    Its features include technical additions for mappers, new monsters, and a couple of new weapons/items (additional information).

    Currently you can play the first two maps of Quake rebuilt and remixed with Quoth monsters. The game will fail to load e1m3quoth because that map does not exist (yet). There are some test maps included for your enjoyment.

    This is version 2.1 - a patch to version 2.2 is available here and version 2.2 (full) is available here.

    quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth start e1m1quoth e1m2quoth kelltest1 kelltest2 kelltest3 kelltest4 ne_basetest kellbase1 kelltest5
    Preach, necros, Kell [NUKED] 8f100bfd2025cefd112cae43cd71c981 52808 04.05.14 "Welcome to the third edition of Quoth 2. This is a spit-and-polish release, with some new features to play with, but the emphasis on refining the Quoth 2 content, re-balancing some monsters, fixing old bugs, and keeping Quoth as lightweight as possible."

    Note: This release was nuked, because it does not include the correct files. → The proper release is available here.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -quoth
    Preach, necros, Kell Quoth 2.2 [PROPER] 1a79993d51f52f75353ea70fb39f2599 53508 04.05.14 "Welcome to the third edition of Quoth 2. This is a spit-and-polish release, with some new features to play with, but the emphasis on refining the Quoth 2 content, re-balancing some monsters, fixing old bugs, and keeping Quoth as lightweight as possible."

    This is the full version. The smaller version 2.2 patch to update an existing 2.1 installation is available here.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -quoth start
    Preach, necros, Kell [NUKED] 853742c8101176beb08199e105ba8eef 2777 04.05.14 "Welcome to the third edition of Quoth 2. This is a spit-and-polish release, with some new features to play with, but the emphasis on refining the Quoth 2 content, re-balancing some monsters, fixing old bugs, and keeping Quoth as lightweight as possible."

    Note: This release was nuked, because it does not include the correct files. → The proper release is available here.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -quoth
    Preach, necros, Kell Quoth 2.2 Patch [PROPER] 372906e167fde6438a58176447e24c6e 2779 04.05.14 "Welcome to the third edition of Quoth 2. This is a spit-and-polish release, with some new features to play with, but the emphasis on refining the Quoth 2 content, re-balancing some monsters, fixing old bugs, and keeping Quoth as lightweight as possible."

    This is a patch. The full version 2.2 is available here.]]>
    quoth/ -game quoth -quoth start
    Daya Escape From Your Cell 28cbffa27799bbe7931f8d6deab11a44 2467 07.09.15 Func Map Jam 5.

    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine with support for coloured lighting.]]>
    quoth/maps -game quoth -quoth escape
    Zwiffle Dimension of the Doomed c543ecf0de73f6aadbc57e0ddff6bafe 1868 25.06.11 id1/maps/ Myk (Mike Denby) Resident Evil part 2 86830acd0f8044ec12980124d68d94c7 519 10.06.98 id1/maps/ Rutger Baks 666 48658ba4b1dbd4d226fe35f0b6220663 472 08.02.08 id1/maps/ Rutger Baks r_church 33ea7bc50db6cf50bbc22070b03c1da7 393 29.02.08 id1/maps/ Rutger Baks Untitled be81b5b85789cb3b96fa5b97f841cf70 222 16.07.09 id1/maps/ Jussi Tuononen Ra 3e00480065cbd10fda2b9ba713fd24f2 758 22.07.97 id1/maps/ Jussi Tuononen Swedish UN base 3435d3a738417b96dfabb1869f7c2ce8 1136 22.11.97 id1/maps/ [Kona] & Tronyn Rapture 0b6c533df0166ad5c18dcf14dde78b99 8041 19.09.01 Nehahra, Scourge of Armagon and Coven of Ebony.]]> -game rapture start Andy "ajay" Simpson Raptors! 29f0dba2f522ffea8fb375ba33cd37eb 3019 06.05.01 Unfortunately, the levels are very basic and undetailed. A DreamCast version is available on ajay's website.]]> raptors/ -game raptors start Zdim Son of The Rat Hole 88ea0ab7f5b3a7b0ebe298f41d56c9d3 264 28.03.97 id1/maps/ rathole2 G. Pastor RAZ d78afe733055f45cf47b88a4d923c9ec 285 14.11.97 id1/maps/ Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank The Frater Fracas ea921efce554d060c55a57e68ace585d 882 12.06.98 id1/maps/ Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank Swamp & Towne baba47080b191e2d1001a0c8c9aacb66 1954 09.08.02 id1/maps/ rc2 Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank Fat Controller's Old Maps d2a0aae128fef8baced8ebc0e0181171 2481 09.08.02 id1/maps/ rc0 Jesse van Dijk Runner's Delight 67deb51b6f9b4fa302dc630d9b4146f6 7114 13.08.99 rde/ -game rde rdstart Jesse van Dijk Runner's Delight (BUGFIX) 29d58e5f01cf8e35c60b9e0d87be3564 153 30.03.00 RDE's original progs.dat: When you record a coop demo on rdend, there were one or two (depending on the skill setting) hellknights who did not teleport in when you picked up the nailgun. Now they appear as they should."]]> rde/ J.F.Gustafsson Far beyond reality 421a9bc02f7046aedc7c2cf8da24c491 640 05.10.97 id1/maps/ Andrew Yoder Recursion 0eaa6c7ceb3d1828bee50db001f2353c 1055 18.08.18 id1/maps/ Kell Red 777 3db487e071edc2e4fb00be43d971e870 1845 05.11.05
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    Redfield Unknown Kadath 5c25fb6729da1e5fc4b5164f5ac3cddc 1383 29.04.17 id1/maps/ Steve Wilson The Red Room 77ef51437789518682ad9e6870c3a2ff 653 03.09.97 id1/maps/ Gotshun Requiem 0596d4a9f170da5abbe1b4b43d3413ba 9418 30.08.16 Honey, following the same theme of tall brick structures, and corresponding design/layout traits. Additionally, there is a rebuilt version of Quake's E1M5.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/maps/ pdspstart pdsp1 pdsp2 pdsp3 pdsp4
    Thobias "Loke" Fast Fortress of Resurrection 3c1a89cc32abcd938a342f0b21aee37e 1414 10.07.11 id1/maps mfx Arlyeh Center for Heart Diseases b96190c2bfecc0e9b92b968044ded970 2584 29.11.14 Retro Jam 1: a medieval building nestled in a rocky cavern and fronted by a lake of slime. Features traps and tough combat.

    Note: This map is meant to be played with the retrojam1 pack.]]>
    retrojam1/ -game retrojam1
    ericw, mfx, Scampie, Skacky, sock Retro Jam 1 - Medieval/Castle Theme 629af370186742d988126890e4365694 10802 23.11.14
    Note: A rebalanced version of mfx's map is available here, and a fixed version of Skacky's map is available here. An expanded and polished standalone version of Sock's map is available here.]]>
    retrojam1/ -game retrojam1 retrojam1_ericw retrojam1_mfx retrojam1_scampie retrojam1_skacky retrojam1_sock
    Skacky Dysnystaxis (...A Chance Meeting With Somnus) 4a8ce945f16b0097a0a76a566f3c98ce 1058 25.11.14 Retro Jam 1 (fixes an issue that made it impossible to load saved games): A small map set in a medieval courtyard and the surrounding buildings. Features somewhat non-linear gameplay.

    Note: This map is meant to be played with the retrojam1 pack.]]>
    retrojam1/ -game retrojam1
    Skacky, sock, RickyT23 Retro Jam 2 - Fantasy Brick Cities in the Skies Theme fdbfd0dcb0b248c25f8ba7a63498a626 21795 04.12.14 /retrojam2 -game retrojam2 retrojam2_rickyt23 retrojam2_skacky retrojam2_sock FifthElephant, skacky Retro Jam 3 - Vertical Metal/Runic Theme 33164969f200c7ec2c3aab9b209a40ab 4195 29.04.15
    Note: A "DLC" pack for Retro Jam 3 with three additional maps is available here.]]>
    retrojam3 -game retrojam3 retrojam3_fifth retrojam3_skacky
    ionous, negke, skacky Retro Jam 3 DLC ed84698334fffb212d2ba5dded6aacfa 13262 26.07.15 Retro Jam 3, ironically labeled "DLC". The map sources are included.

    Note: ionous' map requires a source port with BSP2 support; skacky's map requires a port with increased limits.]]>
    retrojam3dlc -heapsize 64000 -game retrojam3dlc retrojam3dlc_ionous retrojam3dlc_negke retrojam3dlc_skacky
    ericw, FifthElephant, ItEndsWithTens, PulSaR, TextFish, Scampie, Skacky, Zwiffle Retro Jam 4 - Episode 4 Tribute Theme 371ebed5cc069729b49dcefdbc824b93 7618 01.11.15 Episode 4 tribute theme. The result is eight small, dark and brutal levels by various authors. The map sources are included.]]> retrojam4 -game retrojam4 retrojam4_ericw retrojam4_fifth retrojam4_pulsar retrojam4_tens retrojam4_textfish retrojam4_scampie retrojam4_skacky retrojam4_zwiffle DeeDoubleU Ascension 208e9c7542db60be370f9f6b8cfeabeb 1117 25.11.15 Retro Jam 4. The map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ PuLSaR The Elder Reality 589dc3c87392ca482538bdda4fe0df0f 3460 14.02.16 Retro Jam 4 entry.

    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.

    This is the version with minor cosmetic fixes. Original file a27e2f42a2a42eb50eb99e6255db9494 is in the trash/ directory.]]>
    Bloughsburgh, Breezeep, ItEndsWithTens, NewHouse, QMaster, Shamblernaut, skacky Retro Jam 5 - The Wind Tunnels theme 9971b51daa5591f2daab8d56132208a7 6108 22.11.16 retrojam5/ -game retrojam5 retrojam5_breezeep retrojam5_mjb retrojam5_newhouse retrojam5_qmaster retrojam5_shambler retrojam5_shamblernaut retrojam5_tens Bloodshot, Bloughsburgh, Breezeep, Danzadan, DOOMer, dumptruck, FifthElephant, ionous, Khreathor, Lane Powell, MukOr, Naitelveni, NewHouse, onetruepurple, PuLSaR, skacky, Shadesmaster Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian theme 451b9f6e1430fd06a69af00ede30d7db 52615 01.01.17 / -game retrojam6 retrojam6_bloodshot retrojam6_breezeep retrojam6_danzadan retrojam6_doomer retrojam6_dumptruck retrojam6_fifth retrojam6_ionous retrojam6_khreathor retrojam6_lp retrojam6_mjb retrojam6_mukor retrojam6_nait retrojam6_newhouse retrojam6_oasis retrojam6_otp retrojam6_pulsar retrojam6_skacky negke Egyptgington 24d47e83ece7daef9ab4db528c93a815 3480 27.08.17 Retro Map Jam 6 community event. The map source is included.

    Note: This map requires either a source port with increased limits, or needs to be run as a mod using the included progs.dat file.]]>
    Taskmaster Retinal Tear 977d2922bc77a285d1321f234201fba6 1713 25.05.97 id1/maps/ Rhoq & negke Vivat Rex Lividum (single player version) 4803a8f9518de56cc2b6d78fc5ce4da5 1279 25.12.18 rhoqtdm2. The map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ Qmaster Stalwart Stone 8cdae5c46cd6d86b51be136e74802354 869 16.07.17 id1/maps/ David White (NiX) Rings2 db486a0fa860d1bab71aa50623771caf 246 05.07.97 Map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ Chris Burgess Escape the Base 82fc611296b3bae3bc8080585ee70bca 689 18.08.96 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Chris Burgess Escape the Castle 93a6ac451c7bde53782a251dd958de68 589 22.09.96 id1/maps/ Tyrann & negke Dark Ritual (single player version) 93063ce788a93dd95fc581eb3bf8cf2f 1371 26.02.11 ritual, though slightly expanded. The GPL map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ Tyler McNamee Tyger's Lair ae42e8bb4acfef05251c3e7b975015dd 348 12.04.97 id1/maps/ RickyT23, Speedy, Spirit, Willem, Zwiffle Remix Map Pack 597bb353cbac9edeab717334586736df 7846 28.08.08
    e2m1rmx by Spirit
    e3m4rmx by Willem
    e3m5rmx by Speedy
    e4m1rmx by RickyT23
    e4m7rmx by Zwiffle

    Running the pack from a mod directory is optional - if one wishes to access the maps from the included start map.
    (Some maps are released under the terms of GPL: sources)]]>
    -game rmx-pack start e2m1rmx e3m4rmx e3m5rmx e4m1rmx e4m7rmx
    super Reign of Ra aeb1a0d5b7cd0de6bd3469448b64ade0 411 14.01.18 id1/maps/ Kevin Rohling Hello 2da7b27682e4fa0a354ea1d8152280c2 457 10.10.96 id1/maps/ level Gregory Keen The Roritor Level 56da4d1cdcb98d4afa2940f2a92f3c91 987 06.11.97 id1/maps/ vIE888 Retribution of the ConeScript 82d660a5267ed26176de1fe74892d011 70183 20.06.11
    Note: This episode requires Nehahra and it is recommended to use the Darkplaces engine.]]>
    /rotcs -nehahra -game rotcs +gamedir rotcs prelude
    Scott McNutt Royal Warriors 5fc4ba0b9e6e1671b19e95ecab587325 458 30.01.97 id1/maps/ enterrw R.P.G. Quake Condensed 60382c3c5f8a415881d4484d8b1f1245 1324 02.01.04 id1/maps/ rpgsmse1 R.P.G. Penile Devastation c102b25fda5657f6dfd1aad6d3f2d408 951 29.07.01 id1/maps/ Hrimfaxi, ijed, mfx Rubicon Rumble Pack 2ba54c74c7294666529d6eb0c71b936e 83405 14.09.14 Rubicon 2. Includes a start map and introduces some new gameplay elements.

    Note: These maps require an engine port with BSP2 support.
    A patched version of the map telefragged is available here.]]>
    rrp/ -game rrp -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 start locust mfxsp19 mfxsp20 telefragged
    Zied Rieke Reload 0e8be1dab14f7bd49dd5d9002a841e30 4053 27.09.97 id1/maps/ rstart XeNoN Return to Earth 656dc686c8d8bad7c05ac2ebac1c6614 1241 22.07.01 id1/ blood fate temple ware1 John "metlslime" Fitzgibbons Rubicon 0b3c964f782dd305ff7f5c9f2804dc7a 2699 25.02.98 rubicon/ -game rubicon start rubicon eagle metlslime & czg Rubicon 2 d385d88fbd95fe08df8501d6aa5e66fa 9505 11.02.11 rubicon2/ -game rubicon2 start rub2m1 rub2m2 rub2m3 Rodrigo HernandeZ B. Ruliano d1047711c098caf3abf42e5386aedd47 1864 08.03.98 ruliano/ -game ruliano distrans Recurrent Rumours 6fad21303bf98555751177aa3810671e 993 06.06.01 id1/maps/ pdbq_sp1 Rcktrob Rune Keep a7cdc38c3d891af3e4cdf775f1bb8d47 1095 19.03.02 runekeepgl: a large, detailed Medieval fortress.]]> id1/maps/ rrsp1 Rcktrob Rune Keep bea9bd27dcc2b6233782db0b56d388c7 1100 26.03.02 runekeep: a large, detailed Medieval fortress.]]> id1/maps/ rrsp1 Bloughsburgh Rune of Blood 39e3963f06076b671df386476bb2d016 2930 07.02.16
    Note: These maps require Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -quoth -game quoth mjb2hub mjb2m1 mjb2b2 mjb2m3
    Connor Fitzgerald THE RUNE-RUN e9c72dbb7688430675a3eb517900c260 391 12.03.03 id1/maps/ super Runic Fear 72a9f8e597dab9d258eb32636c8a2d55 524 27.02.16 id1/maps/ Miss Bubbles Unholy Ossuary 482c5c1fa2b36dd06710c799013f51e3 942 26.02.17 id1/maps/ rw3 Jonas N.P. Lindstrom The house of Sadlark (2) 09f6f95e3f9cd81beb15500d3e0041d9 927 04.08.97 id1/maps/ Jonas N.P. Lindstrom The base of Sadlark 738851390fe217b6f13845868da9d463 854 03.08.97 id1/maps/ Jonas N.P. Lindstrom The domain of Sadlark 52c8afe6f35bc559b3b9fc823781260e 1121 30.07.97 id1/maps/ Jonas N.P. Lindstrom The House Of Sadlark 9c6ccb198ec3f593019dfa1e04559adb 990 01.09.97 id1/maps/ Jonas N.P. Lindstrom The sacrifice of flesh b082c7476dbb39251983c66201759327 979 10.09.97 id1/maps/ Jonas N.P. Lindstrom Dig me no grave 6a07269b2f775196b7a396f82d65b6d6 920 10.10.97 id1/maps/ Jonas N.P. Lindstrom Temple of Amon-Sadlark 2b48f3604a0ce8bc8e4d5fa33030ee60 794 16.11.97 id1/maps/ Jonas N.P. Lindstrom The four runes of Sadlark 4d07afff34bc6e47d2369e870d2ead62 1219 07.01.98 id1/maps/ Unknown Satanden bfb5d9e6197caeb8596ce43e7590f7b4 316 06.11.96 id1/maps/ Stijn Raiguel Satan's Cathedral 694a970e3067490974d87e5008b17d04 1102 31.07.08 id1/maps/ Scragbait Scragbait's Estate 0c598d18e92cfba4809603022eda85a2 2298 06.05.00 id1/maps/ sbe_strt YooShin Yang Sadistic Blue 16f68dd9cf69b2b55706eeb419113086 429 21.08.97 id1/maps/ Scampie Dead Memories 6b4617eee4956eb2eefc90fcc992287f 1853 02.04.12 id1/maps/ scar3crow The Ensnared Horizon e06b410c5361a2af9a15a2da3db377af 2401 06.09.19
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Noel Weer Schist 1b54a30ab8ca3737403f58a11a4c8179 5194 10.11.97 The first few maps are bases in snowy canyons, the last few otherworldly castles.]]> schist/ -game schist start NCMark Quake City 1833e4d6e5e0bc6c1532881b9eab37ca 679 10.01.11 id1/maps J.F.Gustafsson Scoop of chaos 8d07dd7794cedad4ba579d820a2bba1b 710 29.07.97 id1/maps/ Michael Reed Scorn Quake Level 401d7cf032c7f957ebc8360ca5b9b42f 393 16.01.97 id1/maps/ Qmaster Ire and Abbeys 348ade4c3f29d2a52c52d56762922fbb 471 16.07.17 id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Star Scream 9edcdb3a333cda6680479f5647f81aba 330 07.05.03 id1/maps/ Zied Rieke Severe Exposure d794c81926820031ceef1022bbff4a0c 863 25.08.97 id1/maps/ Daryl Deep Seaview 451a9875848f576136c1ef8719aa8122 3750 12.12.97 seaview/ -game seaview Peter van Wingerden The House of Seraphim fb11fd4e9abd275825bf6ab6d460e75e 1350 23.11.97 id1/maps/ Inforatt (?) Series 1 c50137f64c29633848e7cc787e722a49 1064 30.12.96 id1/maps/ s1l1 Hrimfaxi Sewage devastation 24f9ec99f52135b40ac8c56b13221a7f 1636 15.04.06 id1/maps/ Francis Fearon The Sewer d1872f342f9ab5696c89995395bc7b8b 231 28.09.97 id1/maps/ Brian Kline (Larry) Seweage Playground 78aa9ff8c8770f264802585eaaeef2cb 752 23.07.97
    Note: This map has to be played in Scourge of Armagon.]]>
    hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic
    Andrew Yoder, Artistical, Axebeard, Burnham, Greenwood, khreathor, MortalMaxx, Nolcoz, Pinchy, Ryan Trawick, Ubiquitous Quake Sewer Jam 834495976588b4baffc24a5aad425458 89522 02.09.19
    Note: Some of these map require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    swjam/ -game swjam start swjam_arma swjam_artistical swjam_axebeard swjam_burnham swjam_greenwood swjam_maxx swjam_nolcoz swjam_pinchy swjam_ubiquitous swjam_yoder
    Brett Wilcock Slaughterfest 97 afe88ed70a523bd9345f9b3ae7e9036a 702 06.05.97 id1/maps/ Steve Clarke Notlob's Parting Shot 237fc1445556105cafa394ab3b4ec23d 862 05.08.98 id1/maps/ Steve Clarke Notlob's Residence bfeccf7fab6e3b9b5f731ca76e0453f5 345 15.09.96 sgc3.]]> id1/maps/ Steve Clarke Notlob's Base 45d6aa7a031bb183592b201ebee72467 606 14.12.96 id1/maps/ Steve Clarke Notlob's Castle e5a091fa57fc268d2b8af1a978ecdc49 768 26.01.97 id1/maps/ Steve Clarke Notlob's Moonshot 3c12c1cbc1dacf2c0c39c2a533f3ad51 991 22.06.97 id1/maps/ Rain Rannu (Spacegod) Tale of Abbot's Rune 2f4efb56bc1278977353a05bea803f53 1806 20.02.98 id1/maps/ sgodrune Ben Horsley Star Gate Quest eb47cd45f4761fb7e069c66af3240d95 814 06.06.04 -game sgq intro sg0503 Steve Rescoe Shadow over Innsmouth 7b86becccf948e76461f111fbb35f8c5 1012 06.03.97 shadow/ -game shadow Steve Rescoe Shadow over Innsmouth (GL) c67e711e75055844bb57eb8de78c55d0 1020 16.02.97 shadow supporting transparent water.]]> shadowgl/ -game shadowgl shadow Alan Troup Shaft of the Soulless 7e09f609d21f491d943fa4d8b8a16d45 123 28.08.96 id1/maps/ David Hocking Shafted 1b4e5901ee114db58eb99c591764c934 476 29.11.03 A nice challenge for speedrunners, but pointless for regular players.]]> id1/maps/ Chris Sham 2b08b67cb648e2124769cf7b0c1ae924 97 22.12.96 id1/maps/ Shambler Crown Of Thorns 715f56c53d71efa950aad20c37ab13de 3956 20.07.18 id1/ Shambler Warmth Of A Dying Sun c561c7f4f5fb492e89963bedd17f21bd 3892 24.08.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Shambler The Age Of The No Penis Mapper ab4ae333da2a90d8efbfba41e038164f 1202 16.09.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Sidhe Dorghael Arhlannen 16b06e6e49c8885b20826d11d4084756 1641 03.08.08
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth
    Jordan Barington The Shining 67dff0ce8d6a1c84f49cd351e4c707de 79 24.12.98 id1/maps/ Glenn French Shadow Keep 8d6366f34b8964a196cd70ae57025115 337 18.09.96 id1/maps/ Marc Laidlaw Chapel Shoggoth 85f8869479aadf291ea238eb757aada2 753 03.03.97 id1/maps/ Étienne (Blood Man) Bégin Shoot 63f85727109c9a6997e02134c66a9fa3 957 05.01.98 -game shoot start Ben Watson Shoradar 452858cdb52690c1eb3bb365fbb013b7 527 08.03.98 id1/maps/ RickyT23 Three Towers And A Sick Base 3fc4aa424b527bceaa4f5af7a322afa7 4676 26.10.07 Quoth mod. Quite hard. Needs a powerful engine like aguirRe's enhanced glquake.]]> quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth Neil Manke Silhouette of Darkness (9714f9132442e0f4379ebd8761dea5a4 667 10.03.97 id1/maps/ Qubix Security Base ded742772743b6e3bd73081f203f6852 332 25.05.02 id1/maps/ Qubix SIMMER2 41ae10dfe2b60a4f2820a2b4d5ea915a 1502 12.08.02 -game simmer simmer2 Andrew Yoder Simplex dcc5883553225f6c3304a9188fc96246 1998 04.05.18 Ruins of Mazotac. The map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ Bill Graham/billcat Vampire Sisters 2a7f5b3fb33d8bc8dbf220f0691042e7 732 22.09.97 id1/maps/ Sid The Turkey Shoot 013b9d8cdc8782b3f8521e96e1b1eee7 120 04.12.07 id1/maps/ skacky Conference of the Shamblers 48277603b7f6c97d5ebaf814eaaa04ee 6703 01.01.14
    Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -game quoth -quoth sksp2
    George Grotans SkyMaze 2466f453f5c1fdbd3fe82fef2caba501 135 02.12.99 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Neil Manke The Slaughterhouse cc9bca3fe0c028e517a93f76035478f5 563 05.05.97 id1/maps/ RickyT23 Slave to a Machine d7b269ff72a22060349da0438552f2b2 5426 28.03.08 quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth SgtStabStabs Enter Sleepgate cf2c0852cf6355f0f1ed7f648a0876ec 3734 01.10.17
    Note: This map requires Quoth.]]>
    quoth/maps/ -game quoth -quoth
    Bruce W. Krueger Slipgate research complex c9702bf59b22f298f4f217dbea5b01a2 357 27.03.97 id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Sludge Factory 20f84624ba3517d88bd3a491ca0ffde4 5352 18.03.11
    Note: These maps require the Drake mod and an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    drake/maps/ -game drake sludge1 sludge2
    generic, Pulsar, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 100 - Unthemed 2021803b2786fc93638bc40f1367f349 613 17.07.05 id1/maps/ sm100_zwiffle sm100_pulsar sm100_generic negke Down the ratbit hole 892f10e24e3219a1052c1e8daa3448d8 1049 27.07.05
    This is a newer version than the one included in It has a critical bug fixed that could crash the game under certain circumstances.]]>
    Bambuz & Voodoochopstiks, negke, Zwiffle Speedmap 100 Turtle map event 82e776ec9c6d004fd78c859356a97101 1900 25.07.05 3 SP maps by Bambuz & Voodoochopstiks, neg!ke, Zwiffle

    Note: An updated version of neg!ke's map can be found here.]]>
    id1/maps/ bamvoo_tur100 sm100t_neg!ke zweiturtlemap
    Starbuck, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 101 - The Basics 008d58055ecc0f63d594845756e87892 497 31.07.05 id1/maps/ sm101_starbuck sm101_zwiffle Drew, HeadThump, negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 102 - Geocomp b4b836bba8f8fbdc6806eaec7ce629fa 1035 28.08.05 id1/maps/ sm102_zwiffle sm102_neg!ke sm102_ht sm102_drew generic, Starbuck, negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 103 - Autumn 313498d5ed937fef21f8a32f07f10645 1205 04.09.05 id1/maps/ sm103_zwiffle sm103_starbuck sm103_neg!ke sm103_generic2 sm103_generic1 sm102_generic Voodoochopstiks, Drew, generic, Hrimfaxi, negke, Tron Speedmapping pack 104 - Secret Maps e2d2d3229b0dbfe55e395517beec0543 1764 19.09.05 id1/maps/ sm104_chop sm104_drew sm104_tron sm104_neg!ke sm104_hrim sm104_generic Drew, generic, negke, Tron Speedmapping pack 105 - What if two maps mated 1a1b62fa53b67882245305de1b6dbe30 1185 26.09.05 id1/maps/ sm105_generic sm105_drew sm105_tron sm105_neg!ke generic, Pulsar, TextFish Speedmapping pack 106 - Partially submerged 734b408d8936e54b23a5a376dc80a60b 884 02.10.05 id1/maps/ SM106_TextFish sm106_pulsar sm106_generic generic, HeadThump Speedmapping pack 107 cb9df5ba89a3c6a9b0925dac44fa98b3 578 30.10.05 id1/maps/ sm107_generic sm107_ht bambuz Speedmapping pack 108 - Unthemed 07ffb13c1db0296e3133cf15af069011 158 13.10.05 negke Speedmapping pack 108 - Zerstörer 7d5160134f54fc415389dc150f713ce1 400 22.10.05 generic, Drew, HeadThump, Trinca, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 109 - Unthemed cd8f111b1620dc305fe29056090470c3 1063 30.10.05 Aardappel, Apollo, Cybear, Damaul, Misyu Speedmapping pack 10 - Unthemed a135ab9bcb0db8e04dc0a6afc1ce52ec 973 29.04.01 sm10_misyu sm10_ap sm10_aard sm10_dam sm10_bear Drew, generic, HeadThump, negke Speedmapping pack 110 - Big 2c277d69a1727a2c2e6608badf5c0563 1206 06.11.05 -game sm110_pack sm110_neg!ke sm110_ht sm110_generic sm110_drew Drew, Hrimfaxi, negke, Trinca, Spirit Speedmapping pack 111 - Unthemed ea987c4476ba0c8bd8651bb40ddd16ad 1855 21.11.05 id1/maps/ sm111_drew sm110_trinca sm111_trinca sm111_spirit sm111_neg!ke sm111_hrim generic, negke, Trinca, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 112 - Unthemed d34893552d569098877820b456c162b1 1741 28.11.05 id1/maps/ sm112_trinca sm112_neg!ke sm111_generic sm112_zwiffle negke Speedmapping pack 113 - Rescue mission 41cb9680df545dd43d988601844772c6 319 05.12.05 sm113_neg!ke bambuz, negke, Spirit, Trinca Speedmapping pack 114 - Only one texture ff84f17fdc7fc36b7b9f38307040e2d1 318 12.12.05 id1/maps/ sm114_trinca sm114_spirit sm114_neg!ke sm114_bam bambuz, generic, negke Speedmapping pack 115 - Ziggurat 4ab51429335ae43a5e8af95f30a7f1bf 571 20.12.05 id1/maps/ sm115_bam sm115_neg!ke sm115_generic adamllis, negke Speedmapping pack 116 - Tricking maps c87291ee97d40d46cc6d999e2baa6b6f 455 10.01.06 id1/maps/ sm116_neg!ke sm116_adamllis sm116_adamllis2 adamllis, Ankh, negke, Trinca Speedmapping pack 117 - M.C. Escher/Ogre Massacre 88ef42ca36cad771ae50d313f9a7e617 1495 23.01.06 id1/maps/ sm117_ankh sm117_adamllis sm117_trinca sm117_neg!ke adamllis, generic, negke Speedmapping pack 118 - Darkness 097ac6ba679864390658d6b17fa3c3a5 857 31.01.06 id1/maps/ sm118_adamllis sm118_neg!ke sm118_generic negke, Trinca Speedmapping pack 119 - Unthemed a4ff748761c1a676f0025c734d684d59 662 14.02.06 id1/maps/ sm119_trinca sm119_neg!ke Aardappel, Cybear, CZG, Misyu Speedmapping pack 11 - Unthemed d3c5c61cf733e882f383632f06066e6f 830 29.04.01 id1/maps/ sm11_misyu sm11_bear sm11_czg sm11_aard generic, Trinca Speedmapping pack 120 - Unthemed fdf6491c4f74406e351eeae694f0b5b3 661 28.02.06 id1/maps/ sm120_generic sm120_trinca2 sm120_trinca1 generic, negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 121 - Destruction dcbb3f4167c6be3f9c3d614a6dc36f27 2086 21.03.06 id1/maps/ sm121_generic sm121_zwiffle sm120_neg!ke sm121_neg!ke bambuz, generic Speedmapping pack 122 - EVIL DEAD PRISON RAPE BREAK OUT MASTURBATORY HAPPY TIME! 410bee5a27a37439b9f803df4e57a347 517 05.04.06 id1/maps/ sm122_generic sm122_bambuz negke, Trinca Speedmapping pack 123 - A tribute to the Dopefish 551ac9223478a4d70b23a9f89f159a65 466 11.04.06 id1/maps/ sm123_trinca sm123_neg!ke bambuz, negke Speedmapping pack 124 - Spaceship 79cbc932f0eb7708180adfa932f40e27 618 26.04.06 id1/maps/ sm124_bam sm124_neg!ke sm124_neg!ke2 generic, negke Speedmapping pack 125 - Timelimit 33e86d5518714accac92f94f7863f852 487 16.05.06 sm125_generic sm125_neg!ke generic, negke Speedmapping pack 126 - Mini-Marcher fe9fded4545e1ce0bd61ed8a96df7d06 1594 13.08.06 id1/maps/ sm126_generic sm126_neg!ke efdat, Hrimfaxi, negke, Spirit Speedmapping pack 127 - 1024^3 4afa77c17cc96a3eba6b276c4f7c0acc 1731 02.10.06 id1/maps/ sm127_hrim2 sm127_efdat sm127_spirit sm127_neg!ke sm127_hrim bambuz, negke Speedmapping pack 128 - Building on a strange animal 83c254dc0471a86c270a42389a0fbff1 515 17.10.06 id1/maps/ sm128_generic sm128_neg!ke efdat, negke, Omus Speedmapping pack 129 - Traps 972de67b4264e60a6875719c2680f010 1365 13.11.06 id1/maps/ sm129_efdat sm129_omus sm129_neg!ke Aardappel, Cybear, NotoriousRay, Scampie Speedmapping pack 12 - Unthemed d7a88733a6227f77e7567512b8e193d6 487 06.05.01 id1/maps/ sm12_ray sm12_scampie sm12_aard sm12_bear negke, Spirit Speedmapping pack 130 - Revisiting familiar places 4c6e1007ca6a19f842a8cca46313cbbb 477 11.12.06 id1/maps/ sm130_neg!ke sm130_spirit efdat, negke, Spirit, Trinca Speedmapping pack 131 - Elder world train station 30d90f47aa7c1c6ae22bba1de97eb235 743 08.01.07 id1/maps/ sm131_neg!ke sm131_efdat sm131_trinca sm131_spirit generic, Omus Speedmapping pack 132 - Inverted Castle 21904f2b94dde2641b819b69a4e59468 299 29.01.07 id1/maps/ sm132_generic sm132_omus efdat, negke, Spirit Speedmapping pack 133 - Machinery 4b3613ae6e94bcbdb84e10b211c7a102 1029 11.04.07 id1/maps/ sm133_efdat sm133_spirit sm133_neg!ke Ankh, negke, Spirit, Trinca Speedmapping pack 134 - Fuck you this is no theme and it's silly f351c15913b178f773b05c9c2fe4785d 824 01.08.07 id1/maps/ sm134_trinca sm134_spirit sm134_neg!ke sm134_ankh Ankh, generic, lurker Speedmapping pack 135 - Unthemed 789447835eb542999e7962f75be24606 903 17.09.07 id1/maps/ sm135_generic sm135_ankh sm135_lurker Ankh, Drew Speedmapping pack 136 - Unthemed 2211166af190b5b4a534951ef6f89aed 1055 15.10.07 id1/maps/ sm136_drew sm136_ankh Drew, Trinca Speedmapping pack 137 - Unthemed 0dace1c7b68d3cdb679228ad90076efb 1147 23.10.07 id1/maps/ sm137_trinca sm137_drew negke, Trinca Speedmapping pack 138 - Tanks 6794b3d549e17e43ce4b7d756fb92322 938 29.10.07 id1/maps/ sm138_neg!ke sm138_trinca negke, Spirit, Speedy Speedmapping pack 139 - Include your nick 56f95509bb5cb0fc4ed1e0a8b57e2826 576 04.11.07 id1/maps/ sm139_neg!ke sm139_spirit sm139_spd Aardappel, Amrik, Cybear, malevola Speedmapping pack 13 - Unthemed 53eff35d9f93cd670e04f63e77b5f91f 563 13.05.01 id1/maps/ sm13_aard sm13_amrik sm13_mal sm13_bear efdat, ijed Speedmapping pack 140 - Unthemed 57162be004b0834b4914b28d2ec6c9d1 872 13.11.07 id1/maps/ sm140_efdat sm140_ijed golden_boy, RickyT23 Speedmapping pack 141 - Hate 4ab16a5f7e995cd9e188e0852356f988 956 18.05.08 id1/maps/ sm141_gb sm141_rt23 bambuz, negke, Speedy, Spirit, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 142 - Netherworld assembly line 047c8e5b1a7893ca6710ab2b1e321b46 929 02.06.08 id1/maps/ sm142_bam sm142_bam2 sm142_negke sm142_spd sm142_spd2 sm142_spirit sm142_zwiffle negke, Spirit, Trinca Speedmapping pack 143 - Carnage/Quake lake 4993d7e9bb0322d9a869d9e2cca5365f 1302 07.07.08 id1/maps/ sm143_negke sm143_negke2 sm143_spirit sm143_trinca bambuz, lurker, negke, Spirit, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 144 - Super Collider 128 a84dfad640eed1acebe1e419ada16fe5 735 13.10.08 id1/maps/ sm144_bambuz sm144_lurker sm144_negke sm144_spirit sm144_zwiffle negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 145 - Tropical island 20fadde9b2a5c005f2a8d94c49808cf4 949 27.10.08 id1/maps/ sm145_negke sm145_zwiffle lurker, Spirit, st3ady Speedmapping pack 146 - Vondur's Iceberg d1d343c07a2f3bcee950f7644f034c5c 469 03.11.08 id1/maps/ sm146_lurker sm146_spirit sm146_st3ady Drew, lurker, st3ady, Trinca Speedmapping pack 147 - Unlikely escape ccdceddea2e9f08d0ce43f7868ec29a6 717 17.11.08 id1/maps/ sm147_drew sm147_lurker sm147_st3ady sm147_trinca ericw, Spirit, Willem Speedmapping pack 148 - Don't touch that! 7a51ed34f4f24ee2611bb45791cb0417 511 24.11.08 id1/maps/ sm148_ericw sm148_spirit sm148_willem Drew, Hrimfaxi Speedmapping pack 149 - Finish some scrap ec2c7bcba57678ecd77410bdeef0ae0b 1576 02.12.08 id1/maps/ sm149_drew sm149_hrim Cybear, iNaNe Speedmapping pack 14 - Unthemed 34d1ffdb01934a811ce97582725243b9 274 13.05.01 id1/maps/ sm14_inane sm14_bear ericw, NahkahiiR, Spirit Speedmapping pack 150 - 150 aeb2b9a678516a265cdfbf96aaf552e2 451 15.12.08 id1/maps/ sm150_ericw sm150_nahk sm150_spirit NahkahiiR, Spirit, Trinca Speedmapping pack 151 - Bookworm Bitches from the Ether Space 9d1c7a64dbbb01fcfddb73f981ef6cee 763 02.02.09 id1/maps/ sm151_nahk sm151_spirit sm151_trinca Drew, generic Speedmapping pack 152 - Otherworldly color a364e7329791fa0818855c9fc12a5efb 676 08.06.10 id1/maps/ sm152_drew sm152_generic Drew, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 153 - Caught between slipgates a13a4d23ba185d6a75be0de4abbba987 805 22.06.09 id1/maps/ sm153_zwiffle sm153_drew Drew, gb Speedmapping pack 154 - Improve safety 00396fd5e53aea56be46441ec6fd30bb 618 29.06.09 id1/maps/ sm154_drew sm154_gb Ankh, negke, Trinca, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 155 - Unthemed e6abc8a320ef78dca06eb99146f7a184 822 13.07.09 id1/maps/ sm155_ankh sm155_negke sm155_trinca sm155_zwiffle necros, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 156 - Unthemed 4bf5d3bcd32e857b2c51eed70031fb4c 1182 08.09.09 (necros' maps need Quoth)]]> id1/maps/ sm156_necros sm156_necros2 sm156_zwiffle spy Speedmapping pack 157 - Unthemed fdc96605b88ea2101a8e9e3a158c9cd6 505 26.10.09 id1/maps/ sm157_spy Drew, negke Speedmapping pack 158 - 80s arcade tribute 566f37855d2e03c6cea5482fdf6f1134 1177 17.02.10 id1/maps/ sm158_drew sm158_negke1 sm158_negke2 sm158_negke3 sm158_negke4 negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 159 - Unthemed 5efc1875a16889b2d4074eced7b8893e 810 09.03.10 id1/maps/ sm159_negke sm159_zwiffle Apollo, Cybear, NotoriousRay, Blitz, XeNoN Speedmapping pack 15 - Unthemed 4e17ee194f28aaa45c9a90e260f1c9c2 1270 20.05.01 id1/maps/ sm15_blitz sm15_ray sm15_bear sm15_ap sm15_xenon2 sm15_xenon1 Alan, Drew, Hrimfaxi, negke, rj, Shambler Speedmapping pack 160 - CZG's anus d1bb4ec82ea8bf6eb8b61746e5e83a62 2613 28.03.10 id1/maps/ sm160_alan sm160_drew sm160_drew2 sm160_hrim sm160_negke sm160_negke2 sm160_rj sm160_shambler distrans Speedmapping pack 161 - 50 brushes a28cb9bd6c68ac76c8fc87c01d152aea 460 02.10.10 SM161.]]> id1/maps/ ericw, ijed, RickyT23, Spirit, Trinca, ZealousQuakeFan, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 161 - 50 brushes df5d40f64bde325cb4477bd7a9bf39e9 1123 01.10.10 id1/maps/ sm161_ericw sm161_ijed sm161_ricky sm161_spirit sm161_trinca sm161_zqf sm161_zqf2 sm161_zwiffle gb, negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 162 - Unthemed 33970dc25c7c71d9641af15d1ec9b911 1370 04.04.11 id1/maps sm162_gb sm162_negke sm162_zwiffle negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 163 - Unthemed ac3a89292079172d4b3e7d2985821990 449 11.04.11 id1/maps/ sm163_negke sm163_zwiffle digs, necros, negke, ZealousQuakeFan Speedmapping pack 164 - Unthemed 4fd7b3b82fd9eaad9f9ad4bc6a508703 2197 06.06.11 id1/maps sm164_digs sm164_necros sm164_negke sm164_zqf1 digs Speedmapping pack 165 - egyptian using sock's textures afc22765225a0d6e727aba798ca0d08e 671 23.08.11 id1/maps/ sm165_digs negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping Pack 166 - Unthemed 926b68a80061ec16fe9117e5b07a1a9e 682 28.02.12 id1/maps/ sm166_negke sm166_negke2 sm166_zwiffle digs Speedmapping Pack 167 - Unthemed 7bfac32212dac5a8ceb3d6411a10cc45 1460 21.03.12 id1/maps/ sm167_digs sm167_digs2 digs Speedmapping Pack 168 - Unthemed 016f6acf32e4613b25be5ead25adc6af 2142 25.07.12 id1/maps/ sm168_digs sm168_digs2 Drew, FifthElephant, ijed, Jackfapoff, negke, Orbs, RickyT23, Scampie Speedmapping Pack 169 - Rubicon2 with a Quad e68cc8c40e6dd3f652ab35be5cd60b90 5833 22.04.13
    Note: sm169_drew requires Quoth; sm169_ijed uses the BSP2 format (_ijed2 is vanilla Quake).
    id1/maps/ sm169_drew sm169_fifthelephant sm169_ijed2 sm169_jackfapoff sm169_negke sm169_orbs1 sm169_orbs2 sm169_rickyt23 sm169_scampie
    Aardappel, Gibbie, Misyu, NaNe Speedmapping pack 16 - Unthemed 146d35469abb19d19c21769b883448fe 988 20.05.01 id1/maps/ sm16_nane sm16_misyu sm16_aard sm16_gibbie negke Speedmapping pack 170 - Islands afe65070790f41e0d33df52826ec2e9e 348 26.05.13 SM170.]]> id1/maps digs, scampie Speedmapping pack 170 - Islands a588cccdda03f63b887e8b8662d75cbf 514 20.05.13 id1/maps/ sm170_scampie sm170_digs negke Speedmapping pack 171 - Bricks f051420fcd9148148936020c69e3e5b2 192 04.06.13 SM171.]]> id1/maps Cocerello, digs, Scampie Speedmapping pack 171 - Bricks d6fd2725106d99bc68ca2e2a057e373b 804 03.06.13 id1/maps sm171_cocerello sm171_digs sm171_scampie digs, Orbs, Scampie Speedmapping pack 172 - Explosions e6011bb2a660f96ee551f71cb97b0077 311 10.06.13 id1/maps sm172_digs sm172_orbs sm172_scampie Cocerello, digs, doomer, skacky Speedmapping pack 173 - Quake The Way Id Did 376897f8b0b7c55dc5cc9e1da4082f96 1994 19.12.13 id1/maps/ sm173_coce sm173_digs sm173_doomer sm173_skacky negke, Scampie Speedmapping pack 174 - Castle MadFox f0438c83ad74911b00a473a9b7a2ff68 301 18.05.14 id1/maps/ sm174_negke sm174_scampie Cocerello, digs, DOOMer, FifthElephant, Scampie Speedmapping pack 175 - Koohoo's Castle 3e71f67ccf7836de380668766fc33696 7037 13.06.14
    Note: Alternative versions of Cocerello's maps are included for use with Scorge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity.]]>
    id1/maps/ sm175_coceaa sm175_coceb sm175_digs sm175_doomer sm175_5th sm175_scampie
    Cocerello, DOOMer, Drew Speedmapping pack 176 - Quantity over Quality dee8d500179a97b554c46443dd080b15 3452 30.08.14
    Follows the same theme as Speedmapping Pack 67.The source for Cocerello's map is included.

    Note: Cocerello's map and Drew's map require Quoth.]]>
    sm176_coce.bsp sm176_doomer.bsp sm176_drew.bsp
    Cocerello, digs, Doomer, Shamblernaut Speedmapping pack 177 - Escher 58b4651bfab675239a73f974aa7e8f90 4347 12.04.16
    Speedmaps inspired by M.C. Escher. "Break your brain" (sm177_digs) by digs is a high quality map that could easily hold its own as a full release. The others are standard speedmaps. The source for Cocerello's map is included.

    Note: Cocerello's map requires Quoth.]]>
    id1/maps/ sm177_coce.bsp sm177_digs.bsp sm177_doomer.bsp sm177_shamblernaut.bsp
    Danzadan, dumptruck_ds, mukor, Naitelveni, onetruepurple Speedmapping pack 179 - Wizard bd65b274a582bb72ec0aaa5816f6c29a 3484 20.08.17 id1/maps/ sm179_danzadan sm179_dumptruck_ds sm179_mukor sm179_naitelveni sm179_otp Apollo, Cybear, NororiousRay, XeNoN Speedmapping pack 17 - Unthemed 13d6a76a1f703c4f22508df585d8b946 413 28.05.01 id1/maps/ sm17_ray sm17_bear sm17_xenon sm17_ap mukor, Naitelveni Speedmapping pack 180 - A Map Repus Can Enjoy dcfcca22ad6f583980229ffabc1c15d2 3325 16.12.17 id1/maps/ sm180_mukor sm180_nait Cocerello, Doomer, Naitelveni, Newhouse, SavageX Speedmapping pack 181 - Copper b0ba7794da166d2e44a412ce823a902d 11187 12.01.18 id1/maps/ sm181_coce1 sm181_coce2 sm181_doomer sm181_nait2 sm181_newhouse sm181_savagex Artistical, dumptruck_ds, ionous, Newhouse, onetruepurple Speedmapping pack 182 - Organic f30918826a3b1d608141ab2958620499 4920 23.04.18 id1/maps/ sm182_artistical sm182_dumptruck sm182_ionous sm182_newhouse sm182_otp Artistical, dumptruck_ds, Mariteaux, Prengle, Newhouse Speedmapping pack 183 - Bases and Outposts a65fdfa807526b551e9d48bc516e4547 8119 04.06.18 id1/ sm183_artistical sm183_dumptruck sm183_mariteaux sm183_prengle sm183_newhouse Artistical, Breezeep, JCR, negke Speedmapping pack 184 - Mayan 14df28f0e54d3d119ed83f05bc308a4c 17340 01.07.18 Includes custom skyboxes and map sources. Some of the maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]> id1/ sm184_artistical sm184_breezeep sm184_jcr sm184_shambler Artistical, DraQu, JCR, muk0r, onetruepurple, ww Speedmapping pack 185 - 1024 Units c0a8faf48f956c998b7529f2a986f3c4 3694 05.07.18 Includes map sources and some of the maps may require a source port with increased limits.]]> id1/ sm185_artistical sm185_draqu sm185_jcr sm185_muk sm185_otp sm185_ww Danzadan, Ing-ing, ionous, ish, JCR, muk0r, Newhouse, PinchySkree, prengle, Shambler, vaf, Andrew Yoder Speedmapping pack 186 - Terracotta 0af3385dde07c8a3db97950d9e29646e 19319 27.08.18 Includes various custom skyboxes and map sources, and some of the maps may require a source port with increased limits.

    id1/ sm186_danzadan sm186_ing sm186_ionous sm186_ish sm186_jcr sm186_muk sm186_newhouse sm186_pinchy sm186_prengle sm186_sham sm186_vaf sm186_yoder
    dantescanline, Danzadan, dumptruck_ds, ing-ing, JCR, Naitelveni, Newhouse, prengle Speedmapping pack 187 - 4 hours 3b6053e5eb5aff2bbbbaefadaa601f09 3385 13.09.18 Some map sources are included and some of the maps may require a source port with increased limits.]]> id1/ sm187_dante sm187_danzadan sm187_dumptruck sm187_ing sm187_jcr sm187_naitelveni sm187_newhouse sm187_prengle Breezeep, dumptruck_ds, Ing-ing, ionous, JCR, Nostalgick, QueenJazz, Andrew Yoder Speedmapping pack 188 - Progs_dump a5830c48635b3d5b8f2e30bb122e0ca8 16128 07.10.18 Also includes a custom skybox, a few custom sounds and models, and some map sources. Some of the maps may require a source port with increased limits.]]> sm188/ -game sm188 sm188_breezeep sm188_dumptruck sm188_ing sm188_ionous sm188_jcr sm188_nostalgick sm188_queenjazz sm188_yoder start Ing-ing, ish, nyoeieoyn, onetruepurple, Pinchy, Rhoq, Shambler, TBA143, ww SM189 - DOOM / Satanic Mechanisms 6f3dfe49fc85c208a356c73fde8bf307 16601 10.12.18
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits]]>
    id1/ sm189_ing sm189_ish sm189_nyo sm189_otp sm189_pinchy sm189_rhoq sm189_shamb sm189_tba143 sm189_ww
    Cybear, Blitz, Miikka, Misyu, NaNe Speedmapping pack 18 - Unthemed de9eb6f29852de30ab56ceb4e7c16184 762 28.05.01 id1/maps/ sm18_nane sm18_blitz sm18_bear sm18_misyu sm18_miikka Digs, Dumptruck, Ing, Ish, JCR, Naitelveni, Newhouse, Nyo, onetruepurple, Pinchy, Scrama, Skacky, Ukko SM190 - Six textures 9eb18d68a082772083eac458db33722c 29836 01.01.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm190_digs sm190_dumptruck sm190_ing sm190_ish sm190_jcr sm190_naitelveni sm190_newhouse sm190_newhouse2 sm190_nyo sm190_otp sm190_pinchy sm190_scrama sm190_skacky sm190_skacky2 sm190_ukko
    Breezeep, Danzadan, Digs, Giftmacher, Ing, Ionous, Ish, JCR, Maxx, Pinchy Skree, Queenjazz, Scrama, Ukko, WW, Yoder SM191 - Origins 28457f44e23f4f098809aa239a9446a7 13264 21.01.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm191_breezeep sm191_danz sm191_danz2 sm191_digs sm191_gift sm191_ing sm191_ionous sm191_ish sm191_jcr sm191_maxx sm191_pinchy sm191_queenjazz sm191_scrama sm191_ukko sm191_ww sm191_yoder
    Digs, Ing-ing, ionous, ish, Naitelveni, Pinchy SM192 - Rooftops f881b6d98dd6afbe3af55598f2af4e10 11679 19.02.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased.]]>
    id1/ sm192_digs sm192_ing sm192_ionous sm192_ish sm192_naitelveni sm192_pinchy
    Bal, Danzadan, Fairweather, Ing-ing, ionous, ish, JCR, kamp, Marandal, Naitelveni, Newhouse, onetruepurple, Pinchy, Shambler, Ukko Speedmapping pack 193 - Quakeguy Goes to White Castle 8737bf761de917516632ed92ce9ce31d 42957 07.03.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm193_bal sm193_danz sm193_fairweather sm193_ing sm193_ionous sm193_ish sm193_jcr sm193_kamp sm193_marandal sm193_naitelveni sm193_newhouse sm193_otp sm193_pinchy sm193_sham sm193_ukko
    Artistical, Danzadan, Esrael, Fairweather, Ing-ing, ish, JCR, kamp, khreathor, MortalMaxx, Mugwump, Pinchy, uKKo Speedmapping pack 194 - BigMcGee 814f5aea13064127f92b9ed8023d2ac0 48112 25.04.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm194_artistical sm194_danz sm194_fairweather sm194_ing sm194_ing2 sm194_ish sm194_jcr sm194_kamp sm194_khre sm194_maxx sm194_mug sm194_pinchy sm194_ukko sm194_esrael
    Artistical, Fairweather, Ing-ing, Pinchy, Sankyou, Yoder, Zungryware Speedmapping pack 195 - Gotto go fast 126c866a88d3a6130c553ef52fc3bcfd 10103 02.05.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm195_artistical sm195_fairweather sm195_ing sm195_pinchy sm195_sankyou sm195_yoder sm195_zungryware
    Artistical, Danzadan, Fairweather, Mazu, Ing-Ing, Muk, Pinchy, Yoder Speedmapping pack 196 - Quick Honey d8e16ac5058823d80ff7b56352783d55 11724 07.05.19 Honey-themed singleplayer maps. The map sources are included.

    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm196_artistical sm196_danz sm196_fairweather sm196_hcm sm196_ing sm196_muk sm196_pinchy sm196_yoder
    Artistical, Cocerello, Fairweather, Greenwood, ionous, JCR, Pinchy, Saila, ww Speedmapping pack 197 - Six Textures part 2 491fa4b42a931e272e429e98bec564b9 15673 13.06.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm197_artistical sm197_coce sm197_fairweather sm197_greenshot sm197_ionous sm197_jcr sm197_pinchy sm197_saila sm197_ww
    Artistical, Elithium, fairweather, Giftmacher, Greenwood, Ing-ing, ionous, MortalMaxx, Mugwump, Nolcoz, Pinchy Skree, Qmaster, The Solipsist, Zerosignal, Zungryware Speedmapping pack 198: 768^2 4167d6d0bc8773fb1daea864afc1bfc8 25078 30.06.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    sm198/ -game sm198 start sm198_artistical sm198_elithium sm198_fairweather sm198_giftmacher sm198_greenwood sm198_ing sm198_ionous sm198_maxx sm198_mug sm198_nolcoz sm198_pinchy sm198_qmaster sm198_solipsist sm198_zero sm198_zungryware
    Burnham, Elithium, Greenwood, Ing-ing, ionous, JCR, Newhouse, Pinchy Skree, Yoder Speedmapping pack 199 - Collaboration 865c7c20bdbea5be78165e82dd169047 16152 20.07.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    sm199/ -game sm199 sm199_burnham_yoder sm199_elithium_greenwood sm199_greenwood_ing-ing sm199_nh_jcr sm199_pinchy_ion
    Apollo, Blitz, DaZ, Lunaran, Miikka, Misyu, XeNoN Speedmapping pack 19 - Unthemed ae324ba1687aea31a1cd366a6a977397 1312 04.06.01 id1/maps/ sm19_misyu sm19_xenon sm19_lun sm19_blitz sm19_ap sm19_miikka sm19_daz Scampie, bear, RPG Speedmapping pack 1 8b0b8909b61bca9f6865f5197372de33 229 23.03.01 id1/maps/ sm1_scampie sm1_rpg sm1_bear Artistical, Fairweather, ionous, JCR, MortalMaxx, Mugwump, onetruepurple, Pinchy Skree, Ukko, Vurkka, Zungryware SM200: Chainmap Chaos ea1dea44bdc16149e3f412b5cd923cf6 18146 18.09.19
    Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1/ sm200a sm200b sm200c sm200d
    Amrik, Apollo, FrikaC, Gibbie, Mystery8, Vigil Speedmapping pack 20 - Unthemed f81707f716288a2cc90b63e7e25692d2 660 10.06.01 id1/maps/ sm20_frik sm20_gib sm20_vig sm20_mystery8 sm20_ap sm20_amrik Gibbie, Misyu, NaNe, Tron, Vigil Speedmapping pack 21 - Wood and stone, containing at least 1 bridge 2d3d7fa077f6135b97641abd5f8193c2 1223 17.06.01 id1/maps/ sm21_vig sm21_gibbie sm21_misyu sm21_nane sm21_tron Aardappel, Apollo, Basil, Cybear, Elek Speedmapping pack 22 - Speedrunning map a1ca491eb1857e509f282d96a22b1c8e 463 24.06.01 id1/maps/ sm22_basil sm22_bear sm22_elek sm22_ap sm22_aard Drew Speedmapping pack 23 7f85232a59c952cd49019bd1d1ba0180 829 15.07.01 sm23_jay1 sm23_jay2 sm23_jay3 sm23_jay4 Aardappel, NaNe, than, XeNoN Speedmapping pack 24 - Metal at night 22b0057f252380b3008c835e40cedd9b 738 15.07.01 id1/maps/ sm24_than sm24_xenon sm24_nane sm24_aard than Title 3c6c33f70166fb24b1d5ee21657b2bb6 215 20.07.01 This map was originally made in two hours for the 24th Speedmap pack. For those who don't know, Speedmapping is simply to make a map in a set timelimit.The timelimit for this map was 100 minutes so I obviously failed :( Anyway, I made the architecture with 10 minutes left and added monsters in the following 15 minutes but was then blighted by compile problems and then stupid quake crashes. The first version of the map that was released (sm24_than) had no lighting, more bugs and worse gameplay. I quite liked the map so I decided to spend a little more time on itand re-release this special edition forQExpo.]]> banaan, Cybear, Grahf, necros, Riot, Scampie, Speedy, than, E-werd Speedmapping pack 25 - (QExpo) 0452bf3609a642d4ad160b74514fe819 1810 23.07.01 id1/maps/ sm25_speedy sm25_than sm25_grahf sm25_scamp sm25_necros sm25_bear sm25_werd sm25_riot sm25_banaan Amrik, Apollo, Asaki, CardO, Elek, Grahf, intertia, Lunaran, necros, Preacher, Notorious Ray, Starbuck, Scampie, than, E-werd Speedmapping pack 26 - (QExpo) 888f36c2268aab9ed84e9471c381f553 3125 14.08.01 id1/maps/ sm26_than sm26_preach sm26_necros sm26_cardo sm26_ap sm26_amrik sm26_werd sm26_scampie sm26_sbck sm26_ray sm26_necros2 sm26_lun sm26_inertia sm26_grahf SM26_ELEK sm26_asaki Apollo, Cybear, intertia, Notorious Ray, than, Xenon Speedmapping pack 27 - Unthemed 0e74ef53d3705b46b5e492e68aca888e 746 13.08.01 id1/maps/ sm27_xenon sm27_than sm27_ap sm27_ray sm27_inertia sm27_bear DaMaul, than, Lunaran, Xenon Speedmapping pack 28 - Chain map 57e8ca6b88eaded5243d43f55d21e0ad 826 26.08.01 id1/maps/ sm28 cybear, CZG, Gibbie, necros, Scampie, than, Xenon Speedmapping pack 29 - Unthemed cf97da6c262a6588649ae88dbf98f1cf 1754 14.08.01 id1/maps/ sm29_xenon sm29_bear sm29_scampie sm29_necros SM29_Gib sm29_czg sm29_than Aardappel, Cybear, RPG, Vigil, DaZ, Blade, Speedy, Goetz, iNane Speedmapping pack 2 980a9079861637c5f1c119dd99135c38 1094 24.03.01 id1/maps/ sm2_inane sm2_aard sm2_blade sm2_speed sm2_daz sm2_bear sm2_rpg sm2_vigil sm2_goetz Notorious Ray, Starbuck, Scampie, Speedy, than Speedmapping pack 30 - Unthemed ec363319c3380eb1c52841acaa33cda9 869 14.08.01 id1/maps/ sm30_than sm30_speedy sm30_sb2 sm30_sb1 sm30_ray sm30_scampie Apollo, CardO, Starbuck, Speedy Speedmapping pack 31 - IDbase 4d9d0491a3843f077fbed966c7e1bb2d 527 18.08.01 id1/maps/ sm31_speedy sm31_sb sm31_cardo sm31_ap Gibbie, Nightbringer, RPG, Than Shut Up, RPG! 80f8058a0b46097c780d9f840eb2a401 931 15.09.01 id1/maps/ sm32 Apollo, Starbuck, than Speedmapping pack 33 - Unthemed 7bdfde5be87edc88698d4ed988b4d0d0 571 18.09.01 id1/maps/ sm33_ap sm33_sb sm33_than Cybear, Fren, gibbie, than Speedmapping pack 34 - Use the decon textures created by Stecki 9e2110802d3c921e3f938a62ca4bbfb0 739 18.09.01 id1/maps/ sm34_than sm34_bear SM34_FR3N sm34_gibbie Apollo, Cybear, necros, nekroe Speedmapping pack 35 - Use the Egypt texture set created by sock as converted by Fren 850e3419f76453f6f69d678035462bcc 846 24.09.01 id1/maps/ sm35_bear sm35_ap sm35_necros sm35_nekroe Misyu, necros, Vigil, Xen Subterranean Siege 606c39dbf865c9141c7dbd2b57e26b64 2358 08.10.02 sm36/ -game sm36 sm36 Fr3n, than, XeNoN, metlslime, Asaki Speedmapping pack 37 - Unthemed adacfe4fbdabdeee280fe8839c16acd4 1129 21.10.01 id1/maps/ sm37_asaki sm37_sb sm37_metl sm37_fr3n sm37_than sm37_xenon DaZ, gemein, Starbuck, Speedy Speedmapping pack 38 - Unthemed 6b5a5b883bc4d5fed8b200fb42a116c8 535 06.08.05 ap, dietz, Blitz, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Xenon Speedmapping pack 39 - Unthemed 14fdd56438a5117bf9d6c1c607fca45e 711 06.08.05 Vigil, iNane, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Cybear, Misyu Speedmapping pack 3 - Unthemed 66cd1b4196788edd5943d976dfb37940 442 24.03.01 id1/maps/ sm3_vigil sm3_inane sm3_ray sm3_bear sm3_scampie sm3_misyu Mike Woodham, Zwiffle SM40 contest e94436a70d44613fedd6cc33300e5560 2611 06.08.05 Asaki, ChAiNeR, E-werd, Harb, KrimZon, necros, NotoriousRay, Speedy, Starbuck, Xen Speedmapping pack 41 - QExpo 93664d698942615455fe692f8d33f3a7 2738 13.07.03 sm41_asaki sm41_necros sm41_rpg NotoriousRay, Xen, Speedy, gibbie, Starbuck, inertia, DaZ Speedmapping pack 42 - Unthemed b20db7afe8b91ed0442d86e77c604be4 1631 20.07.03 sm42_daz sm42_gibbie sm42_intertia sm42_ray sm42_speedy sm42_starbuck sm42_xen necros, Preach, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 43 - Unthemed 07f649321d7a39bb0c56f0ff179ae0df 1061 03.08.03 sm43_necros sm43_preach sm43_ray sm43_starbuck Blackpope, E-werd, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 44 - Unthemed e95f79d57cd673deb226e2e8203f0086 714 10.08.03 sm44_ewerd sm44_ray sm44_sb DaZ, Raptore, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 45 - Unthemed b2dab14aca7e76835d98f156124785a8 1106 17.08.03 sm45_daz sm45_raptore sm45_ray sm45_sb sm45_scampie Harb, Scampie, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 46 - Swamp fb5ea2e8302e1347ed312b388200a13e 1093 23.08.03 sm46_scampie sm46_harb Sm46_starbuck Scampie, Necros, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 47 - Unthemed 8ec5086283ea8ff4f25b693d45b634e2 707 31.08.03 sm47_scampie sm47_starbuck sm47_necros CZG, DaZ, Necros, Pushplay, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck, Xen Speedmapping pack 48 - Non-detail textures 9a99e590a1f732b02dacad5242d1eb8f 1184 07.09.03 sm48_crap sm48_czg sm48_daz sm48_push sm48_ray sm48_scampie sm48_starbuck sm48_xen DaZ, E-werd, Harb, Metlslime, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 49 - Crappy maps eb7e52734f36fab61ca87ea6fb150bbf 1819 14.09.03 sm49_daz sm49_ewerd sm49_harb sm49_metl sm49_ray sm49_scampie sm49_starbuck Vondur, Cybear, Aru, XeNoN Speedmapping pack 4 - Unthemed e5bd5e1d073a3228e66d15acc099d840 312 01.04.01 id1/maps/ sm4_xenon sm4_vondur Sm4_aru sm4_bear Asaki, Moz, Scampie, Starbuck, Xen Speedmapping pack 50 - Water 597dc591a035d177239bd97989e718ff 2191 22.09.03 sm50_asaki sm50_moz sm50_scampie sm50_starbuck sm50_xen sm51_xen czg, Fat Controller, Scampie, Xen Speedmapping pack 51 - ~ish maps 0188dc76a08120439ebed656d107edd4 1104 29.09.03 sm51_czg sm51_fat sm51_xen sm51_scampie E-werd, necros, Starbuck, NotoriousRay Speedmapping pack 52 - Unthemed f57ed67bde0c952b0c2f12ef815b1301 513 05.10.03 sm52_ewerd sm52_necros Moz, Starbuck, Scampie, RPG Speedmapping pack 53 - Cube maps 24230b42edadb2246445b0f5ea030c32 726 11.09.01 sm53_moz sm53_scampie sm53_starbuck CZG, Grahf, inertia, Moz, necros, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 54 - Unthemed 046cb96e2ba7b51a59bf2f8eaf873dc5 1144 19.10.03 sm54_inertia sm54_necros sm54_starbuck sm54_czg sm54_grahf sm54_moz Asaki, CZG, Metlslime, Scampie, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 55 - IDbase (The 4 Seasons of Quake #1) 87ae4183954254252d83ff5afe3ebaf5 1455 02.11.03 Sort of a seminal pack, along with the next three. CZG's contribution is excellent, and Metl and Scampie provide very nice additions to this pack. Starbuck and Asaki's are average.
    sm55_asaki sm55_czg sm55_metl sm55_scampie sm55_starbuck
    CZG, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz, Pulsar, RPG, Scampie, Xenon Speedmapping pack 56 - Episode 2 (The 4 Seasons of Quake #2) fc4b461a3472a47a05ce2ad678e9891c 1754 09.11.03 Another seminal Speedmap pack, with CZG, Hrimfaxi, RPG and Xen's offerings being particularly noteworthy.
    Notably, a special edition of RPG's entry can be found in his mini episode "Quake Condensed."]]>
    sm56_pulsar sm56_czg sm56_hrim sm56_lev sm56_moz1 sm56_moz2 sm56_rpg sm56_scampie sm56_xen
    CZG, distrans, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz, Pulsar, RPG, Scampie, Xenon Speedmapping pack 57 - Episode 3 / Runic (The 4 Seasons of Quake #3) cd1ad5f3ce6a739db25d13e243b0aece 1926 16.11.03
    A large and fairly diverse pack with only a few subpar maps. Some of these maps are above ID quality - just smaller. Notably, both sm 57_Pulsar and sm 57_rpg would go on to be remade as special editions (Rpg's in his 4 seasons of quake mini-episode "Quake Condensed").]]>
    sm57_pulsar sm57_czg sm57_distrans sm57_lev sm57_moz sm57_rpg sm57_scampie sm57_hrim
    PuLSaR The Lair of DOOMestic Animals 11cd56ab63ea3b9481f4043dcb967af8 540 30.12.03 id1/maps/ RPG, Scampie, Starbuck, Xenon SM 58 pack - The Elder World (The 4 Seasons of Quake #4) 9b2ac0ded9b16d3651228dc743064f8c 1292 23.11.03
    While not as strong as it's predecessors, this pack provides some nice little maps, with Xenon's being a particularly strong map, as well as an affectionate parody of some of Episode 4's quirks.
    It should be noted that special editions of RPG's maps included here can be found in his mini-episode "Quake Condensed."]]>
    sm58_scampie sm58_starbuck sm58_rpg1 sm58_rpg2 sm58_xen
    Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, MadFox, Scampie, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 59 - Unthemed 611303dbbb33b3eb0620c290785e4140 1561 07.12.03 id1/maps/ sm59_starbuck sm59_scampie sm59_madfox sm59_lev sm59_lev2 sm59_hrim Cybear, Aardappel, Gibbie, Aru, Grahf, iNaNe, Speedy, Scampi Speedmapping pack 5 - Unthemed 5d905230c098808a8307905e70870924 1378 01.04.01 id1/maps/ sm5_speed sm5_aard sm5_grahf sm5_bear sm5_gibbie sm5_scampie sm5_inane sm5_aru Gleeb, metlslime, Xen, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 60 - Deathmatch maps ea0d484fbec701f8f62f8dc4384f7fed 927 14.12.03 id1/maps/ sm60_metl sm60_xen sm60_zwiffle sm60_gleeb drew, Leviathan, PuLSaR, Scampie, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 61 - Unthemed 2f5f14c8a31602ad894ad1f698eb10f1 1401 21.12.03 id1/maps/ sm61_PuLSaR sm61_lev sm61_drew sm61_scampie sm61_zwiffle Leviathan, RPG, Than, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 62 - Hybrid maps 37ec07ad598b9c18aa685f421651b58b 939 28.12.03 id1/maps/ sm62_than sm62_rpg sm62_zwiffle sm62_lev Fat Controller, necros, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 63 - No monsters (optional theme) 14baf6d56373fb0faa50fcb28323aae4 1330 18.01.04 id1/maps/ sm63_zwiffle sm63_necros SM63_FAT Moz, Scampie, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 64 - Skyward maps a75f4f1d497aa05ef623d68c80f9b836 599 24.01.04 id1/maps/ sm64_zwiffle sm64_moz sm64_scampie some Speedmap by czg Title 84f61654a3e1fab4651a7bce292012ef 389 06.08.05 Megazoid Title 3595c718e809bd45e610a48a5e3d84c4 193 01.02.04 czg, Scampie, Starbuck, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 65 - Do stuff based on a really ugly layout drawing Scampie did f20b79b72bdfcbc0e5e47fb13b274b1f 1341 01.02.04 id1/maps/ sm65_czg2 sm65_zwiffle sm65_starbuck sm65_czg sm65_scampie Gleeb, Megazoid, NotoriousRay, RPG, Starbuck Speedmapping pack 66 - Crap maps or Parody maps 9cebf536d4b5c7549cf83e29a20b34c9 944 08.02.04 id1/maps/ sm66_starbuck sm66_gleeb sm66_ray sm66_megazoid sm66_rpg Jacek, HeadThump, Xenon, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 67 - Quantity over Quality 79cacfbac193ca3c1b3fe30f49106b32 1856 15.02.04 id1/maps/ sm67_zwiffle2 sm67_headthump sm67_xen sm67_jacek2 sm67_jacek sm67_zwiffle Vondur, Fern, Aardappel, Vigil, NorotiousRay, DaZ Speedmapping pack 6 - Unthemed 584a62ac61cd14063fb8ebf9d5516f2c 818 08.04.01 id1/maps/ sm6_vondur sm6_aard sm6_ray sm6_fern sm6_daz sm6_vigil CZG, Jacek, Preach, Scampie, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 70 - Red Brick/Grey Brick (A Tribute to Headshot #1) 608180b324ca20d08ec09188cd6c9eec 648 29.02.04 id1/maps/ sm70_jacek sm70_scampie sm70_preach sm70_czg sm70_zwiffle Preach, Scampie Speedmapping pack 71 - DaPak (A Tribute to Headshot #2) 1ae007eff7caaff5b3890e15626fdefa 401 07.03.04 id1/maps/ sm71_scampie sm71_preach Cardo Title 6f6be29c61f286949f2dc58aa9ab34c8 98 06.08.05 id1/maps/ CardO, Scampie, RPG, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 72 - Spine map textures (A Tribute to Headshot #3) 079b2563ea2a67383277febf3d3bfe02 1035 13.03.04 id1/maps/ sm72_rpg sm72_cardo sm72_zwiffle2 sm72_zwiffle sm72_scampie nane, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 73 - Agenda/Dead map textures (A Tribute to Headshot #4) 8aa9a3ea1e764d42a93e1042fc8e54de 295 27.03.04 id1/maps/ sm73_zwiffle2 sm73_nane sm73_zwiffle metlslime, necros, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 74 - Maps you play through twice 3e909eabf927aef4479338cc041b2d97 578 11.04.04 id1/maps/ sm74_metl sm74_zwiffle sm74_necros nane, necros, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 75 - Doom maps (no room over room/no slopes) bc1bb6c88fcd2cd563702e03d1c1cd25 511 17.04.04 id1/maps/ sm75_zwiffle sm75_nane sm75_scampie CZG, Drew, HeadThump, Scampie, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 76 - 100 min timelimit enforced b262190ed5fcdace3b887717d52cf2a1 930 24.04.04 id1/maps/ sm76_headthump sm76_drew sm76_czg sm76_zwiffle sm76_scampie RPG, Scampie, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 77 - A new end map for Quake 45b32d4669a2ab9a0715c31380a9f372 557 01.05.04 id1/maps/ sm77_scampie sm77_rpg sm77_zwiffle Scampie, Windlash, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 78 - Arena 0738fa8a4c550ed01244d3f6daf06171 449 08.05.04 id1/maps/ sm78_evan sm78_zwiffle sm78_scampie Drew, Mike Woodham, necros, RPG, Scampie, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 79 - Abandoned city 89f09e6926c05f1a005e958022538a14 1966 22.05.04 id1/maps/ sm79_necros sm79_fmb sm79_drew sm79_zwiffle sm79_scampie sm79_rpg Aardappel, Aru, Bal, Cybear, Frib, iNaNe, Raptor, Notorious Ray, Scampie Speedmapping pack 7 - Unthemed 92f8ad271c852b86db20df9ac6515c55 950 15.04.01 id1/maps/ sm7_scampie sm7_ray sm7_rap sm7_aard sm7_frib sm7_bear sm7_bal sm7_aru sm7_inane metlslime, PuLSaR, Scampie, Speedy, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 80 - Vertical Swamps 729f353bc46e50901eb2870a6bd9a419 1423 30.05.04 id1/maps/ sm80_pulsar sm80_metl sm80_zwiffle sm80_speedy sm80_scampie Paintsniffing Joe, Speedy, Starbuck, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 81 - Massive Scale 6d8e1ee6110fc40684c9dd561cfd5091 1283 06.06.04 id1/maps/ sm81_starbuck sm81_speedy sm81_paintyj sm81_zwiffle distrans, NotoriousRay, PuLSaR, RPG, Zwiffle Rubicondom 3748860ccb10718b7e216fe65533f2a9 1445 18.07.05 id1/maps/ FrikaC Title 438184cc460b4322d37fccbb48f8dd39 1200 06.08.05 FrikaC, NotoriousRay, RPG, Scampie Speedmapping pack 83 - Deathmatch maps 59375bcdf88006aa56dc161f0e882344 515 26.06.04 id1/maps/ sm83_frik sm83_ray sm83_scampie sm83_rpg NotoriousRay Title f02b0203cd0c80cd677547b907ac3ce7 1300 06.08.05 RPG Title e5b4ed1c3c03b4e2d4bcf7e3cb6edbdd 1200 06.08.05 FrikaC, Jacek, Moz, BlackPope, Scampie Speedmapping pack 84 - Oldschool maps a07f02c96e490dc5ba45178bef89d3d1 917 10.07.04 id1/maps/ sm84_jacek sm84_jacek2 sm84_frik sm84_scampie sm84_pope sm84_moz Jacek, Paintsniffing Joe, BlackPope, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 85 - Male manhood fb7bb4b69085dc29f6c03d678fa1f692 410 06.08.05 Zwiffle Title c1ad0d63136158bda2b422d1135431fa 230 06.08.05 Jacek, Zwiffle Bees a5b700ddca9343be5fa09369da21ce5f 303 06.08.05 Zwiffle Title e28f4462da7e7c07236dec97088887ca 203 06.08.05 Aardappel, Cybear, Damaul, Frib, Misyu, Scampie Speedmapping pack 8 - Unthemed cf2a27b480022257e330a6bf8b0dbfcc 617 22.04.01 id1/maps/ sm8_damaul sm8_bear sm8_aard sm8_scampie sm8_frib sm8_misyu Zwiffle Title 2715f47809c72023d2996c961fe7afc8 154 06.08.05 Mike Woodham, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 91 - Black Coffee by Drannerz 43cab8bc0be46016b6c55ce225e3b910 473 20.11.04 id1/maps/ sm91_fmb sm91_zwiffle Headthump, Hrimfaxi, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 93 - Unthemed 789929257c8a7a441522bfdbe786a461 1729 29.05.05 id1/maps/ sm93_zwiffle sm93_headthump sm93_hrimfaxi bambuz, Tr0n, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 94 - The Rabbit Hole e87a6d3fa767f52b9845b98835f4e280 660 05.06.05 id1/maps/ sm94_bam sm94_zwiffle SM94_Tron HeadThumb, RPG, Tr0n, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 95 - Castle Void 30768a2a84157f3a80cf3efa0b27c82e 2124 12.06.05 id1/maps/ sm95_headthump sm95_zwiffle sm95_tron sm95_rpg Tr0n, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 96 - The Room 8c1bf9df82476ab1f421b97286908f68 353 19.06.05 id1/maps/ sm96_zwiffle sm96_tron bambuz, generic, Tron, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack 97 - Nowhere to hide 9c568871ef6db2cd878ee9950a49786a 485 26.06.05 id1/maps/ sm96_bam SM97_generic sm97_zwiffle sm97_tron bambuz, generic, tron, zwiffle, voodoochopstiks, negke, than Speedmapping pack 98 and 99 - Complex b90e54ea8a8fb8be33a3104fe49aa9dd 2181 11.07.05 id1/maps/ sm99_generic sm98_bam sm99_neg!ke sm99_chopstiks sm98_zwiffle sm98_generic sm98_tron sm99_zwiffle sm99_tron sm99_than bambuz Speedmap 98 bambuz 50607d74b8cb7036284493184df415ad 108 03.07.05 Original pack: sm9899_pack"]]> sm98_bam Aardappel, Cybear, Damaul, iNaNe, BlackPope, Scampie, XeNoN Speedmapping pack 9 - Unthemed 5081c0d692e669b9d68944a26194089c 1591 22.04.01 id1/maps/ sm9_bear sm9_damaul sm9_aard sm9_inane sm9_scampie sm9_pope sm9_xenon DraQu Eye Sore 44f49aba78e1495dc0d20df19cf25cd9 900 11.09.18 id1/maps/ Scott McNutt SM Levels Pack for QUAKE ace51b15e7a0cc1e49d6977873536955 5406 09.11.97 smlevel/ -game smlevel start negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack QExpo 2006 #1 - Ten years later 2a4fefd6c6ff16c36cf462c3419f9fb8 362 21.07.06 id1/maps/ smqe06a_neg!ke smqe06a_zwiffle bambuz, generic, lurker, negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack QExpo 2006 #2 - Episode 1 in one map 428ee65733f6159a849ac52e332ec462 1413 27.07.06 id1/maps/ smqe06b_bambuz smqe06b_generic smqe06b_lurker smqe06b_neg!ke smqe06b_zwiffle negke, rudl, TextFish, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack QExpo2008 #1 - Dreamscape cc6631016e42d39fb377100a651f3eb0 2134 19.08.08 id1/maps/ smqe08a_negke smqe08a_rudl smqe08a_textfish smqe08a_zwiffle lurker, negke, Omus, Text_Fish, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack QExpo2008 #2 - City in a forest d395cff9f74665e1b9dd8640ba562341 1609 25.08.08 id1/maps/ smqe08b_lurker smqe08b_negke smqe08b_omus smqe08b_textfish smqe08b_zwiffle negke Speedmapping pack QExpo2008 #3 - Tilted fa6b779345270b401b070113b499bfb8 104 02.09.08 smqe08c_negke adamllis, HeadThump, Lunaran, Omus, Spirit, sielwolf Speedmapping pack QExpo2008 #4 - Teleporter madness 902c6fd964df355727680cd89d609f58 1752 08.09.08 id1/maps/ smqe08d_adamllis smqe08d_ht smqe08d_lun smqe08d_omus smqe08d_spirit smqe08d_sw Entar, negke, Preach, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack QExpo 2005 - The Emerald City 9414f29e8ae367c57d64bdbb04f793c8 1175 14.08.05 Drew, generic, negke, Zwiffle Speedmapping pack QExpo 2005 - Miyazaki 5cb7eaa64b85df345c7354cc50e6a237 877 20.08.05 id1/maps/ smqe2_drew smqe2_zwiffle smqe2_neg!ke smqe2_generic digs, Drew, Text_Fish, Trinca, ZealousQuakeFan Speedmapping pack QExpo 2011 - 15 years tribute 4437d58b3759bbcba30b9a18c03951b4 3114 25.06.11 id1/maps/ smqx11_digs smqx11_drew smqx11_textfish smqx11_trinca smqx11_zqf Tan Sian Yue (aka. BUBBAH) BUBBAH's SNAKEPIT!!! fdd45b52dd69803802064bda4431f38f 249 31.10.96 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Shamblernaut Organic Dissociation d5f1bed9a2c7089c1be7984276f21a56 4366 11.12.17
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.
    [rezipped for Quaddicted]]]>
    id1/maps/ snaut-acidtrip
    Shamblernaut Cloisterfuck 326276ccfe6b0036da28f40beb81d4fe 5938 09.11.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Ben Horsley The Castle of Hell 8236d1de70e2cc9df3f9a879a4fb1d66 593 23.12.01 id1/maps/ Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert Soul of Evil b3cd782d448fca891901db2b41d61045 23623 01.04.02
    Two excellent Wizard-style SP episodes with modified and new monsters, many custom textures, and seven additional deathmatch maps.]]>
    soe/ -game soe start
    aguirRe Soul of Evil: Indian Summer (Skins for DP) 246e751f618c7b54d0a5319dbd6c1e22 1130 27.05.08 Soul of Evil: Indian Summer. These are for the Darkplaces engine.]]> aguirRe Soul of Evil: Indian Summer (Skins, glquake) 8b7d97cac0260a12cd0d5fa2effff669 11252 27.05.08 Soul of Evil: Indian Summer. These are for GLQuake engines (TGA format).]]> Neil Manke Soldier of Fortune, Inc.: Episode One da67c9905dd5b2bf3f2d23267c532ba4 2274 19.10.97 sofsp2.]]> soldier/ -game soldier start Neil Manke Soldier of Fortune, Inc.: Episodes Two and Three 1491ee1e579815f3b69c97f361f79564 1299 10.11.97 sofsp1 (required to play!) including both the second and the third map of the mission. The interior of a secret biolab facility with mutated animals, and, again, the canyon for the retreat.]]> soldier/ -game soldier sof2 Vondur Solarfall 80cee863476e1a12f38c3a6891ffbee4 1275 06.07.99 id1/maps/ solstart Tronyn, PM, Tyrann, necros Something Wicked This Way Comes 0b03d26eca1549eafdc30f385138c070 37399 19.12.12
    Note: These maps require a source port with BSP2 support as well as increased limits.]]>
    wicked/ -game wicked wickedstart wicked wickedend
    Graham Davis (OrbItaL) The Source of Power f2e9b4f7f3c31aa9e75cb71ddd67a5c9 6111 01.08.99
    Note: The maps are only playable in DOS/ Winquake or a high-limit engine. For regular GL engines, download the fixed version instead: sop_v2.
    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]>
    -game sop start
    Graham Davis (OrbItaL) The Source of Power 7d80ce73960881f1ebee8bd067714ffc 5850 10.06.03 sop123 by Bengt Jardrup.

    Mini SP campaign consisting of three medium sized outdoor levels (+ start map) in Wizard/Canyon/Egyptian style. Uses custents and has a few new monsters like improved Grunts/Ogres and Mechs. OK.]]>
    sop/ -game sop start
    Derek Lawrie Spongebath Of Satan 629e50a586a6c02615f192769482b674 787 15.05.97 id1/maps/ Qmaster Shrine of the Fiends a6c5a327e7c903fc8477d7b26ec54a92 363 16.07.17 id1/maps/ Sonnenblume Soul Complex dff377f3f1f579f476d047bc3c6ef6b2 2003 18.01.19 id1/maps/ Tony 'Frogger' Boyer Staging Point 5ff8feefe458ee958c3fe4216c073507 607 10.11.97 id1/maps/ sp Paul Murphy Technophobia! 36cbd07c36443b3cae8c8a4bdcb5c7d3 502 04.07.00 id1/maps/ Gilt Symbiotic Pipe Dream 342e4b7906ecbddf024ef6f62fc08e2f 464 01.05.04 id1/maps/ Speedy SPD 9a7ae1b8e25418045645b30e9fb9297a 587 30.10.03 id1/maps/ spd_v2 spirit & negke Zeal & Fury (single player version) 8151bc94a25bf6d5fba78d1f9673c073 470 18.10.10 spirit1dm3. The GPL map source is included.]]> id1/maps/ JPL SRC: The Slime Refinery Complex 768355d1b0eb8fcc3bbee3e43df7f129 2788 01.07.07 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth JPL SRC2: Slime Refinery Complex - Quoth2 Version 492307b6900f6b4714e9d746435f4156 2695 10.03.08 src but using Quoth 2. Slightly different layout and gameplay.]]> quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth Ankh The Sewage System Massacre ecf61e900a9298eccfa164641f169d07 694 16.04.07 id1/maps/ RickyT23 Stark Monstrosity 2a5cb174008336297e448a51e56752f7 5539 21.01.09 Fitzquake.]]> quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth Neil Manke Starship 8cd7374ec99a95b92760e055088960e9 1577 28.08.97 space/ -game space Neil Manke Starship 2 a464559c8e46777061039456af4a9442 1680 22.11.97 starship: a medium sized, plain map set on an icy planet with low gravity. Features new textures and reskinned/ modified monsters. OK.]]> moon/ -game moon starshp2 Esrael The Subterrestrial Hangar 013e5f3f4aa3642dd3106fc5a061dc4d 3669 02.05.18
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    / -game sthangar
    Brian Morgan (Duley) The Stone of Tear 1866076bbfad3fe9244b8e1a3bb37e30 761 11.04.97 id1/maps/ Tony Newton The Stores a69b2223b3eea5a1d556ec323b47a20e 669 25.04.98 id1/maps/ Ben Watson Stormswift 8197056d49d95c514c75179764259c77 270 21.09.97 id1/maps/ mariteaux Temple of the Strange 87814f0c3b307f3ce52a55ba9c8d6aff 2627 18.11.17 id1/maps/ strange strange_basiclight Tigger-On Strom d605ef6ea1d7e06f28307d960be5f893 3692 08.05.97 -game strom start Peter Bisseker (tiddles) The Last Strong Hold 3cead73c05b469a9758402673de7981c 486 15.07.99 id1/maps/ Brainstorm Dis'z stupid! 6ee9ba9d6ff1d9fd05038999b0b3c9e7 83 01.01.00 id1/maps/ Sul Sul's Dark Tower & Pit of Damnation 386f11cbd39ea477fc2ae767f87e832d 866 30.11.96 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> -game sul01 sul0 sul1 Sul Sul's Wrath of Despair ff43575e8d2ea40a473aabd4ca09f77e 515 09.01.97 id1/maps/ sul2 Unknown Maze of torture 420e240092f287dfd1ab8b7d5bc438bc 227 21.02.07 id1/maps/ digs Supmut cd6b68d86253c0d3201f9f06a85fc85b 107 25.09.00 id1/maps/ Darren (Rex_Noctu) Johnson Supply Base 4063075f846dba8e64ce95d1bd6f535b 589 27.03.97 id1/maps/ Tom Jackson (Paradox) Swinfen Hell 20b693393c1c7a429abdd47583d3eab1 133 10.10.97 id1/maps/ Nello (PSYCHO) Somewhere in Time f8ce3d29baff5294a08e2eaf428ffb8a 692 06.01.97 id1/maps/ Ubiquitous Symphony of Science c9a41cd32da557b774f64a544a10a58c 2586 09.10.16 id1\maps\ Michael Contorno Tab1: The Beginning fa1513ba64b0b25fc4025b55061db920 354 10.12.97 id1/maps/ Qmaster Thunderbolt Proving Grounds I cec0886991444bf7bc291234d768df9b 1652 18.07.17
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    Stuart Maine Teleportation Central e785910fa427cf439eb8442861d2660e 756 30.09.97 id1/maps/ Trinca The Tomb of Chak Toh Ich`ak c1dc27ba7c58c0b53da5c4b5621fbdd2 3693 05.12.08 id1/maps/ Trinca The City of Angels ca091c130f9416bb06d227260a547b29 1283 06.02.07 id1/maps/ Peter "Da Oregon Pimp" Tew The Doctor's Abode 4b94a293c2ea87c4f094cdb57debb5f1 447 19.09.97 id1/maps/ TDK Team The Demon King 1e287db19bb62d2c601e8db3a53fba7f 6817 27.09.97 ]]> tdk/ -game tdk start Trinca The Death Lair be773091c0cc109dc213e362d09a84c0 1126 16.06.10 The map source is included (Quark format).]]> id1/maps/ Unknown Tech Death 04f2d65505bbc9e2a0cf1e087243acd8 430 03.09.97 id1/maps/ Tim Elek Technophobia: Unfinished maps 47737175feb063e79644dde5ff0667cf 2782 15.12.01 techphob/ -game techphob T.H. Johansen (TJ) Altar of Pain b1f8fde735ebfef019587ef61fe7f51c 441 22.11.96 id1/maps/ T.H. Johansen (TJ) Slime Ground f70e0c813c968f7b14f0dbd28ab6d314 414 23.10.96 id1/maps/ T.H. Johansen (TJ) Spawn City / Water World 57e255997d3152d060e077f58e71d5e2 1454 02.12.96 tefdbl/ -game tefdbl tef_sc T.H. Johansen (TJ) Into Oblivion/Nostalgia 52eff619ef8458abcd58b4256caf3306 2798 01.07.97 tefdb2a/ -hipnotic -game tefdb2a tef_io T.H. Johansen (TJ) Halls of Artemis / Apollo's Domain f13aeaf71126a1b5018a8bf57135f09f 2533 31.10.97 tefdbl3/ -game tefdbl3 tefhoa Jan Jakubovic Temple of Death f779107075260033f788bda0bfe714fe 1125 29.09.97 id1/maps/ Lka Tempio (Temple) e913969b69e15a25c1f585cc532bdc99 425 04.01.98 id1/maps/ tempio HS Xsniper (Michael Rogers) The Temple Of Doom 1f2a4866b44ff069c7dd13a123c74d33 127 06.09.97 id1/maps/ Fredrik 'PeyloW' Olsson Temple of Tourment c11902c97d6a4395ac913a264bdbe5c7 822 21.10.97 temple/ -game temple start Mr Ed The Temple cc84e0cdde0b369b0a321f9bd9bf22e0 699 03.01.99 id1/maps/ e1 KenChennar alias Orl Ter Shibboleth 26d1d968b202c572c6b647479b323642 71001 01.09.17
    Note: These maps require an source port with severely increased limits and BSP2 + protocol 999 support. An experimental version of Quakespasm is included in this release and should be used to play.]]>
    id1/maps/ -heapsize 256000 +sv_protocol 999 +gl_farclip 256000 shib1 shib2 shib3 shib4 shib5
    KenChennar alias Orl Ter Shibboleth 26d1d968b202c572c6b647479b323642 71001 01.09.17
    Note: These maps require an source port with severely increased limits and BSP2 + protocol 999 support, such as Quakespasm 0.93.0 or higher.]]>
    id1/maps/ -heapsize 256000 +sv_protocol 999 +gl_farclip 256000 shib1 shib2 shib3 shib4 shib5
    czg Terra 631507be59fc7e87c0dbc950f67a88ae 3263 16.01.05
    This release includes small bugfixes on terra1 and terra4 done by negke.]]>
    id1/maps/ terra1
    Qmaster Terracity 780b0e3015797aec5b8ce2d9b0549c64 5043 12.05.13
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    -game terracity terracity
    Dustin "Tronyn" Geeraert The Terracotta Terror 3dd1149b9a6f59d7d9276f22d4f48980 619 07.05.03 id1/maps/ Anders "Backspace" Persson The Forgotten Level 931c3eb94ed29d5126bee6cc79de19b6 721 18.04.97 id1/maps/ Anders "Backspace" Persson The Fierce Livid 71978ceecbaa0e41dd062db762d5034e 650 04.06.97 id1/maps/ Anders "Backspace" Persson This Feels Lurid 46aeb2d342bb0551d85248da56cb1694 650 05.06.97 id1/maps/ Anders "Backspace" Persson The Final Level 8da8d54b927830ed0560dab5a8f98c05 978 25.11.97 tfl4/ -game tfl4 start Marc Roussel The Gate 9e5b67cb70908e91811ff0b8f62ad643 874 18.02.97 id1/maps/ vaf The Metal Shrine a3a671a7c3d20b5cc998ae2f958808bb 870 25.03.18 [repacked for Quaddicted]]]> id1/maps/ shrine Phillippe Anchondo The Base a85c33f6687de6de0a72d50fba370068 381 19.03.98 id1/maps/ Repo The Crypt 3487a028df7057a682048ced37684542 402 21.03.98 id1/maps/ Markus Klar The Fly a59dda0fc71eb8bd80987c35a3b32a5f 815 31.08.97 id1/maps/ RickyT23 The Hand That Feeds You 86872f01a6a910036440f7bebfc4b927 5524 16.12.07 quoth/ -hipnotic -game quoth Glenn Ancheta The Ledge f80bf3ebf80bf2ae0d7a951d0b337cd0 153 01.09.96 id1/maps/ Phil Hammond Welcome To The Mill 593ccc050dea5510ef11f15adf247ab8 107 12.11.96 id1/maps/ Stuart Maine The Lava Mines 93297111feb97ca196009988c011f991 737 01.08.97 id1/maps/ Daniel Svensson Themix 57493f33eb8389eeae023afe139c699d 321 19.01.97 id1/maps/ vIE888 The Myths 77ba3d23f105ad21bf48c64cb830480e 5041 12.06.11 / -game TheMyths myth1 Mike Biggerstaff (Miko) ThePit 46e896f23ede907f567f08caeb4fc1c9 1045 11.02.98 id1/maps/ Attila Csernyik The Pit d904ef4a0959954296d2a103e54baef2 885 26.03.01 id1/maps/ thepit Gunnar Saethre The Psychotic Installation e57da59a2bc0a8c3e75b04ad1cf06aae 428 06.10.96 id1/maps/ psycho Dann Thombs The Pyramid cf308c34e37f2138bb73aecab2403985 275 28.02.97 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/ pyramid N.I.B. The Tomb 0910afd2450958e394b2acbf9ad2b6b2 534 30.07.97 id1/maps/ phillipt This Is The End 3e01d1284757b6155bf7bbfd2815d66d 315 06.08.96 id1/maps/ thisiste Stuart Presley The Hall of Trilogy 8c98686d3db161a2aa3d8cd89c14375b 382 07.03.97 id1/maps/ WarrenM The Hell That's Coming fca4d1696692940f532ecd7c0e96646b 5742 14.11.14 thtc/ -game thtc TheHellThatsComing Tigger-On Crap from Tigger 9d82a1ec034ed8835512f952b612a431 1380 01.01.98 id1/maps/ tig00 Tigger-ON Stray Cat d7e422e961042934614603dc359a46e6 468 06.02.98 id1/maps/ DMK Titan 5325f0a8da37afde82827328b7236252 311 02.04.00 id1/maps/ ID_1 Glenn Ancheta Tightrope 8ff6cba80928d66ec29d31baf37177f8 77 07.10.96 id1/maps/ Sascha Otterbein (mne[MON]ik) The Monolith Complex 2781aa146970491f06ded82f7aae41d0 1180 18.09.97 id1/maps/ Stuart Presley Trilogy Military Installation 73b9e2e78a4f4576dc0875d4cbcba784 490 10.11.96 id1/maps/ HeadThump, Speedy, Trinca, Zwiffle QExpo 2006 Turtlemap pack ab98bba3db724ed6a14aaa183de7a9f6 2495 31.07.06 QuakeExpo 2006 turtlemap event: 4 around medium sized SP maps of varying themes by HeadThump, Popacabra, Trinca and Zwiffle.]]> id1/maps/ tmqe06_headthump tmqe06_popacabra tmqe06_trinca tmqe06_zwiffle Jon Seigel The First Attempt 337e3d424b13204c91887497494daf6a 679 31.10.97 id1/maps/ DeathMethod Temple Of Anubis: Judgement Of The Dead 9ae7543693bf5da8331d15afa255c7c7 1077 15.04.09 Return to Dust. And it features a fun zombie quad massacre.]]> id1/maps Scott McNutt Tower of Death 1b72fb1c1ebd564c05d2367448ff8495 130 23.10.96 id1/maps/ YukiRaven Temple of Azathoth 2b91d155dff8aab1af8a473ae2074586 4384 18.10.17
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    id1\maps\ tofaz\tofaz
    Esrael Temple of Quake 929a667d21e1eaffef96557985056268 3106 20.05.17
    Note: This is an updated version that addresses several technical issues. The unfixed original version is available here.]]>
    id1/maps/ TofQuake_v2
    John Dreese The Tohnsay Predicament aacc248d93cfda66721dc163d39fb88d 828 20.12.97 id1/maps/ John Parr Temple of Lightning 1b0787043e77746369336d236a9de37a 254 03.06.97 hipnotic/maps/ -hipnotic Tobias Person The Tomb e6d7450072ca9a8acda3569619c7c691 563 25.07.97 id1/maps/ Peter Bisseker (tiddles) Tomb 087bc6e8c8987958e37f4ef4ec1918ed 263 29.09.98 id1/maps/ tomb Madfox Tormentarium 4341d645291d16bf458f35e11fd9d3c1 5225 02.09.12
    This is the second version, the first release named can be found in the trash/.]]>
    / -game torro tormentarium
    Daniel Gómez (Ratón) La Torre Abandonada 438e4c98c030f313cf0bea2c913c11d8 515 11.01.99 id1/maps/ torre Gyro Gearloose Torture 568f8bc1c472b54f72d3af5039479c00 456 19.10.96 id1/maps/ Andrej 'MC' Kacian The Tower faabc1f86441a9b86640b3fd5cb274af 726 16.07.98 id1/maps/ Jarkko Heilio Tower Of Darkness a8855009fbc04bf2c2b1e8e0368f8683 927 17.02.98 id1/maps/ ijed The Palace of Fear 6aee5c7e5b25d28b588544a1b9fa50e4 775 10.03.07 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth MadFox Gravey Trail 70ff9ce3d6a6a2f2f3c6e392429b3d4d 917 01.08.05 id1/maps/ distrans, Scragbait, negke, Preach, aguirRe, Asaki Travail - A Quake Journey 546a97f9bb04803a3e0191de065caed5 40396 09.07.07
    Additional files: soundtrack, reworked skins.]]>
    travail/ -game travail qte1m1 qte1m2 qte1m3 qte1m4 qte1m5 qte2m1 qte2m2 qte2m3 qte2m4 qte2m5 qte2m6 qtfin1 qtfin2 qtfin3 start
    aguirRe Travail: Reworked Monster Skins 00d9b27bafc8df8a8ed5f81c199b936f 10135 12.10.07 Travail "just filtered a bit to bring out more details and colours".]]> Trinca Escape b2743c9e2a9b04b5eaef7d13ec2bd84b 473 31.12.05 id1/maps/ Trinca Forgotten Tomb deee41840aa2c061cb42dde65cbf2b38 1035 28.03.06 id1/maps/ Trinca Underground Base da654d07584b25236a59e984bfdb3cf3 4258 15.07.06 trsp3/ -game trsp3 trsp3st Equim (Martin Alderson) Trinity a729a194f8ba6bf466deff00c3532577 614 20.11.97 id1/maps/ Luke Higgins The Ruiner's Revulsion 4212e4ea45c950c93da9ea4745ad0ec9 711 01.08.97 id1/maps/ vIE888 The Snowy Dream bfa87b45e64d060fe6ecbe4401feb9b9 6969 08.05.10
    Note: These maps require Nehahra.]]>
    -nehahra -game tsd vxmas1
    Simitar The Sword of Ares 52a2ea428052566906ff3d4880d8f504 8723 04.06.98
    Note: This is the full version (not just the shareware levels, as written in tsoa.txt).
    This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]>
    -game tsoa start
    nolcoz The Secrets of The Mansion b9ffbf59331d1501eb5aee059b50ba55 2045 26.12.18 id1/maps/ Rudolf Kremers The Grinding of Teeth 4009bd6f41650e4e86dcb176710b339b 278 23.05.99 id1/maps/ Ace Temple of the Secret Society 8d75c0d7c213f3cc5817689899704af0 689 03.04.97 id1/maps/ Juha Koiste The Temple of Torment (5340c8b89e0aca4860b0fbb3a2345288 238 17.12.96 id1/maps/ Dilvish Tut (ankhamon) ffa0fe35b94ed3a6b1dd2a2e6bf10947 444 18.07.98 id1/maps/ Pingu Twelve Minutes 9d6dd44cfefaba9c8383858ad28b3600 723 17.04.98 id1/maps/ Ludovic Texier The Warefare Warehouse 0cfc47ba0ca65cfb3f5c389c07762246 538 12.03.97 id1/maps/ Twisted Matrix Twisted Christmas e09e610f0af4f0f264b9129903053010 3603 02.01.98 "Rid the mall of all of Evil Santa's creepy toadies and free Good Santa so that everybody gets their presents this year. Christmas is riding on yourshoulders, soldier."
    Medium sized map with new textures and monsters - best adaptation of the Christmas theme so far. (Also contains a QW deathmatch version of the map)]]>
    xmas/ -game xmas start
    Lunaran, Scampie Underdark Overbright e575b336d36e7a058c810a28fc1542e0 21488 21.06.19 Copper mod and serves as a showcase for the changes.

    Note: These maps require Copper Quake and a source port with increased limits (as well as support for alpha textures).]]>
    copper/maps/ -game copper start end udob1 udob2 udob3 udob4 udob5 udob6 udob7
    Dylan Barber Underhalls 5556f64587d743ee139155a0f61fa3aa 220 30.06.97 id1/maps/ Matt Sefton The Underworld 581be278d24b876b4461ee509330b8f7 552 11.01.97 id1/maps/ Tronyn & PM Unforgiven d4be320e87eddcab9da5276452d88f9f 32773 26.06.11
    Note: This episode requires an engine port with increased limits. The max_edicts value has to be raised to 2048 if supported.]]>
    unforgiven/ -game unforgiven -heapsize 64000 +max_edicts 2048 unfstart
    Utah Death's Taste 7c83b3d1850eee34d8ec0666003a1352 750 01.04.97 id1/maps/ death Rodrigo HernandeZ B. UteM 666 el regreso a una pesadilla 39e6a2816f71afc53ab88e08c04dc68a 2337 25.12.97 utem/ -game utem utem Bloodshot, Giftmacher, ish, JCR, muk0r, MUZBOZ, nyo (Nyoei), PinchySkree, Pritchard Underwater Jam 5589fc786d5da87fa009a7307feaeb22 66366 17.08.18
    Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits.]]>
    / -game uwjam uwjam_bloodshot uwjam_gift uwjam_ish uwjam_muk uwjam_muzboz uwjam_nyo uwjam_pinchy uwjam_pritchard
    Zied Rieke Vivisect Six 76b25046a93054e364197fdc52456cce 1300 01.08.97 v6/ -game v6 Peter Bisseker (tiddles) Steel Valour 4346bc1569cbfa007dbc441610cd9053 278 24.07.99 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ MadFox VeniVidiFutzi ef780ad007200137ea21850c289af267 6288 30.08.10 veni/ -game veni sparcus10 Wright Bagwell The Vigil 1baaebca571924c50846f3710d6e69f5 1060 16.05.97 vigil/ -game vigil start Rickard Edén (Nephilim) Hell 925230eeab62a9fe690f4d82e769e3ea 1167 25.02.98 -game vile Steve Rescoe Village of Dread b308a9c4c403efbcd0454fb48051bafc 555 30.12.96 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> id1/maps/ Virtus Deathmatch Maker Demo Episode f135785d0df93d4ed90c28df8da5a825 4523 01.04.97 -game virtus vstart ve1m1 ve1m2 ve1m3 ve1m4 ve1m5 ve2m1 ve2m2 ve2m3 vfinal Darin McNeil Vision of Hatred bd77141560c4dbae2bd7710df1d09d31 626 15.01.97 vision/ -game vision nolcoz Void Town da8cde071b3b4f0d4b1c71a95d5f2914 1123 05.04.19 id1/maps/ Trace Stuart Eruption is immanent! 5de2b74a13d729b877adcaab5a6c3e2b 353 20.05.98 id1/maps volcano2 George Grotans Virtual Reality Quake 8f36d1584b85eed1c5351cb78da621e7 509 02.12.99 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> -game vr VuRkka Forever Lost 0be7a030333254b36ea5e86299273998 2541 06.03.19 id1/maps/ VuRkka Blackened Call 017b77e4063bdc3f378c162964f7a38b 2506 25.01.19
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.]]>
    Lukasxd Windy Temple e261f824318a9c5faf594744bc3d05eb 241 02.09.14 id1/maps/ w_temple Tobias Reichert The Fate for Walhalla aba907cc85241e2370ffe0ef7de836f6 1127 14.09.97 id1/maps/ wal Taskmaster (Warren Marshall) The Warehouse c3930063a25ec32fbc56de78351cf788 813 11.06.97 id1/maps/ Ozric The Warpgate ee1c908b8f89379d3a634d20038f5df7 761 28.07.97 id1/maps/ ijed Warp Spasm 8df7fc5d394cbc31da826dea01fd947c 42296 10.05.07
    Note: This episode requires Quoth and an engine port with raised limits. A modified version of GLQuake is included.]]>
    -heapsize 64000 -quoth -game warp +max_edicts 2048 start
    Benjamin S. Clower Water Torture 2608e84e451114d006809f2ddf5965e4 267 10.07.97 id1/maps/ Unknown Waterways f7fea9444bc8ed2444fd54c5defd462e 278 23.01.08 id1/maps/ Erik Robson Waterworks 6e4e6c7f1ac7b22d00fca87fd980a6b0 809 10.09.97 id1/maps/ watrwrks Trinca Wicked Base 18d227066a4732d196b7a607da316a1d 2744 19.09.07 id1/maps/ K.S. Weird comic art Quake dd18681b12bfb0094621eeb34f5607e5 560 17.07.98 id1/maps/ EraserX The Weapon Factory b2546d35b8e0a07f9ff10ead6f20f8fb 629 30.11.97 id1/maps/ Michael Reed The Well of Lost Souls aa6ebd40d730583cd7a93fb9c5589a77 637 25.02.97 id1/maps/ Miss Bubbles Well of Lost Souls a5997af365e17480fadb0c32e4d25912 694 16.03.17 [repacked for Quaddicted]]]> id1/maps/ ew2 Andy Baird Wetbase 24584e8e989a2c72c4f95054a1400b80 1702 18.01.98 id1/maps/ Marc Roussel Eat this... 0919abb31be46ae8fb201b67053ae27e 714 02.11.96 id1/maps/ Jon "Starbuck" Miles Whisperer In Shadows c83e49991e7af3308f75275c60010b82 436 27.12.02 id1/maps/ Willem (Warren Marshall) White Room c6202a83dce85b0b5ef7a521f9e9368c 1002 10.11.08 This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash]]> -game whiteroom Charlie Wiederhold Timebomb & Salvation 10db51753e10799f904f35cea97440f5 2007 11.11.97
    The "nice" rating is for Salvation, Timebomb seems Average.]]>
    id1/maps/ -hipnotic salv timebomb
    Steve Wilson (Thundermug) Valley of the wind 074f8c9a7dd7c60da0cf51c216ebf418 2038 26.07.97 Only just OKish.]]> wind/ -game wind Hrimfaxi (Drew), Zwiffle (czg) winterpack2005-2006 aedefba0ec2703c18164f61d4909d119 3371 08.03.06 quoth/maps/ -hipnotic -game quoth egypt teacups Rick Lipsey The Well of Wishes 342fd16fa24be3e65782daba65426a1a 556 25.04.98 id1/maps/ Tom Cleghorn aka Murgatroyd The Wishing Well 36d6d4ff25f5c28fb0d1f0cd6d5cd4c9 556 22.03.97 wishwell/ -game wishwell ff Kayne Wrath of Ahnkii e804791ad24dfb95ac5428f0eff64492 20194 15.07.19
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.
    An updated version is available here.]]>
    / -game woa_kayne wrath_of_ahnki
    Daryl Deep Wolf3D 6c6cf2c67c6b9dab7a519370e84bd4b6 839 12.10.97 id1/maps/ Rutabaga Wolfenstein3D e1m1 4e4ba0e66ea5e746bb3970650fd984ec 220 28.12.97 id1/maps/ Dick Nelson Welcome to Ogre tower cc7ee790a2e0dfb23fae7be529bd222c 279 27.10.97 id1/maps/ xlarve The Citadel of Sinners 605cbdb0703fcd68d11f377e5f0aa320 4439 01.12.17
    Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.
    [Does not work with the Quake Injector]]]>
    id1/maps/ xl2 xl2m1
    xlarve The Subconscious Fear d943eece724eaf9665e25001738cff23 2051 25.05.18
    [Does not work with the Quake Injector]]]>
    xlarve xlarve's dream 4813b4c07327c2f9d33c241d2aeffd31 4201 12.06.17
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    Bal, Bloodshot, Ing, ionous, Ish, JCR, Krampus, Naitelveni, negke, Pinchy Skree, Qmaster, Queenjazz, Rhoq, Scampie, Shambler, Shotro, Spipper, Strideh Xmas Jam 2018 - 1024³ theme af345cc94e60af11e9192715b5ae3181 145204 10.12.18 Arcane Dimensions devkit + some additional content. The map sources are included as well.

    Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits
    (screenshot courtesy of sock)]]>
    xmasjam2018/ -game xmasjam2018 start xmasjam2018_bal xmasjam2018_bloodshot xmasjam2018_ing xmasjam2018_ionous xmasjam2018_ish xmasjam2018_ishrhoq xmasjam2018_jcr1 xmasjam2018_jcr2 xmasjam2018_krampus xmasjam2018_naitelveni xmasjam2018_negke xmasjam2018_pinchy xmasjam2018_qmaster1 xmasjam2018_qmaster2 xmasjam2018_queenjazz xmasjam2018_scampie xmasjam2018_sham xmasjam2018_shotro xmasjam2018_spipper xmasjam2018_strideh xmasjam2018_strideh2
    XeNoN Centurion 8579f49e65071ffe2cfb9f59dcb51116 610 17.12.01 id1/maps/ Rich "xen" Thorne Realm of the tetris overlord 144f6da0a00c3832f60a294cd9098787 541 15.08.01 A few tweaks and improvements made to sm9_xenon, including better lighting, gameplay and detailing.
    Small but nice map in q3gothic flavour.]]>
    Speedy Explore or Die 891e37beead7b8b7d31c4938a491fc56 2399 14.06.08 id1/ sock The Horde of Zendar 88b158259721e8975aa14d4c3ce04b70 10038 18.12.13
    Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.]]>
    zendar/ -game zendar zendar
    Nihilism Unlimited Zerstörer - Testament of the Destroyer ec3f04be4994751d71b3574519be992d 11198 27.09.97 -TEAMShambler

    Additional files: patch 1.1, zerend hotfix, teaser demo.]]>
    zer/ -game zer start
    Nihilism Unlimited Zerstörer v1.1 20df44e01e0740e88b4752c9e500d482 267 23.10.97 Zerstörer patch: progs.dat / qwprogs.dat version 1.1.]]> zer/ -game zer start Nihilism Unlimited Zerstörer Demo fa852da6319b6051e0e967d5490491d9 875 07.06.97 Zerstörer - Testament of the Destroyer.]]> -game zerdem efdat, HeadThump, negke Zerstörer Turtlemap Pack 1132735799c422da9fd9c21451227a05 4414 09.02.08 Zerstörer mod made by efdat, HeadThump and neg!ke.

    • Love in a bunker, baby! by efdat

    • Hold of the Troglodyte by HeadThump

    • Aderlass by neg!ke

    zer/maps/ -game zer ZerTM_ht adrlass adrlass2 zerTM_efdat
    mukor, sock, Zombie Zombie Jam 1 401ac336873ee4ad3994f74de0a16c4a 1924 08.06.18 id1/ zjam1_muk zjam1_sock zjam1_zombie Giftmacher, mukor, scar3crow, sock, Zombie Zombie Jam 2 49a40e3f271c25d3fc56582073a6972d 2890 10.06.18 id1/ zjam2_giftmacher zjam2_muk zjam2_scar3crow zjam2_sock zjam2_zombie Andrew Aksenov ZOOM9 d6737de5b49d34ecb7efad3a7208f784 1594 19.12.97 Game.exe.
    Small base map with modified monsters, custom level mechanics and a few new sound effects.]]>
    -game zoom9 zoom9
    Zwiffle Perversion of Gun af89de783060889ed3c5816034b0aa5f 767 25.04.04 id1/maps/ Zwiffle Geometric Map of Horror 68d856149a2dc7173f9aefe65ad1664a 274 23.10.04